Redneck Bumper Stickers

Redneck Bumper Stickers can be found on most redneck cars, trucks and cycles. This is a way of life and manner of thinking that sets it apart. The message is clear and to the point leaving very little room for interpretation.

What really determines if something is redneck?

It depends on who you ask or where you are. Sometimes, it's like the kettle calling the pot black.

I was in a retail store this week when a woman walked into the store with her dress so high, well use your imagination. She stopped traffic for a little while.

Yes, she fit into the category of redneck in my opinion.

For others, she wuz sumpin else. You see, I can even write in redneck; I've heard it all my life and I'm a pretty good translator.

Check out these redneck bumperstickers.

You can order anyone you desire.

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