Rusty Smith's Page

Hi. I'm Rusty. I'm a professional musician and organ recipient. I place my kidney transplant at the same level of importance as when I play with the Four Tops and Temptations.

Consider being an organ donor. You can give a gift of life to someone, helping them live a normal life.

I have been very fortunate to travel and play with these entertainers: Aretha Franklin, Kenny Rogers, Ray Charles, Lou Rawls, Olivia Newton-John, Manhattan Transfer, Natalie Cole, The Osmonds and Pointer Sisters.

Visit me on my website. I've included a trac from my cd, "Oceanfront" for you to hear.
You can hear several samples from the cd by clicking here.

Mary, Mary (on Oceanfront)

Here's some funny songs I've collected over the years. You'll get a kick out of these. These cuts are real. I'm not sure if their recording careers ever blossumed as they may have hoped.

I’m Gonna Do It To You

Alimony and Child Support



She’s At My House

Rubber Dolly


Oregano Man

Band Intros

Brushin’ My Teeth

Buddy’s Ill

I Believe In Music

Thank You For The Water

Railroad Mills

The Shower

Every Piece of Wood

Take It Slow

Froggy Dog

Build My Mansion Next Door to Jesus

All In Him

Put Your Hand in the Hand of the Man

I’ll Soon Be Gone

Jesus Is Coming Soon

He Looked Beyond My Fault

Through It All

Old Camp Meetin’ Time

Baptism of Jesse Taylor

One More River

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