Obama Gag Gifts

Dave's Favorite Obama Gag Gifts

You might need that special gift to give a client, a boss, a friend or co-worker (if you know they love and support Barack Obama.) Here are some of my favorites I have found and put great trust in.

Barack Obama 9 Dollar Novelty Bill

A certain collectible political item for years to come.

Our Barack Obama Nine Dollar Bill will be the talk of the town.

A great Obama collectible. It is the same size as real US currency.

The Barack Obama Nine Dollar Bill is beautifully designed.

Use these Barack Obama Nine Dollar Bill in schools, at parties, sell them at retail stores, sell them in online auctions or use them in promotions.

Obama Nine Dollar Bill.

So, you need a photo of you and the President to put on your Facebook Profile.

No Problem…stand beside this cardboard standup and say cheese.

You’re about 2 minutes from being on Facebook with your close friend who invited you to the Oval Office for a brief visit.

You can
get your Obama Standup right here.

Wanna have some fun with your favorite bank teller or cashier at a drive-in window…

Ask them if they can change a big bill.

Catch the look on their face as you ask for change.

Here’s our part of the stimulus package.

You’ve got to have this mask for your next office, birthday or family party.

Put on your best suit and you’re ready to go.

Just don’t wear this into the bank unless you drove up in a limo.

This Obama mask allows you to party every day.

This is the ultimate stimulus for your package.

They are very real and high quality to boot.

Tiger Woods has endorsed these with his stamp of approval.

Not available in stores…yet.

Be Prepared, just like we learned as scouts, and
get the Obama Ultimate Stimulus Package.

For those of you that can’t wait until 2012, here’s a must-have for you.

At least once a day or week, you get the satisfaction of having your say about the way things are going.

If you can’t email your Senator or personally attend a tea party, we’ve got you covered. Take a swipe at today's leadership. Nobody is too busy to use this.

Use Barack Obama Toilet Paper daily and have the satisfaction of pretending you were heard.

The Mini Barack Obama Animated Figurine

What a perfect addition to the office desk.

Just set him anywhere, press the button, and get ready to relive the inspiring words of Barack Obama whenever you like in your leisure. Takes 3 AA batteries (included).

However, teleprompter is not included.

Put one on your desk and be inspired daily.

Obama Million Dollar Bill

You can't spend this Obama Million Dollar Bill, but it sure does look real!

Try handing this to a bank teller or to someone in a fast food drive-in-window.

Ask them if they can change a large bill.

Great for political promotions or playtime!

Pass out several Obama Million Dollar Bills and don't flinch when their eyebrows raise.

Presidential Wine Holder

No matter what party you belong to wine tastes the same, so why not make a unique statement with this hand painted presidential wine bottle holder.

This magnificent centerpiece features Barack Obama sitting back in a drinking pose, most likely after giving a healthcare speech to the Senate.

The holder holds one 750ml bottle.

It can fit on any table top or counter.

Choose the Obama Presidential Wine Holder when you need a great gift.

Presidential Bumpersticker

Bumper Stickers are an expression of yourself, and your style.

These high quality bumper stickers will really get your point across.

These are not just for car bumpers, these look great anywhere!

And be sure to check out our magnetic stickers and pranks, and our clearance stickers too!

Put a new Obama Bumpersticker on your car.

Barack Obama Funny Fail T-Shirt

Yes we can! …oh no wait, perhaps we can't.

Unfortunately, though he tried really really hard, Obama's presidency so far is a big fat FAIL.

If you agree, this funny Obama FAIL T-Shirt is for you!

Wear your Obama Fail T-Shirt and make a statement.

Barack Obama Custom Urinal Cakes

Turn our current President Barack Obama into a Urinal Cake!

He's giving out billions of stimulus money, can't figure out health care, and is weak on supporting our troops in Afghanistan.

Take politics from the water cooler to the men's room.

A great gag item for the office!

Outfit your rest rooms with an Obama Urinal Cake.

Barack Obama Chia Pet Head

Can President Barack Obama have a wild, green growing afro?

YES HE CAN with this Obama Chia Pet Head in honor of our 44th US President.

Some leaders throughout history get giant bronze statues made in their honor, but not many get little clay figures with tufts of grass coming out of their head!

Now's your chance to own this unique piece of history and give Obama a Mohawk.

Watch your Obama Chia Pet Head grow as does this economy.

Barack Obama Funny Gum

This is gum you can believe in.

If your taste buds need some stimulus, chew on this.

8 Pieces.

Peppermint Flavor.

Chew on a stick of Barack Obama Funny Gum. Just don't swallow what he says.

Barack Obama 13 Inch Doll

Need a little inspiration in your daily routine?

Look no further, because we have the figurine that will get you pumped up and ready to save the country!

Feast your eyes on our delightful 13" Barack Obama Animated Figure.

Just set him anywhere, press the button, and get ready to relive the inspiring words of Barack Obama whenever you like in your leisure.

Takes 3 AA batteries (included). Sorry, teleprompter (not included).

Check out the Barack Obama 13 inch doll.

Obama Air Freshener

Funny Air Freshener.

"Obama Rama"

The only car air freshener approved for use in U.S. government offices and vehicles.

Removes Republican odors and replaces them with a nice Fresh vanilla scent.

Get your Obama Air Freshener.

Obama Hugging Wine Holder

Whether you're a conservative or a liberal, anyone could use a drink.

Why not keep the political discussion going with this Presidential wine bottle holder?

This bottle holder features our Commander in Chief with his arms holding on for dear life.

The bottle holder can comfortably hold one 750ml bottle and is made of hand painted poly resin.

It has a detailed cartoonish design that spares no detail, right down to Barack's Blackberry.

This bottle holder makes an excellent addition to any home bar.

Set an Obama Hugging Wine Holder on your favorite bartop.

Barack Obama Bank

It's a natural fit -- after all, He based his campaign on the platform of change!

Handpainted in an amazing likeness of President Obama, the sculpted resin bust features a coin deposit slot in back and retrieval access on the bottom.

Actual size hovers around 8"x5"x8.5".

Obama Coin Bank

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