Who Is My Parent Game Answers

Did you find that exercise difficult? Here are the answers to the faces on the previous page.

Alec Baldwin
Andy Garcia
Arnold Swarzenegger
Jack Nicholson
Brooke Shields
Will Smith
Vanna White
Bruce Willis
Tom Cruise
Courtney Love
Teri Hatcher
Danny De Vito
Sylvester Stallone
David Bowie
Susan Sarandon
Samuel L. Jackson
David Hasselhoff
Sally Field
Denise Richards
Jack Nicholson
Dianna Ross
Rob Reiner
Dustin Hoffman
Robin Williams
Francis Ford Coppola
Richard Gere
George Lopez
Ray Liotta
George Lucas
Olivia Newton-John
O. J. Simpson
Glenn Close
Michelle Pfeiffer
Jamie Foxx
Michael Douglass
Jeff Gordon
Melanie Griffith
Jim Carey
John Travolta
Liza Minelli
Julie Andrews
Lisa Kudrow
Kathie Lee Gifford
Kim Basinger
Kevin Bacon

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