Harmless Car Pranks

Harmless Car Pranks will not only give you plenty of good pranks to play but will demonstrate how to pull some of these off. Are you a novice, aspiring or a seasoned, successful prankster?

So much of the world of car revenge pranks hinges on your experience, boldness and cash flow.

This page will show you both the serious car pranks and safe car pranks.

You may decide that the easy pranks, which cost considerably less to pull off are for you. You be the judge.

Weigh these factors in deciding which if any of these pranks will remain in the category of harmless car pranks: Cost, danger, accident or injury, financial loss or embarrassment.

Here we go, lock it down and hold on tight!

Invisible Rope Prank
Get a friend to help you. Have him stand across the street and act as if you are pulling a rope or chain across the street. It, of course, is invisible but the driver of the vehicle approaching you may think differently.

Speed Trap Prank
Traffic fun? Park your car on a semi busy side street and hold up a blow dryer. Watch how many cars slow down for your speed trap.

Dragging the Goods Behind
Attach about 20 feet of fishing line to the back of someone's car. Attach various objects to the other end and hide them. Try a can, trash bag, or kite.

My Side Window is Broken
This one is from the good pranks to play menu. Go to an auto parts wrecker and get the cheapest side window you can find. Buy it, then brake it. Sweep up the bits and take to your targets car. Roll down the window and spread the glass on the seat and the ground around the window. Then run and tell your victim that you think something happened to their car.

Dead Deer on Hood Talking to Bystanders
This prank is pretty funny. It’s for the serious prankster with lots of extra cash. The deer strapped to the hood of the car is fitted for movement and has audio capability. Enjoy seeing these innocent people cross paths with this deer.

Electrical Confusion Prank One funny prank you can pull if you're electrically savvy is do a little creative "rewiring" on a person's car... nothing dangerous, here, just wire the low beam position of the headlights to their car horn. If done properly, any time their using the low beams, the horn will instantly be honking. When they have the high beams on, others are going to think they're a-holes. An alternative method to this joke would be to wire the brake lights to the horn... any time they step on the brakes, the horn will go.

Musical Card Prank
Buy 10 (or as many as you like) of those musical birthday cards. Remove the electronic devices and tape them to the undercarriage of the car in extremely difficult to reach places. The car will have a very annoying sound for as long as those batteries last.

Moving the Car
You'll need access to the car keys for this prank. You can move the car just a few parking spaces over so the driver feels just a little out of sorts and forgetful, or you can move it to a completely different level of the parking garage to send the car owner on a scavenger hunt. If you move the car a long distance, make sure you keep an eye on the one being pranked and stop him before he calls the police to report a stolen car.

What is that on the End of Your Tailpipe Trick?
Put a condom on a tail pipe. Push the end of the condom inside the pipe so it goes unnoticed until a large balloon is dragging along the street!

The Accident That Didn't Happen Prank
This one is easy on the budget coming directly from the safe car pranks playbook. Leave a note on your friend’s windshield, "Sorry I smashed into your car. I have gone to the hospital to get my injuries checked out. Call me and we can work out a cash settlement-I don't have any money but maybe I could trade some yard work or something to pay it off. Call me."

Optical Illusion
Pull up next to a car at a stoplight. Slip your car into reverse and start slowly moving backwards. The other driver will start slamming his brakes, under the illusion that it's his car that's gliding forward. This works even better if you have another friend do the same thing along the other side of the mark's car.

The Confetti Prank
Fill the defroster vents of someone's car with confetti. Be very careful not to spill any so they have no idea what is coming. Put the defroster on full so when they get in the car and turn it on the confetti goes everywhere. A good vacuuming will clear it up.

Sugar not in the Gas Tank
Just sprinkle some sugar around the gas tank opening. For added confusion leave a note with somebody else's name. "Ha ha Steve that will teach you to cut me off in traffic!" No damage happens with this prank.

Traveling Cup Prank
If you have some really strong magnets use them for this joke. Drop one in a cup and put it on the roof of your car. Use the other magnet to hold it in place then go for a drive. Watch how crazy other people go trying to let you know there is a cup on the roof of your car. Think of all the other things you could use for this to be equally effective…your briefcase, a laptop computer, etc. How about a baby in a carseat?

Prank Props
Fake scratches, fake bullet holes, fake parking tickets and other prank props make quick and easy jokes. You can enjoy the moment of shock when the car owner first sees the ticket or "damage" while avoiding the mess and clean-up time of other efforts. Look for these accessories at gift shops, party stores and online retailers.

Car for Sale
Make a "Car for Sale" sign and tape it to the window of someone else's car with his or her phone number on the paper. Make sure the car is parked in a highly visible area, and that the driver won't notice the sign long enough for a good deal of people to see it. The price should also be low, so the owner is sure to receive many calls.

Falling Pole Into Parked Car
This could work for the really serious prankster. Get a car that looks ok but is a clunker for real. Have a friend who is in a wheelchair ask for help crossing the road. When the switch is pressed by an innocent bystander, the pole falls into the car. The look on the victim’s face is priceless.

Small Changes
This is another prank requiring the car keys. The idea is to change one small thing in a person's car each day. For instance, reprogram a radio station, change the height of the driver's seat, or clean up a pile of leftover napkins. The longer you can keep this going, the better the overall effect. Just try to keep a straight face when your friend or co-worker complains about all the little things he or she doesn't remember doing to the car.

Bumper Sticker Trick
Place a rainbow sticker on a homophobic's vehicle. The best thing to do here is if target is a bit of a butt head on a particular view of the world; place a bumper sticker that has the opposite message to their beliefs.

Wake Up
When someone falls asleep in your car against the right side of your window, jerk to the left side, then back right (or vice versa, if they are on the left window) as sharp and quickly as possible. Watch their heads whip away from the window, and back into it.

Hide the Car Prank
If you can move somebody's car and put it in a different spot from where they originally left it you can cause a great amount of panic. You may need extra keys or a floor jack to achieve this one. Try a different floor of the parking garage or move it over a few feet. This confuses the owner and makes them think they have lost their mind. Best to use this one on April Fools' so that at least you have a reason for the target to lose their mind. The other option is to do subtle car movements over a period of weeks. If they are anal about parking - move the car so it is poorly parked in the space. Make sure coworkers razz them about their poor parking skills.

Everything Works Prank
Get inside their car and turn all the controls to the on position in the car. The wipers, the radio, the signal, parking brake, adjust the mirrors, move the seat all the way to the front or back, and turn on the vents (Point them all at the drivers seat on high). Not an evil prank but it will certainly wake them up in the morning. For bonus points set all the preset dials on the radio station to their least favorite station.

Crazy Soapsuds Prank
Fill a large bucket with hot water. Empty contents of one entire bottle of dish soap into bucket. Drop in dry ice (you can buy dry ice at your local Dry Gases Store) that has been crushed to small pieces. Great prank for outdoors or a garage.

Car Whistle Prank
Take a long, narrow potato (one that will fit well into an exhaust pipe) and drill a hole in it long ways. Then rig a whistle in one end or find one of those long, thin whistles and stick it in the potato hole. Potato goes in the tailpipe. When the victim gets in the car and starts it up they'll wonder where the hell that noise is coming from!

Or just buy and use the Tailpipe Auto Whistle.

Wiper Fluid Gone Bad
Put food color in the windshield wiper reservoir. Just a few drops will do.

The Fake Company Prank
Make up a sign for a fake company like - Wash your toilets by hand, Inner thigh massages or something to that effect. Put your targets phone number on the sign and then put the sign on the passenger side of the car. If you pick the right opportunity they will never know it is there.

Basketball Shot/Pole Prank
For the serious prankster…..Have a clunker that still looks fairly good parked beside this basketball goal. When the unsuspecting bystander is thrown the ball and takes a shot the pole performs the magic.

Flat Tire Prank
Take some regular balloons and fill them up. Place under the tires so that when the car moves they think they have a major problem. Works best at night. Try to keep them out of site.

Something is Wrong Prank?
Smash a 5-lb block of dry ice to bits. Put it in a bucket of warm water. Place bucket in the back of a pickup truck and watch it start billowing out of the back. Or, use a pan instead of a bucket, and put it under a car.

Tractor Trailer Suprise Prank
For this funny prank you don't need much. When you're driving on the highway and your passenger is out cold sleeping, find a big tow truck towing a tractor trailer and drive up behind it. As you approach the trailer, speed up until you get a few feet from the truck, brake hard, then slowly accelerate (only if NOBODY is behind you) and start yelling and screaming frantically). Your passenger will awaken to see a tractor trailer facing them and they will flip out.

Why is the Car Shaking?
Take a small rock and glue it to the tire with epoxy so it looks like they're about to run over it. Do this when you know the person is not going to use the car for a while, so the glue has time to set. When the person gets up in the morning and drives to work, they won't be able to figure out why their car is so shaky.

What is that Noise?
Put a large zap strap (Like police use for handcuffs) to the drive shaft of a car. This will make a ticking noise proportional to the speed the car is moving.

Vicious Auto Accident Prank
The other day I was talking to my friend, on my cell phone. I noticed a train coming down the nearby railroad tracks, I got a wonderful idea as I was very close to the train track. In the middle of one of my friend’s sentences, the train blew its whistle. I quickly and in a frightened voice said, "oh my god - a train!" Ya see the last he knew, I was in my car driving home but in reality I was simply at a gas station standing near the tracks. I then screamed, "Holy shit!" as the train's second whistle bellowed, which was obviously closer and louder. I closed my cell quickly with a loud clasp to abruptly end the call. He had to think that I was in a terrible train accident! I called him back immediately to show that I wasn't really injured.

Everything Works Prank
Get inside their car and turn all the controls to the on position in the car. The wipers, the radio, the signal, parking brake, adjust the mirrors, move the seat all the way to the front or back, and turn on the vents (Point them all at the drivers seat on high). Not an evil prank but it will certainly wake them up in the morning. For bonus points set all the preset dials on the radio station to their least favorite station.

My Car is on the Lawn Prank
Even if they didn't drive their car make sure you park it on the front lawn and knock over a couple of garbage cans. Just say you heard a big crash when they came in.

Poor Gas Mileage Prank
This is more of a month long prank as opposed to a one day April Fools' prank. A couple of firefighters form Florida told us about this one. Start to siphon a gallon or two of gas out of the target's vehicle every day for a couple of weeks and store it in a safe container. Then after they have lost their mind with the poor gas mileage they are receiving start to put the gas back in the targets car every day for a couple of weeks. This is a fantastic mind bender.

The Odd Car Contents Prank
Leave an inflated blow-up doll in their car or any kind of sexual device left on the dashboard will provide the same effect. Works best in high traffic areas.

Wake up
While going a long car trip and someone falls asleep, make sure to get on a road with no or little cars and come to a screeching halt with everyone else screaming at the top of their lungs. The sleeper will be scared out of their wits.

Messing with Directions
If a friend is writing down directions to get to someone's house, when he is not looking change the directions so he goes somewhere totally different from where he was trying to get in the first place.

Floating Car Trick
Jack up your target's car and then put blocks underneath so that the tires are just barely off the ground. Make sure you are around to watch the event.

Post-Its All Over the Car
You can really be creative with your design. It may take some time but you can totally cover your firned’s car with post-its. They come off quicker than they go on and won’t damage the paint.

Frozen Cotton Balls
When it is below freezing outside, dip cotton balls in water and place them all over the car. Contact will freeze the water making it stick until the temperature climbs above freezing.

What is that Noise?
Put marbles or BB's in the defroster vent to make a funny noise coming from the dash while going around corners.

Smoke Prank
Pour a little vegetable oil on the muffler. You may need to crawl underneath the car and use a rag. Huge amounts of smoke will come off the car and cause a very concerned driver. It will smell like a giant french fry. This one is not for the faint of heart and is a huge minus in the environmental department.

Seats be Gone Trick
Remove all the seats from their vehicle. And hide them. This is best when they have to go to work and have no time to solve the problem. Leave a milk crate where the driver’s seat was.

New Car Prank
Rent a really expensive car for a day. Give it to your friend/love on April Fools' morning. At least they will have one day in a fancy car.

What is that Noise?
Put stones in the hubcaps of a target's car. Kling Klong Klang.

Fill the Car
Fill the interior of the car with something that will pour out when the door is opened or just take up a lot of space making it impossible to get inside the car. A few ideas include:
•Styrofoam packing peanuts
•Shredded or crumpled up paper
•Ping-pong balls

Broke Your Key Prank
At our daycare center, the kids were washing the staffs' cars. One of the other coworkers took another group of kids to the store. While he was gone we moved his car up to wash it and to play our funny prank. I went to our "junk keys" we use for crafts and found a match GM ignition key and snapped it in half with pliers. We took off our co workers key and replaced it with the broken one. Just before quitting time we told him about the accidental mishap of his key breaking in the ignition.

He was in disbelief. But we reassured him we already called the key people and they were on their way. Then the two of us had an argument about who had to stay and wait for the repair man and questioning each other about if the other one had money to pay for it. Then we turned to our coworker and asked if he had any money. He got his money and was counting it saying yes he should have enough.

BEFORE his breaking point and at quitting time, we let him in on the prank. WE GOT HIM!!!!!! Relief and laughter overcame him. Now we watch our backs!!!!!

What is that Noise?
If you are sitting in the back seat just tap something in sync with the speed of the car. Car speeds up - speed up the tapping - if it slows down slow down your tapping. Try to tap quietly so target can barely hear it. When asked say you don't really notice what they are talking about. For bonus points do all four noise pranks at once.

Wrapping someone's car is a classic safe car prank. You can use plastic wrap or toilet paper, and the more complete the covering, the better the effect. Be considerate, and save this prank for the weekend, or another time when unwrapping the car won't make someone late for school or work.

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