Things That Annoy Me

Things that annoy me could be a website in itself. Listed on this page are the things that annoy me the most.

People who are mean to animals.

People who don't perform their duties at work.

People who throw cigarette butts on the beach.

People who put their feet up on the seat in front of them in movie theaters.

Stores/companies that charge extra if you pay by credit card.

When adults cuss in front of children.

Family members who do not talk to you for years, but when they need or want something, act like nothing happened.

People that say they don't like a certain food before they try it, and refuse to eat it .

People who pick their teeth in public.

People who say, "Goddamnit" or "Jesus Christ" when they're angry.

People who bring their babies to the movies.

People who love to point out how wrong everyone else is while they are a walking train wreck .

People at Wal*Mart Supercenter who enter thru the exit and exit thru the enter.

People that pop and smack their chewing gum.

People who zig zag in and out of lanes on the expressway.

People who drink directly out of the milk/orange juice container.

When a person makes a sucking noise with a straw when the cup becomes almost empty.

People who don't cover their mouth while sneezing or coughing.

People who will write something borderline mean, but then follow it up with a smiley face :)

People who turn their stereos up full blast in their apartment building and have no consideration of others.

People who stop at the top or bottom of an escalator.

Cracking your knuckles.

When I'm having a coversation with someone, & I'm in the middle of telling a story and some rude idiot comes walking up and starts a conversation with the person I'm talking if I'm not even there!

People who don't vote and then complain about the results.

People who make small talk with a cashier when there’s a long line behind them.

People who double park.

Co-workers that try to sell stuff to you at work.

People who talk on their cell phone at the movies.

When the person who takes the last of something puts the empty package back.

People who always have to be right and have the last word.

People who write "Keep in touch!" in your yearbook but never talk to you again.

Jerks who take up 2 parking spaces.

Drivers who don't use a turn signal.

People that interrupt you when your telling a story and then they continue to tell you their story and then ask you in an uninterested tone to continue on with your story when they are finished talking.

Sick people who cough near you.

People who can't complete a sentence without saying "you know".

When you're driving down the road and a cigarette butt comes out the window of a car in front of you and it bounces off your car.

When the host/hostess at a restaurant totally underestimates how long a wait there will be.

People who cook for you, and use the same spoon multiple times to taste what they are cooking while cooking it, like for pasta sauce or soup.

People who smoke right outside the door of a nonsmoking establishment, getting smoke all over everybody who enters/leaves.

People who straddle multiple lines at the drug store.

People who interrupt you and direct the conversation to themselves.

Parents who plead with toddlers.

People who try to talk to you when you are going to the bathroom.

When the toilet paper roll is backwards.

Drivers who make u-turns where they are not allowed to.

Fax machines that call my home number.

When you're invited to a party (or any event) with people you have never met, and the host doesn't introduce you to anyone.

People who think that they are the only one with correct background for understanding an issue.

Bathroom stalls with a mirror so you can see your whole self while seated.

Getting behind someone that will not drive up to the speed limit.

I hate people who have no idea what "personal space" is.

People who blow their nose at the dinner table or in the kitchen when you're eating or cooking.

People who finish my sentences for me.

When coffee spills out of the top drinking hole of lids on to-go coffee cups.

Tables at restuarants that are next to or in the direct line of view of the restrooms. I don't want to look at and think about people going to the bathroom while I eat.

Shopping carts with a broken wheel.

People who pick their nose in public.

People who honk in front of a house instead of getting out of the car and ringing the doorbell.

People who chew with their mouth open.

No toilet paper or paper towels in public bathrooms.

Walking into spider webs.

Getting fruit in your bag on Halloween.

Dirty restaurant bathrooms. It makes me wonder how clean the kitchen is.

Junk mail.

People that don't return your phone calls.

When people don't flush the toilet.

When someone tries to talk to you when you have headphones on.

Fake laughter.

People who write on dirty car windshields.

Companies that outsource their customer service to India, but then those support reps don't have full access to all the needed info, so eventually they transfer you back to a manager in the US to deal with it.

People who don't use their turn signal, tailgate, and cut you off .

People who write checks during check-out. I hate waiting.

Dog poop on the sidewalk.

When people ask me for advice and do the opposite of what I tell them.

When people don't RSVP to an event.

People who spell "you're" as "your."

People who snap their gum.

Loud motorcycles.

People who borrow stuff and never give it back.

People who blow their horn at you the nano-second the light changes to green.

Drivers who signal after they make a lane change.

People who mumble.

When people call me but are talking to someone else when I answer and I have to wait till they stop talking.

People who leave their pets in their hot cars in the summer.

People that burp loudly in public.

I hate when restaurant staff starts clearing dishes away when not everyone has finished eating -- leaving the one person at a table of four to feel bad they haven't finished yet.

Spit flying out of people's mouth by accident.

TV shows and commercials ads with ringing doorbells or phones, which make you into thinking the sound is coming from your house.

People who can't seem to understand that " red eyes" are possible to remove in photos.

Improper use of the word ironic.

Waiters/waitresses with dirty fingernails.

People who scrape their fork around the plate.


People who are over age 21 who say the word "dude".

People who spit on the ground and don't look first to see if anybody is around.

People who use their caller ID like an answering service. Example: "Hello?" "Yeah, someone call me from this number?" "Umm, who are you?" "Who is this?" "You called this number. Did you get a message?" "I haven't checked my messages. This number just came up". Etc..

Being put on the speakerphone without warning.

Obnoxious doorbell ringers.

People that cannot simply take their trash to the trash bin in places such as fast food restaurants, shopping malls etc.

People who no matter what relate to something you have done and try to "one up" you.

When someone is writing on a chalkboard and then they erase it to write something new, but they don't erase all of it, so you still see half of a letter here and there.

People that tailgate when your driving.

People who whistle when they are happy.

Conspiracy theories.

Being asked my telephone number/account number AFTER I already entered in using the keypad on my phone. I thought I was supposed enter that info to "better assist me".

Not washing hands after using the bathroom.

People who push alcohol at social functions.

The noise people make when they rub their fingers on balloons.

When your spouse/roommate uses the butter to put on their toast, and leaves crumbs in the container.

Guys who leave the toilet seat up.

Celebrities claiming to be environmentalists.

Trying to get assistance over the telephone, only to be directed to "press this number", umpteen times.

At a restuarant, bread cut only halfway, instead of into slices.

People who say I can't, without even trying.

Speed bumps.

People who constantly get up in movie theaters.

When you are changing the TV channel and it goes black of a second before the channel comes up.

Dogs running around on a flatbed truck, which is going highway speed.

Parents who have their children on leashes.

Clipping toenails in bed.

People who ask "Can I ask you a question?"

People who leave farts in elevators that I subsequently enter. Then the next person thinks it's me.

Commercials in movie theaters.

Keeping your Christmas lights up until February.

Overuse of the word "Like".

People who read a story, and purposely skip pages so that it ends quicker.

When you score a goal on yourself in foosball or air hockey.

People who drive past me on a crosswalk.

People who read over your shoulder on public transportation.

Driving somewhere and having the sun in my eyes.

Not knowing if you've taken two pictures with a camera or there are just two left.

When you adjust the volume of the TV and the volume display blocks the subtitles during an important dialogue.

Being the first one at any party.

People throwing trash into a recycle bin.

The naming of celebrity couples (Bennifer, TomKat, etc.)

Movie sequels that are unnecessary.


Whistling out of tune.

Conversational High-Fives: High-fiving at any time other than when one is actively playing a sport.

People who are always late.

When there are no hot dog buns left and you have to eat your hot dog on a folded piece of bread.

Men who ogle or whistle at women who walk down the street.

Annoying nervous (forced sounding) laughs.

When you are asleep at a hotel and the alarm clock goes off in the middle of the night because the person who was there before you set it and never turned it off.

When you have to walk out of the shower naked because you forgot to bring a towel with you.

Needless meetings.

People who don't look at you when they are talking, or you are talking to them.

People who stare.

When you sit down at a restaurant and the waiter/waitress spends time cleaning other tables, when there are lots of empty tables, instead of taking your order.

When the tracking system for delivery isn't up-to-date.

Gray snow that won't melt; piled up on the side of the road.

Bad breath.

People who refuse to expand their musical horizons.

People who complain out loud while waiting in a long line at the store.

People who say "Bra" or "bro" when it's not their brother.

When people put (sp?) after words when the spell check button is right there in front of them.

People who can't seem to see any faults in their kids or their mothers.

Piling up clothes in the corner of the room instead of putting them in the hamper.

Hair on the soap.

Mispronunciation of words.

People who are stingy with money when they clearly have a lot of it.

When a utility sends you a letter about a rate increase that opens with: "In order to serve you better."

People who spit when they talk.

When men you don't know very well at all assume it is okay to call you "hun" or "babe."

When people bite their nails in the dead of silence and you hear them eating it.

Water running while brushing teeth.

Women who use PMS as an excuse to be bitchy.

People who constantly sniffle.

People who interrupt you to correct your grammar/speech, paying no attention to the point your are trying to make.

People who make up words.

Tangled phone cords.

Using a napkin for eating messy food & leaving it on the table throughout the meal.

People who use the word "gay" to mean "lame".

When people refuse to be the decision maker about something simple (which restaurant to eat at, what movie to see, etc.).

When people say 'supposebly' instead of 'supposedly'.

In an obviously crowded restaurant, people who linger long after receiving their check.

When you pull a string hanging from your shirt and it doesn't break, but only becomes longer.

People who put salt on everything without tasting it first.

Not Washing Hands After Using the Restroom.

Skinny jeans on men.

When you will be talking to someone, and their replies seem to be limited to "ya", "cool", and "ok".

When somebody turns off the lights when you are still in the room.

When people don't clear the microwave numbers.

Finding the end of the program hasn't taped after sitting riveted for almost two hours.

People who say "It's always in the last place you look".

Hearing classic songs that I grew up with...pimping products on commericals.

Stomping on the floor to simulate knocking on a door.

Using your finger as a gun.


Waiters/waitress who put their fingers on the top of the glass (where you drink from) when they deliver it to you.

Bars where the music is too loud.

People that don't answer e-mail.

People who are clearly unhappy and yet pretend like everything is just fine.

Failing to take a backpack into account when turning or backing into people.

Yelling "drop it" the moment a conversation veers into an unwanted direction.

Cell Phone Drivers.

Lawn ornaments.

Kids with baggy pants hangin below their ass.

Movie talkers.

People who always look to start a fight.

When people say "you and I" when it should be "you and me".

When the string on the hood of your sweatshirt goes inside the hood.

People trying to enter an elevator when people IN the elevator haven't left yet.

When you have to go to the bathroom really bad after getting out of the shower and you don't dry off all the way, making the toilet seat all slippery.

People who are always negative.

If you pee on the seat, wipe it off.

Driveways that make cars bottom out.

Clicking pens.

People who assume far too much.

An unmade bed.

Snorting when you laugh.

Hypocrites (yeah, you know who your are).

Stores with TV monitors at the checkouts that play commercials.

Eating in bed and leaving crumbs.


People who call but don't leave a message.

Wasting food, like when a person takes a full plateful of food and then eat two bites.

When you're wearing a hat, after a while it feels like it's not there. When you take it off, it feels like it's still there.

Famous people name their kids stange names.

People who are late.

How hard it is to open a new music CD.

Pee anywhere other than in a toilet.

Watching people put their contacts in.

How commercials are so much louder than the TV shows.

People who don't want to learn anything new because they know it all.

When you bend over to pick something up and miss the object multiple times, and the final attempt is a violent grab as if to say it was the object's fault.

Feeling a little juvenile when the waitress sees your drawings on the table at the Macaroni Grille and you're over the age of eight.

When you get out of the pool and your bathing suit sticks to you and exposes your crotch.

Singing along with the music when you don't actually know the words.

Men who talk down to women.

When people inturrupt you.

Guys who wear wifebeaters (and nothing else for a shirt) in public.

Forks whose tines don't stand up in a perfectly straight line.

The sound of too much spit in someone's mouth when they talk.

Athletes who point to the sky after scoring.

Someone opening a cabinet door or drawer and leaving it open.

People say "carmel" instead of "caramel". Is it really that hard to pronounce that extra letter?

In mini golf when you miss the hole three times in a row less than a foot away.

When someone starts to watch a show or movie in the middle of it and expect you to tell them what's happening.

People who think the seat next to them is a place to plunk down their gym bag/back pack on a crowded bus.

People who ask you what time it is.

People with poor umbrella etiquette.

When other people sleep on my pillow.

Double dippers.

When people don't pick up their feet to walk and you hear the scuff... scuff... scuff.

People who brag about how trashed they got the night before.

Unsolicited advice.

PeOpLe WhO tYpE LiKe ThIs.

Restaurants that put too much ice in your drink.

Anti-climactic ends to long lists.

People who people park a shopping cart in the middle of the aisle in Wal-Mart or grocery store, blocking the way for others and then walking away to gather items.

When people use the word "literally" inappropriately. I.e. "I literally almost jumped out of my skin."

People who make out in public.

Babies sitting on laps in cars.

People who stick their USED gum just about anywhere (under a table or chair, on the ground, etc.)

Dried toothpaste in the sink.

Barbecue restaurants with happy pigs on the sign.

Motel pillows.

Making me talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend who i have never actually met when i call you on the phone, saying something like, "oh here - talk to [---]".

Used grocery bags that aren't folded correctly.

Pieces of fat on meat.

Water stains on the cutlery (from the dishwasher).

Speed Bumps.

People who tell you "Oh! You have to try this! It's the best thing ever!" And when you do try it and it sucks.

Drivers who drive slow in the left lane.

People who eat while talking on the phone to me.

People that fart in public.

People who invade my seat space, like on airplanes or in movie theaters.

People that make tons and tons of noise while working out.

Women who are obviously bottle blondes who still blame their stupidity on being blonde, as in: �Oh, no! I�m having a blonde moment!�

People/kids who tap their pencil during a test.

Anyone � male or female- who says �We�re pregnant�. Are they sharing a uterus?

The "yes but" people.

When you have an itch on the bottom of your foot and you can't scratch it because you have shoes on.

When someone leaves their phone number at the end of a long message and they say it so fast you can't understand it and have to listen multiple times to figure it out.

People who don't dress their age.

Suburban kids who think they are gangstas.

People When they clean the tables nearby with a bleach solution. While I am glad they are sanitary, the smell of bleach can really quelch my appetite. having obviously PRIVATE conversations on their cell phone in public places.

When people put the spoons/forks in the wrong section of the utensil separator.

People who let dogs that jump up on everyone loose in public.

Clipping your nails at work.

When your eating something and a person will just steal a little bit of it.

Retail clerks that ignore the live customer to help somebody that interrupts by phone.

People who don't pick up after themselves.

People who don't control their bratty children.

At a restuarant, when they clean the tables nearby with a bleach solution, smelling up my area.

People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.

When those little hinges on the CD case break, and now you can't open and close it.

I know they have to do this, but I hate having servers recite the specials to me. Because I have never ordered a special, and hate having to feign interest in them.

The use of redundant statements like ATM Machine or PIN Number.

Hair in the shower drain.

Men who refer to �babysitting� their own children.

Email with no subject.

Grocery shopping carts with a bad wheel.

How clothes hangers get all tangeled with each other.

When someone blows their nose in your presence and then proceeds to look at what just filled their tissue/handkerchief.

When people don't rinse their dishes before they put them in the sink.

Not letting things go the first time someone says stop.

People who don't accelerate fast enough at a stop light, especially if you're in the left lane.

People who stop right infront of you when your walking through town.

When you are trying to wax something, and you pull hard but nothing comes off and yet you still feel the pain.

Cussing in public, especially in front of senior citizens.

People who don't hold the elevator for you.

When you're trying to walk in the mall and there's a kiosk and they hound you to try their cell phone service or whatever.

People abbreviating words when they speak.

Sneezing in your hand and shaking someone's hand afterward.

Barking dogs when I am trying to sleep.

People that realize that a lane of traffic is backed up so they go into the next lane over because it is moving quicker and they go up to the front and expect someone to just let them back over in that lane.

Having to explain the same thing more than once.

People who wear sunglasses indoors.

People who don't say "thank you" or even acknowledge you when you hold the door for them.

People who bite their nails.

When people cough in front of you without covering their mouth.

People who don't use deodorant.

When people continue to stare after they ask you a question, as if they need you to expand more on your answer.

Ice cream with freezer burn.

Flakes! People that cancel plans constantly.

Hair strands left on shower walls.

When you first meet someone and can't remember the person's name by the end of the conversation.

Taking forever to leave a parking space while others are clearly waiting for it.

Business buzz words: synergistic, globalize, paradigm shift, etc.

When people are using armrests on both sides of you.

Bosses who think your job is your life.

People sitting at a red light and continuing to sit there when the light turns green because they're on their cell phone.

Grocery clerks that want to bundle the receipt with my change. Hand me the money separately so I can put it in my pocket, and then hand me the receipt or place it in the bag.

People who dress their pets.

People who buy animals, only to get rid of them a week later because it was harder to take care of them than they thought.

People who use the phrase "110%" (or even more % sometimes).

People who leave food that can spoil (milk, butter, etc.) out too long, instead of putting it back in the fridge when they are done.

Double negatives.

Dining with a picky eater (they can never order off the menu without customizing every aspect of the meal).


Men on trains who insist on sitting with their legs spread wide like they got something there.

When ice cream drips out of the bottom of a sugar cone.

Dirty keyboards.

People who ride their bikes in the road when a sidewalk is right there.

When people don't send thank you notes.

When somebody tosses something toward a garbage can, like they think they're a basketball star, then leave it on the ground after they miss!

People who take forever to order food while I'm in line.

When you open the DVD case and it is empty or a different movie is in it.

Car alarms that signal that they are on by honking.

People who walk their dogs and let them poop indiscriminately (like on someone's lawn), and does not pick it up.

The way people walk in flip flops.

Someone standing over my shoulder reading the computer screen.

People who write "Noone" instead of "No one".

Explanations that begin with the word "Again".

You know when you ask someone a simple, straightforward question and they spend ten solid minutes rambling on about everything in the world EXCEPT the answer to your simple, straightforward question? I hate that.

When you order a salad at a restaurant and they bring it to you at the same time as your dinner.

Children's hand prints on the windows in car.

People who don't know the difference between its/it�s and they�re /their/there.

People who carry a one sided conversation.

When you can't tell if someone is male or female.

People who leave the door open when they go to the bathroom.

People who talk, whistle or sing to themselves at work.

People putting their feet out of car windows.

Greeting cards that throw sparkles, sequins or confetti on the hapless recipient.

Having to use more than one remote control (one for TV, dvd player, cable box, TIVO, etc.)

Paying alot of money for a meal and getting a baby sitter only to have someone elses kids screaming.

Using the toilet paper down to the last few squares without getting a new roll.

Restaurants that have a no smoking section which is only several feet away from the smoking section.

People who don't move to the back of the bus when there is plenty of room to do so.

When shirts shrink in the dryer.

People who quote movies just because they can.

Getting stuck at red lights, while nobody is going the other direction.

People who don�t put two spaces after a period when they type.

Broken spines on paperback books.

Restaurants that give you rolls, but never enough butter to go with them.

A well done steak or burger when it was ordered "rare"

When people that say that they read something at a certain site but don't add the link.

People who whistle through their noses while just breathing.

People that wait until the last minute.

Incorrect use of apostrophe's.

People with bad table manners.

People that snoop.

People who read the paper while driving.

Drivers who won't turn right on red.

Vulgar talk at the dinner table.

People who chat online (instant messaging) while I'm on the phone with them.

Not having enough quarters to do laundry.

Couples that own a dog together and call themselves mommy and daddy.

When drivers bring their car to the wrong side of the gas pump.

When you genuinely ask someone what's wrong (when there obviously is something wrong) and they respond half-heartedly, "hmmm? oh nothing..."

People who ignore yield signs.

Dirty dishes in the sink.

People who habitually need favors.

Drivers who tailgate.

People who refer to themselves in the third person.

People who leave their children in their cars while they run into the store.

Caps Lock in text or in email, when PEOPLE SHOUT.

Girls who wear way too much make up.

Rappers who thank God at awards cermonies.

Mumbling, then annoyedly saying "Forget it!" when people don't hear you.

People who use a calculator to figure out the tip at a restuarant.

People who don't cash checks you give them in a timely manner.

The noise styrofoam makes when you rub it together.

When the garbage man turns my can upside down after dumping MOST of the garbage in it into the garbage truck. I go to collect the can and when I turn it right side up, the remaining garbage spills out on the sidewalk.

People who say the time like "Eight AM in the morning".

People who won't take their kid out of a restaurant when they are crying, screaming, etc.

Having to dress up for work just to have it downpour when you step outside.

Dull pencils.

People who can't decide on one radio/tv station, and constantly flip back and forth.

The habit of tossing dirty silverware into garbage disposal part of the sink.

When you're with a group of people and you think nobody saw that you just tripped, and you think you're in the clear. But the one person who did see it points it out to everybody else.

I hate it when people tickle me.


Things sticking out of drawers.

Utility/Cable service people that don't show up on time.

When someone is giving a speech in class and they won't stop looking at you as they speak.

A dirty stove top. When finished cooking, all food particles should be cleaned off the stove.

Wobbly tables.

People who text during a movie.

When it's raining and you turn your car off before you turn the wipers off, and they stop in the middle of the windshield, so you turn the car back on, the wipers off, and then the car off.

Chewing gum on the sidewalk.

Free offer that always have a catch.

When you are hanging out with someone and they make plans to do something else right in front of you.

When people scratch their fingernails on a blackboard.

People who can't wait to file a lawsuit in order to get rich quick.

Wet, dirty, stinky, slimy dishrags left in a heap in the bottom of the sink.

Websites with horizontal scrolling.

People who use unnecessary abbreviations, like w/e (whatever), w/o (without) and j/k (just kidding).

Going to a restaurant within the last hour before closing and everyone is cleaning,sweeping and slamming stuff around to get out of their quickly and at buffet the food is gone or old and dried up.

When the cashier gives you the change with the coins on top of the bills and for a moment you look like a fool jamming a large wad of cash into your pocket.

People who use self checkout lanes but don�t know how to use them and slow us all down.

Having a drawer full of unknown cords, transformers, adapter, etc.

I hate it when people take healthy food and fry it up in butter and eat it because it's "good for them".

People who read out loud what they're typing in an email or letter.

Kids who tease dogs through a fence.

Couples who sit on the same side of the booth when there is no one on the other side.

Parents who bring their young kids to R rated films.

People that don't use coasters.

People who blame anything but themselves for THEIR failure.

People who sit next to you on public transportation even when there are other seats available.

Noisy eaters.

Students who prolong class by asking the most inane questions.

Women who wear jewelry that clinks and clacks and makes noise when they're at their desk or keyboard. When people take 20 napkins, use one, then throw them all away.

Going through the drive thru, then having to go back when they screw your order up.

People walking around in ridiculous 'fashionable' shoes that are clearly hurting their feet.

Whenever anyone says "Ya, know what I'm sayin"...

Using speaker phones in public areas at work.

Roadmaps that aren't folded correctly.

Finding a shoe and not finding its mate next to it.

Made up car names that are not even real words.

Pants on men that are too short.

People who don't stop at stop signs.

People who don't listen when you are talking to them. How many times have you said a few sentences to someone only to have them suddenly say "what did you just say? I wasn't paying attention."

Referring to any government agency as "the Fed".

If you are able to drink everything but one little drop of milk or juice, whatever...DON'T put it back in the fridge! Just finish it.

Air Guitar. Don�t do it. You look like a dork.

People who respond to my emails but don't include the text of the previous email in their email.

Men who refer to their wife as � the wife�- a wife is not an object.

How commercialized the holidays are.

People who give their kids weird names.

People that don't list prices on websites, stores, and infomercials.

The creepers at red lights. You know, those people that start inching forward in their cars�slowly�until the light turns green.

People who clear their throats in a disgusting way.

When people leave the cap off the toothpaste.

People who style their hair during Mass.

People who invite you out somewhere then cancel.

Women who wear too much perfume.

Relying on someone else to take a picture because I want to be in it, and it ends up coming out off-centered and out-of-focus.

Cutesy intentional misspellings: � lite� � kwik� � �R � for are.

When you find a really cute piece of clothing on the rack and they have like twenty in size XS, two in size 3X, and not a single one in your size.

Bathing suit tops as clothing.

Car passengers that throw their doors wide open without first checking to make sure it is safe to do so.

Lazy people.

People who talk about their favorite sports team and say "WE" like they are a part of the team.

People who don't care what's going on in our country.

Adware, spyware, popups, viruses and other things that download themselves and install automatically.

When people say the word huge incorrectly by dropping the 'H' and pronouncing it Uge.

When people change the TV channel without asking.

People who make you take off your shoes when you go into their house.

People at a store/supermarket who wait in a long checkout line, and then when they finally need to pay they take forever to find their checkbook/cash/credit card.

I hate slow people walking in front of me.

People that do not flush the toliet in public restrooms.

When you apply too much deodorant and you have to make a running-in-place type of motion.

How opening any cheap electronic item these days requires cutting up your finger with cheap impossible to open plastic molding covering.

When you're eating candy and someone asks if they can have a red one.

Airline speak (like: "The lavatories ARE equipped with smoke detectors, so DO refrain...")

When you bite into a jelly bean and it's a different flavor than what you thought it was.

Having to go to a UPS / FEDEX office to pickup a package.

Uncomfortable chairs.

Chasing after a ping pong ball.

Films censored and cut (for length) to be put on television.

When something I've been into for a long time becomes popular.

People who overuse quotes from movies or TV.

People who act like they're in their own living room at an event (concert, ballgame, play, movies or a restaurant).

Saying "Let there be light" every time any light switch is flipped on.

When people say "What's up?" instead of saying "hi or hello".

People who leave shopping carts in the parking lot instead of taking them back to the corral.

People who go the wrong way in a parking lot.

Unexpected company.

When someone with a full cart of groceries gets into the 10 items or less line.

Cats and dogs that are inconsiderate of their human's sleeping habits, and decide to romp, play, and destroy stuff at 4 AM.

People letting their dogs use my yard as their toilet.

Ignorant people.

When people trip over your their foot in the hallway and start running to pretend like they meant to do it.

When you ask for LOTS of ketchup and they give you only two or three packets.

The sound of somebody playing with silverware on a plate.

Going out to dinner with a big group, eating $10 worth of food and having to split the whole bill and ending up paying much more than you ate.

When the waiter/waitress asks whether you want dessert, but smiles in a way that means she is clearly judging you.

Sitting in the movies and hearing someone eating popcorn.

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