Office Gag Gifts

Dave's Favorite Office Gag Gifts

You generally spend more time with the people you work with than your own family. Why not enjoy some of the time with your co-workers?

One way to liven things up a bit is to give away an expensive gag gift. Gag gifts will earn you more miles than you realize.

The person who received the gag will be the first person in line to use it on another worker or friend. It's like setting a brush will spread fast...the enjoyment, that is.

I've hand-picked a few gag gifts for you to consider using at the office. They are rather inexpensive and will be well worth the investment when you practically live with some of these people.

Push My Buttons

These funny computer keys will add some fun to your keyboard.

Includes three keys: DAMN IT, ANY, & PANIC key.

Works on any keyboard.

You'll get a jolted reaction from a co-worker if they're looking over your shoulder or focusing on your keyboard.

Now I have a reason to laugh when you Push My Buttons.

Shit List

While everybody claims to have a shit list, there's never been a way to turn the metaphor into reality - until now.

Bring the power of organization to your grudges, and find psychological well-being through the mere act of writing grievances down.

I always knew this existed...I was told for years that my name was near the top of the list.

Now, there's not doubt!

Prove once and for all to your most consistent skeptics that
they are on your Shit List .

Invisible Ink

Write a secret note to someone only to see it appear from a blank piece of paper.

Imagine how handy this would be when the most difficult exam of your life is beginning.

Someone needs to write a manual on 101 Uses for Invisible Ink.

I'll market that one when it becomes available.

Plan ahead and have your Invisible Ink. ready.

Golf Mouse Pad

Every golfer daydreams at the office.

Why not give him a fun reminder of what could have been, if only he'd called in sick this morning?

This golf green-shaped mouse pad even has bunkers and a yellow flag that moves according to the desk breeze.

Perfect gift for your favorite duffer.

He'll thank you, next time he makes it into the office.

Mouse not included.

The next time some co-worker "tees" you off, focus on your
Golf Mouse Pad.

Space Ice Cream Sandwich

Space food is a great thing to have stored in your desk for those days at the office when you run out of money and forget your lunch.

It stays fresh forever!

This freeze dried ice cream sandwich is ready to eat.

Also, you'll feel cool because NASA still underwrites these bars.

I can still remember Foster Brooks, comedian from the 1960's, telling the story about the time he wanted to be a spaceman. He was looking forward to getting some Prune Tang in outer space.

Keep a Space Ice Cream Sandwich in your cubby at work.

Brain Fart

Is your train of thought more of a train wreck?

Do you often forget your passwords?

Do you tend to leave the house without your pants?

You’ve got Brain Farts!

Squeeze this hilarious brain and add a farting sound effect to your forgetfulness!

Great for the office or during class.

Use it yourself or as a hilarious gag gift.

No batteries required!

When you hear a co-worker trying to justify a mistake he's made because of a Brain Fart, set yours on the desk for all to see and be amazed.

Hoop Jam Basket Ball

You know you had one of these when you were you NEED this super fun updated version for your office or cubicle!

This fun Hoop Jams Basketball Game attaches to either your wastebasket or door, and plays the song "Rock and Roll Part Two." It talks to you as you throw papers (or included basketball) through the hoop.

Guaranteed to be hours of office fun.

Just make sure the boss doesn't hear you dribbling.

Order your Hoop Jam Basketball Game.

Rubber Band Shooter

Annoyed with the guy in the next cubicle?

Just load from the tip to the chamber, pull the trigger and fire one after the other.

Comes with five rubber bands.

Gun measures about 9.5 inches.

Permit not required to own a Rubber Band Shooter

Nose Pencil Sharpener

This is one time you're supposed to stick a pencil up your nose.

Start twisting, and before you know it your writing implement will have a sharpened point, and your officemates will wonder what in the world is going on in there.

Especially if you hold the sharpener in front of your face and let the curlecues fall onto your desk.

Great gift for students, accountants and anyone who nose a good joke when they see one.

Sharpener looks realistic, but please don't stick your finger in there.

Pick your Nose Pencil Sharpener. today.

Fake Hand in Sleeve

Fool your friends, and co-workers with this realistic looking human hand and sleeve.

The human sized hand hangs from a 20 inch shirt sleeve and looks as though you have stuffed someone in your drawer, refrigerator, cabinet, or even your car trunk.

Lead co-workers to think this is what happens when people disagree with you.

It could be their Fake Hand. in your drawer.

Remote Control Big Flipper

Want to flip someone the bird but don't want to move the delicate muscles in your own hand?

Then you need the Big Flipper! It's a remote control mechanical hand that flips the bird for you.

Just press the wireless remote to make the middle finger stand up on this realistic human hand.

It even works up to 50 feet so you can even be super rude from afar.

Tell them exactly what you think without lifting your finger.

Do it with a Remote Control Big Flipper.

Pee-On Customized Urinal Cake Kit

Did you lose a bet because your favorite team choked in the finals?

Having trouble with some newly installed software?

Do you have to deal with a back-stabbing co-worker?

Are you working for an unappreciative, demanding boss?

Don't get pissed - turn them into Pee-Ons!

You decide who gets the Pee-On treatment with this customizable Urinal screen kit.

It's easy to make and it's great fun for the office!

While the boss is sitting in his personal bathroom, he'll never know the rest of the employees are soaking his forehead in their bathroom.

Is it someone's birthday? Nothing says "You're Another Year Older" like a Golden Shower from your fellow coworkers.

You decide who will get the treatment when you have a
Pee-On Customizable Urinal Screen Kit.

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