Pranks for Sleepovers

Pranks for Sleepovers is a list of sleepover pranks that one might find very interesting or a listing to condemn. Most of these were gathered from kids who found these activities rather funny. I sure would not want to be the enemy of these kids.

I never realized until researching what is available in the world of pranks that this subject reflects the political temperature in our country today.

People either love or hate these pranks. There is no middle ground.

The individual mindset that I found was either to laugh hysterically at the prank or to condemn not only the prank itself but even the consideration of pulling it off.

This list is targeted to just those funny pranks you could find on the to-do list at a sleepover. Some of these however, may create a Cruel Sleepover Pranks page that would stand alone.

As always, use your best judgment before attempting any of these funny pranks. Remember the word Revenge.

Clear wrap under the toilet seat, nice and tight without wrinkles. So anything going in comes flying back out.

If you have access to a smoke machine, use it in a room at night, but when it is just dark. Fill the room with smoke and make a bunch of lights that look like a fire moving and wake up your friend shouting, "Fire Fire".

A prank that works well if you are sleeping in bunk rooms or tents is to get a tin of baked beans and leave it on a camping stove either outside someones's tent or in their bunk room (theirs not yours). What happens?
1. The can will explode with a bang.
2. The can will become airborne for several seconds and
3. Burnt baked beans will be sprayed EVERYWHERE!

The Insane Clown
If you are at a sleepover, grab some make-up and apply it like crazy. Make your face pale white, completely black, or other dark color. Add eye shadow to go on your eye-lid all the way to brow. Use bright red, black, or dark blue, lipstick and apply all over lips and beyond. Finally take RED blush and apply it in a perfect circle). You'll look like an insane clown! Go shake a person WHILE SLEEPING with the light on and they'll freak looking at your face!

Classic Peanut Butter on the Nose Prank
You will need something ticklish like a feather and peanut butter or whipped cream for this prank. If a friend is sleeping over or just sleeping walk over quietly with the feather and the peanut butter or whipped cream and put the peanut butter or whipped cream gently on either of their hands or just both. Then gently tickle the friend or relative's nose with a feather back and fourth (but make them wake up!!). Eventually they will use their hand to scratch or touch their nose! So the peanut butter or whipped cream will be all over them.

Have a lock-in in an ice skating rink and tell them a real scary story about the rinks past. Then hire some kids too dress up in costumes and chase them around with alka seltzer in their mouths.

Wait until the first person falls asleep, then put shaving cream in their ears.

Put some vaseline or icy hot on the toilet.

Put very bright floodlights or strobe lights around the person's sleeping bag or bed, tell them that it is morning and turn them on.

When having a large bonfire, TAKE A FIRE CRACKER and put it in the end of a marshmallow -- leave just 1 centimeter of extra wick. Put the marshmallow on the end of a stick. Give the stick to a really dense friend and ask him to make it black for you.

Oh man, this is fun, first of all you have to have a car and a license, or just a car if you are a good driver. Then you take your friend who is asleep, and put them in the car and take them to the nearest friend's house, or a barn or bus stop, but then leave them there and have your video camera ready, then blow a whistle and everyone hide behind a tree -- the reaction is hilarious!!! They usually think they are going crazy!

Sour Face Prank
I was over at my friend's house and it was her 15 birthday and she was having like 9 girls sleepover. We had a lot of fun and her older brother is working in the Science Department and he decided since my friend Kayla (the birthday girl) LOVED sour stuff, he'd make the "Essence of Sour" and it was the sourest thing I have EVER tasted.

Well, me and my friend both got up to get in the middle of the night to get a cup of water. My friend got this great idea we should prank all the girls that were sleeping. So, me being the girl to take on any dare, I saw the cup of EOS (Essence of Sour) and decided we should pour it all over the other girls' toothbrushes!

Wow, were they surprised when they got up to brush their scaggle-teeth! This prank works great at home or at a friend's house and you don't have to use EOS. You can wet anyone's toothbrush and let it soak on a black cherry warhead for like 2 minutes. Those things are pretty damn sour.

Wake up and pretend you have amnesia.

When your friend is asleep put baby powder all over their face and hands and in their pants. Then take some oil and eggs and mix them up. Put it down their pants in their hair -- everywhere until you think it is enough. Next put tons of FREEZING PENNIES on their feet on their cheeks and hands and when they wake up they are living in misery!!!

Pour chocolate pudding down someone's underwear. Put ice in the crotch area, tie them to a desk and pour ice cold water on them until they tell the deepest darkest secret or until they say they will be your slave!

While EVERYONE is asleep, go out into the house (better yet, go outside!) and hide somewhere. With red lipstick, or something red and washable, write on the walls -- something like "Who's next!" or "I'll be back!" Add other details to show that someone took you, like add the lipstick on other places showing blood. When they look for you in the morning, wherever you are hiding, they will surely go past you, then, jump out and scare them!!!

Call someone on the phone. Ask them if their refrigerator is runnin', then go tell them they should go out and catch it. Then hope that they did not trace it.

Set an alarm clock to wake them up in the early A.M. like around 4 or 5.

Orajel, What the Heck?
For this funny prank, take one of those small travel sized tubes of regular toothpaste and empty it completely, then refill the empty tube with an entire tube of Orajel (you know that stuff that people use to numb canker soars and tooth aches). If done correctly the next time anyone uses that tube of toothpaste they will surprisingly find that their entire mouth is completely numb. The prank will last about 15 minutes or so. That's plenty of time to enjoy it.

When your friend turns off the lights and falls asleep, sing famous opera solos as loud as possible. When he wakes up and turns on the lights, look around with a confused expression.

Start talking about something, then when nobody's looking, pop an Alka-Seltzer in your mouth and have fun going around rabid, trying to bite them.

This will only work on young people. If your little sister or brother has anyone spend the night or if you invite someone that is young then take a stuffed animal and say that it is alive or that it moves by itself. My friends and I tried it one time and it worked!

Another good one my friend did at her party. There was this girl that she was mad at (don't ask me why she invited her!!) and the girl was wearing shoes with no socks on. She put an egg in the girls shoe when she was asleep. The next morning when the girl put her shoe on she smashed the egg. The look on her face was so funny!

Rub vaseline between toes and constant movement of toes means they wake up tired!!!!

A tough but extremely funny one. If you have a hammock, put one up really high. Put someone in it and duct tape their hands and feet together. Tape them in the hammock and turn them upside down. If you're lucky, they won't fall out and they'll get a real surprise when they wake up.

When everyone is asleep, laugh like a looney. Blame it on the guy next to you.

One I remember that was played on me (I remember how it happened to me because the pranksters video taped it) is this: If the victim is sleeping pantless (but wearing briefs) carefully put his shoes on him. Tie his shoelaces together. Wake him! He's in for a surprise! And he can't put his pants on because his shoes are in the way!

If you're sleeping over with a girl, lock all of the doors to the bathroom when they wake up. If there are any keys, find them and hide them. It usually doesn't work on boys because they can pee in the backyard or something. The girls will usually pee in their pants, though.

If you have a little sister or brother, this is perfect. While your friend is sleeping, tie him up with duct tape to a bed. Then cover his mouth with duct tape, so that he can not scream. Then take off all of his clothes, and put your sister/brothers USED diaper on them. After that, untie him from the bed, but tie his arms and legs together and put him on the floor. Then wake up the others and the victim. Watch while he wiggles around on the floor trying to escape, with only a used diaper on, squishing all of the ingredients onto him.

Buy 25 or more crickets and hide them in the house in one place so they can't really escape because if they do escape, it might be a disaster in the house (let them escape if you want to). During the night, these crickets will make their noise and I have heard that they are EXTREMELY LOUD. Nobody will be able to sleep.

When at a sleepover, if you are sleeping in a bed with a crack (large enough to fit your leg in) take a pillow to represent one of your leg as you stuff the other into the crack. Then, push on a bookcase or something close to the bed and wake your friend up. Act scared and in the middle of telling him what happened, push again. Do this randomly, he will soon get his parents -- don't worry, act as scared as him. (I did this for a full 4 hours and got tons of scared remarks from him, and never told him it was me.

This prank is really funny, I did it last week. First get to a sleepover with two boys and more people if you want them to laugh. Then when they fall asleep get the deepest sleeper and get him into the other person's sleeping bag. I got some friends to help me lift him up into it. Once he is inside, you can take their clothes off and put their arms around each other. Then when they are wrapped up and one wakes up they will be confused and won't know what they did! (This will really make them blush).

When your friends are all watching a movie, say you're going into the kitchen to get something to eat. While you're there, put tomato sauce on your arm and a tomato sauced knife on the floor. Scream and run out to your friends and say you cut yourself with the knife. (Note: Only works if you are a good actor.)

While playing computer (or whatever), suddenly shove a firecracker down his/her shirt/pants and threaten to light it if he/she doesn't play dollies with you.

Put some Jello powder in someone's bed... preferably blue. Wait until the next morning to see the results... The hot sweat will cause the Jello to be made and will dye them.

It's quite simple actually. If your friend takes off their shirt and/or pants at night, carefully GIVE THEM AN ATOMIC WEDGIE!!!!!!!!! Have shoes already on and run outside. If they have no shirt, pants, or shoes on, they won't go after you. Works great because I was the victim of one. I wasn't wearing pants to bed (bad mistake). Jake gave me a wedgie and I chased him with no pants and cotton up my butt! I got laughed at by everyone who was on the block.

Put your friend into your closet and lock the door until morning, and watch what happens.

Get a lot of cheap tooth brushes and cut off all the bristles. Then spread them out evenly in the victim's place of rest. They will itch all night.

Put all clothes including bra and underwear into a bucket of water, and then into the freezer.

If the victim is sleeping on their stomach, organize your friends to gather round. Have everyone grab a section of the waistband of his underwear and on the count of three PULL! Wakes them up real fast!

This is the most funniest prank ever!!! Get some mild laxative and get your victim to drink or eat a little of it, whatever. Then cover the toilet bowl with glad wrap and put a video camera in the bathroom. Leave no toilet paper and no air freshner!!! Let someone sit in the bathroom so that the victim will start panicking that they have to go to the bathroom. Later get the video camera and see the reaction of the victim when she hits the gladwrap. Hilarious!!!

If you are having someone sleeping over who you are just dying to do a prank to, here is a good one. You need another friend to help you pull it off. Have your friend hold the girls arms up and get some mashed potatoes. Lift up her bra and smear the potatoes over her breast and put the bra back she'll be surprised when she wakes up the next morning. Also to embarrass her you can take pics of her after you do it.

Make sure the victim is ticklish. Best with two helpers, can be done with you and someone else. Remove friend's socks and shirt. Then have one sit on the victim's ankles and tickle their feet. Someone else sit on the victim's waist and tickle the victim's belly or ribs, and finally have someone sit on the victim's outstretched arms which are over the victim's head, and tickle the armpits. Your friend will do anything for you to stop!!!

Get some string and tie clumps of your friend's hair to the bed post, etc.

Put a tape recorder under the victom's pillow. If you have a dog, put its favorite treat on the victim's feet, neck and face. Hopefully, the dog will lick it. If the person does not make any sounds, but does move around or have a stupid grin on their face, get the camera and tape it. Then send it to America's Funniest Home Videos.

Glue pieces of pinkish-red paper on your victim's face. When they wake up the next morning, tell them that they grew a bunch of zits overnight and to look in the mirror. Note: never stop looking at their face.

My friend and I thought of a great prank after reading your web site. o.k what you do is you get a warhead candy and after your friend is fast asleep when they least expect it, you put a warhead in their mouth. After that their lips will pucker!!

Play recordings somewhere, loud enough for everyone to hear, of a bunch of robbers walking around, or maybe a Mafia hit from some old movie.

If the person HAS A COMPUTER (NOTE: will work better if it is a student working on a report) take the major file he is working on and move it to a disk. Then when the person tries to open the file the computer will say not found and the person will freak out. But ... give the disk back unless you want the person to start all over again.

Wake up and pretend you have rabies.

Put shaving cream in your friend's hands, then tickle their nose.

Pretend you're going into labour.

Start a game of Truth, Dare, Double Dare, or Promise To Repeat. Have a small tape recorder hidden with you. Then dare somebody to shout, "I LOVE [their crush or someone really nerdy] AND I WANNA [fill in the blank] THEM!!!!!!" Bring the recorder to school and play it in front of the person who's name your friend said. VARIATION: If someone does Promise to Repeat, record everything they say. Then play it for everyone!!!!

One day get together with a couple of your friends for a sleep-over. Choose one friend before the party and tell everyone you're going to pull a prank on them. Tell your friends to bring ANY prank stuff that they have. When your friend falls asleep, pull a series of pranks such as:
• Sleep-makeovers,
• face fart spray,
• gum in hair,
• and fingers in cold water.

Soap Gag
Try the suds-less soap trick. Carefully paint the soap bar with clear nail polish. No matter how hard someone tries they will not get the soap to work.

If your victim sleepwalks, while he is sleeping, edge him towards a tree and tie him to it. Or tell him to do something he probably wouldn't do when awake like telling his secret love. You dream it up; it becomes very funny.

Tape a piece of black paper over your friend's eyes and when they wake up they think they are blind.

Before your party, make a scary note like : YOU WILL DIE NOW!!! or some other creative note. Do it in red lipstick or nail polish or whatever. When your victim is half asleep, put the note on her/his chest. Get a flashlight and shine it on the note. Then play the tape. Your friend will be really scared if you all watch a spooky movie like "Scream" or something. Even better, sleep with vampire fangs so when they wake you up to ask what the noise was, they think you're a vampire! Works great on annoying 8-year-old cousins or younger siblings.

One more prank that was funny that I participated in was when this one girl fell asleep early, we took a marker and put dots on her eyelids. When she got up everybody was laughing at her, but she looked in the mirror and couldn't see why we were laughing! When she left her mom finally told her. She was really embarassed, we all laughed.

Don't bother putting shaving cream on the hand and then tickling, USE whipped cream and just put it on their face (and in sleeping bag, all over if you have the chance!) The victim will touch their face, because they feel SOMETHING and smear it all over!

Take your victim's underwear and put yellow food coloring or mud in it. The next morning wave your hand over you nose and exclaim "Oh ... What smells!?!" I don't know, but I think they will go and check and realize that it was them. They will probably throw the underwear out, then you take them and the next school day tell everyone what your victim did -- also take the underwear to show.

If you have a sister or a friend that is a girl, here's what you do: when they are sleeping put their hand in warm water then quickly put there hand into cold water. Then when they are sleeping they will wet the bed and you can nickname them baby.

During dinner, "accidentally" drop ALL your food onto the floor / table / someone elses plate / onto your head / down your hosts pants.

Use a large yellow or brown marker .. take out the felt inside the long color ink rod and put it in the toilet in the tank part, not the part that you use.

First, this only works at a boy-girl party while playing spin the bottle, and if you have a dog. If someone spins and it lands on someone who doesn't like them, then tell them to close their eyes and have your dog lick their face.

Do this to a sleeper that falls asleep really fast. Take like a Santa Claus hat, or a Joker hat, etc. Put it on their head, take little action figurines and put them in their armpits, and put a stuffed animal on their face. Wait until they get up the next morning!!!!!

I once boiled a girl's clothes in hot water while she was asleep. Shorts, t-shirt, bra, panties, socks, and even her canvas sneakers. I then dried them in the dryer on hot. Nothing fit her the next morning. However, I found my car w/ slashed tires the next night.

While a person is sleeping, buy the little glow sticks and break them and pour them on the person, watch them glow!!

Tie your friend's feet together and wake him up screaming FIRE FIRE! and watch him try to get up and trip!!

Wait till one of the guests is asleep and then take a squirt bottle and soak the front of their pants.

When a younger sibling is jealous because they have no friends over and you do, tell them you'll pay them to be a slave. When they're not around take money out of their wallet and pay them with that.

Take a can of shaving cream and put it in a freezer until frozen, then as soon as your friend falls asleep, find some way to take the cover off and put it in their sleeping bag! It will keep multiplying and multiplying its size until it fills their sleeping bag! You might want to be in a room with numerous deadbolts when they wake up.

One time, I read my kid cousin a really scary Goosebumps (tm) book about wolves. My other cousin is the same age as me, so we worked it out to where we'd work together. At about midnight, after our younger cousin went to sleep, I crawled under his bed, and Chris (my cousin) went outside. Chris took with him a stuffed wolf that I had. It had glowing red eyes, and in the window that Chris held it up to, you could just barely see the form of the wolf. So on signal, I started howling softly and making wolf-like breathing noises. Chris started to growl. My younger cousin, Charles, woke up screaming so loud that I had an earache for a few hours after that.

Squeeze toothpaste down the underwear of the victim and see their response when they wake up.

When the victims is asleep, or not in their room take a small jar full of medicine, like aspirin, but make your own label. On the label print something that would be embarrassing to your victim (eg, anti-gay pills, mental pills). Put the jar of pills next to their bed and in the morning accuse them of being gay or mental.

A hidden mini tape recorder (whoops how did that get there?) would be handy when telling secrets.

When your friend is sleeping on their tum, pull their pants down and put brown icing on their bum. Then pull their pants up and wake them up , saying, 'Ooh, gross -- look what you did in your pants!'

Put a fake fly on your friend's face.

Slip a mini tape recorder in your pocket and record a ghost sounding voice, then play the tape, wake up your friend, and act like you're scared. I promise it will scare the heck out of them.

Take Dixie Cups and cover the floor of a room with them. Carefully fill the cups with water and staple them as you go. The victim will not have a clue on how to clean up the mess.

If the victim is sleeping on their stomach, slip ice cubes down their crack. If the victim is a heavy sleeper then he will not wake up but just squirm around a lot unconsciously.

Pollute his pants: Stuff everything and anything you can into his underwear. Syrup, shaving cream, toothpaste, all works good too.

When your host is out of the room, hide a bunch of chips and Ho Hos in the bottom of their trash can. Then when he/she comes back in, announce that you are hungry and eat from you-know-where.

Kill roaches with a monkey wrench while playing Wagnerian Arias on a kazoo. If the host asks what you are doing, explain that it is for your Art class performance.

Rub Vaseline on someone's hands when they are asleep, when they wake up ask them what they were doing in their sleeping bag last night!

When one of your friends r asleep, stuff their bra with the available mashed potatoes n your kitchen. To do this, (if they r sleeping on their tum) carefully un-do their bra. When they wake up, say WOW LOOK AT U!

Purple Tooth Prank
My friend and I pulled this funny ass prank off. We got up around 4:30 in the morning. My dad gets up at 5 to get ready for work. We got some salt, peppers, and some purple dye (color optional). Make SURE you put the salt on as it makes dye last longer on the brush. After you have put salt on the brush and doused it in dye you should clean up placing the toothbrush back in place. Hope you have as much fun as we did. Embarrass your victim later by saying, "HEY PURPLE TOOTH in public!!!"

Go Snipe Hunting
You take your friend out in the middle of the night and have them take a bag and some marshmallows with them. Make sure they do not have any light with them, tell them to sit and open their bag and surround the bag with the marshmallows or put a couple in the bag to lure the snipes. Then tell them that if they wait quietly you will flush a couple towards them and they should be able to catch a "snipe". Then leave them there and head back to the camp and wait until they get back.

This is a great prank. When someone is tired or just can't see well spread shaving cream all over their pillow. Make sure it is flat and can't be seen with just a quick glance. When the person comes in and they lie down, they probably will realize what's going on but if they don't it will be all over them in the morning!

Slip an egg into the bottom of a buddy's sleeping bag just for grins.

Try some Alka Seltzer in the toilet.

Stick toothpaste or shaving cream on their fingers while they sleep. Then tickle their nose.

Whenever your friend gets up to go to the bathroom or something at night, put billiard balls underneath their sleeping bag!

Put two-sided tape on the back (or seat) of the toilet and watch what happens.

Get Them Wet Trick
You need a funnel, a penny, a glass or bucket of water handy, and one gullible victim. Tell your friends/victim that you can do a great trick. Put the funnel in your pants and put the penny on your chin. Drop the penny off your chin into the funnel. When they see you perform this easy trick they will either want to try it or tell if you anyone can do that. When they do, challenge them to go ahead and try. After your victim has the funnel in their pants, and as they put the penny up onto their face, you pour the water into the funnel. If your victim is not laughing, you should start running.

Find your mom or sister's make-up kits and paint the person's face like a member of KISS.

Blow-Dryer Prank
Here is a good prank that played on my sister. What you do is take baby powder and you put it in someone's blow-dryer. When they turn it on, they will get a head full of powder. It is a great laugh.

In the morning after a sleepover, take two friends who truly have nothing better to do and a poor innocent sleeping victim. Now comes the fun. One person pulls down their pants and puts their butt within two feet of the sleeping person's face. Then the other person wakes the sleeping guest up and all he sees is ... well, you can figure the rest out.

Put a bit of toothpaste or shaving cream in the person's ear. When they wake up, they will touch it and put it more into their ear.

Get a black coffee mug and a lighter. Go into the other room and burn the bottom of the mug until you start to see black stuff on the bottom. (This will not ruin the mug at all). Then give that mug to your friend and get an "unburned" mug for yourself. Tell him you have a trick to show him and to repeat after you. Keep rubbing your the mug and then touch your face. During some part of the trick make your friend rub the bottom of his mug and then rub his face. Do it fast so he won't see the black stuff all over his fingers. He will rub the ashes all over his face! It's hilarious because the person will have no clue on what is happening!

Put some lifesavers in the shower head and when the person takes a shower the lifesaver will dissolve on the person and after he/she gets out, the person will become sticky and want to take another shower. Hehehe!

Place dish washing detergent in the container above the toilet (the one that has the water in it). When someone flushes the toilet, well I think that you can work it out from there!!!

Subscribe the mark to some mailing list like, say, Fat Dudes Anonymous, then change the postal code number by one so, not only will your victim be ticked off by this, but his neighbors will thing he's a complete idiot who can't even get his postal code right.

Wake up in the middle of the night, grab some makeup and draw big black circles around your eyes. Whip out your Swiss Army knife (or any type of knife, machette etc). Jump on the floor or something to wake your host up and pretend to be psychotic.

Take red colored koolade and put it in the shower cap. screw back on, when your victim gets in the shower the water is a hideous red color! or... instead of koolade, put chicken flavored bullion (how ever you spell it) cubes and put them in the shower cap, they smell of chicken for weeks!! heh heh! what fun.

This isn't a sleepover prank, but I find it really funny. First get some really strong glue. Then get a quarter. Go outside and glue the quarter to the sidewalk. Then go in your house and watch from a nearby window. HILARIOUS!!

Put vaseline on the door knob.

When the first person to fall asleep is totally out, shave his legs/arm. Only shave one, because they will either be forced to walk around looking like a freak for three weeks until the hair grows back, or, they will have to shave the other limb and walk around looking like a freak for three weeks until the hair grows back.(Who knows, they may keep shaving their limbs.)

Take vinegar and dip a cotton ball or rag in it. Rub the vinegar all over your friend (or enemy) -- I mean everywhere!! Wait till morning... Someone's gonna need a shower bad!!

Tripwire Funny Prank
You need some party poppers, dental floss, Duct tape, and Talcum powder or whatever you feel like shooting at someone to pull off this funny prank.
First off, remove the bottom cardboard disk of the party popper and take out the ribbons that normally get shot out of it. Replace the innards with your talcum powder or other powdery substance and reinsert/replace the disk. Now attach the string end you pull to detonate the popper to one end of the dental floss. Choose a place to put the tripwire (e.g. the inside of a door frame) and use duct tape to attach the party popper facing towards your intended victim (preferably head or crotch height). Roll out enough dental floss and tie it to something solid. When the wire is tripped, the explosive will shoot the Talcum powder out at the person who tripped the booby wire (covering them in it). Hours of pranking fun!

While everyone else has gone to sleep, choose yourself a victim. Then, go into the kitchen and grab yourself a tomato. Go over to the sleeping victim and put the tomato down the back of their pants. In the middle of the night, the victim will roll around and most likely will squash the tomato and by morning it will be very warm from their body heat. When they wake up they think, "oh no" . . . literally, oh S...!

If your brother is having a sleepover, and one of the boys there is being a jerk, this is a good idea. Wait until they all go to sleep. Take some pink or purple nail polish, and paint everybody's toenails (and fingernails if you feel really mean!) except the jerk. Put the bottle in his hand. When they wake up he is in for a surprise!

Put a warm KitKat bar in someone's pants.

Put packing bubbles (you know that stuff that keeps things from breaking that's fun to stomp on) under the toilet seat. Bavoom!

This one is fun. Gather your friends in a dark room with only a single candle to light everything. Make everyone spread out far from each other so it is hard to see. Pass out plates that have red or black ink on the bottom center and make sure everyone has a dish of water. Make sure your friends follow you in whatever you do ... tell them to dip their finger in the water and trace a circle on their foreheads. Then tell them to trace the bottom of the plate and make a circle on their foreheads again. Be creative ... at the end they will come out of the dark room and realize they have drawn ink all over their faces!

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