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Dave's Favorite Gag Golf Gifts

My entire golf game was most likely considered a gag. I found myself always standing too close to the ball after I hit it. Here are my favorite Gag Golf Gifts. Anybody I ever played with would have a great time with these. Golfers at heart are big pranksters.

Unputtaball Prank Golf Ball

Watch the expression on your golfing buddy's face when he goes to tap the Unputtaball Prank Golf Ball into the hole and it rolls crooked, skids, and gyrates away like it was possessed!

You'll never lose if your competition is forced to use the Unputtaball Gag Golf Ball.

Golf Toilet Paper

Do you eat, sleep, and live golf?

Then why not wipe with this fantastic roll of Golf Toilet Paper?

19th Hole! Hilarious Golf Toilet Paper featuring funny golf quotes and cartoon illustrations.

Place a roll in your own bathroom and you'll have them laughing in the john.

Makes a great golf gag gift! Attractively gift boxed.

Give some Golf Toilet Paper. to your best golfing buddy.

Golf for Dummies

With this great Golf For Dummies kit, you get a booklet covering golf basics, such as which clubs to buy and how to swing them, general course rules, golf etiquette, and where to play.

It also contains two handy reference cards of golf tips you can carry with you, and a nifty seven-in-one golf tool.

Makes a perfect gift for anyone interested in trying golf!

Get a copy of Golf For Dummies for a friend who is a beginner or one that plays like one.

Potty Putter

Golf while you sit on the throne!

The game for the Golf fanatic who just can't get enough play!

Enjoy the fun and excitement of miniature golf with our Tee Time Golf Game set.

Includes: Putting Green Mat, Two Golf Balls, Putter, Cup with Flag and even an "Occupied Sign."

For the friend who loves golf, is a multi-tasker and can't seem to find time to practice his putting, give him the Potty Putter Toilet Golf Game

Prank Foursome Golf Ball Set

Now you can be the ultimate prankster on the golf course with our Awesome Foursome pack of 4 prank golf balls. You'll get the Exploder Golf Ball that explodes on impact, the Phantom Golf Ball that seems to disappear, the Unputtaball Golf Ball that CANNOT be hit, and the JetStreamer Ball that turns into a streamer in the sky when hit!

I've used these and they are a real mood-breaker if you have a serious golfer.

Switch balls without him knowing it and watch the insanity proceed.

You've got to keep in your bag, a Foursome Prank Golf Ball Set

Golf Tee Jokes

Telling the funniest joke is always a big part of the 18 hole journey.

Now you won't be left empty-handed in contributing your share of the funnies.

Have a laugh everytime you tee up!

These Wooden tees come printed with funny golf jokes.

24 tees per package.

Never be without a good joke. They're always on your Golf Tees.

Customize your golf tees.

Golf Overswing Mug

You've got alot of power in that swing!

Now lets see if you actually hit the ball!

Now you can have a twisted mug to go with that convulsion you call a golf swing.

This mug can actually take some of the heat off you to score...if your swing is like mine.

Be the first in your foursome to drink out of this Golf Overswing Mug.

Oh Shit Golf Balls

All of us have yelled "OH SHIT!" on more than one occasion while on the golf course.

I used to play with a fellow from Japan who spoke very limited English.

He later told me that he thought the game we were playing was called "Oh Shit".

Now we introduce a set of three (3) golf balls to celebrate the frustration of this game.

Each pack includes 3 genuine "Oh Shit" golf balls.

Don't just say it, play with the Oh Shit Golf Balls

Golf Ball Life Vest

This cute little mini life vest protects your expensive golf balls from an untimely demise in the water.

Break this one out and give it to your best friend at the hardest water hole on the course.

A great golfers gag gift.

(1 Ball is included)

Be unique by giving your golfing teammate a
Golf Ball Life Vest.

Golfing Funny Money

This currency looks and feels real.

Great conversation tool.

Our funny money and fake million dollar bills look just like real US Currency.

These are very high quality, designed by an incredibly talented artist.

Our fake money make great gifts, additions to greeting cards, or even sales promotions and sales tools.

Catch them off guard when you buy lunch or pay off the hole with
Golfing Funny Money.

Big Daddy Weed Whacking Driver

Next time you shank your ball into the rough, reach for your Big Daddy and calmly walk toward your ball.

While the rest of your foursome is chortling, flip open the secret compartment and whack away any grass in the way of a clean shot out.

Some people might call this cheating (the same people who don't allow mulligans), but we call it smart golf.

Get one for your favorite golfer, and watch his game improve overnight.

Requires 6 AA batteries (included).

Never fear any rough again by having in your bag the
Big Daddy Weed Whacking Driver.

Golf Ball Smasher

Nothing can describe the look that will be on the face of your boss when he finishes the golf game and sees this Deluxe Golf Ball Smasher appearing to be smashed into the windshield of his brand new Hummer!

The realistic shatter marks on the Golf Ball Smasher are attached to a real golf ball and can be adhered to any clean glass surface using natural static cling.

Your boss may THINK his windshield is ruined, but you've got the last laugh!

Use it over and over again!

Nothing will get anybody agitated like your
Deluxe Golf Ball Smasher.

Golf Club Fly Swatter

Kill flies like the pros!

This item is the perfect gift for any avid golfer during the off-season.

It features a textured grip handle and an oversized swatting surface that makes annoying bugs and insects almost impossible to miss.

With a 26" length this fly swatter lets you practice your swing just about anywhere.

If only flies were the size of golf balls you'd never need to go to the driving range.

Groove your swing and become flies greatest enemy with the
Golf Club Fly Swater.

Golf Mouse Pad

Every golfer daydreams at the office.

Why not give him a fun reminder of what could have been, if only he'd called in sick this morning?

This golf green-shaped mouse pad even has bunkers and a yellow flag that moves according to the desk breeze.

Perfect gift for your favorite duffer.

He'll thank you, next time he makes it into the office.

Mouse is not included.

To break 80 at your desk you'll need a
Golf Mouse Pad.

Pop-A-Putt Golf Joke

An awesomely funny golf prank for that guy who really has a great short game.

Putt a ball into the hole and it pops right back out!

Really play with your buddy's mind.

Treat him to the ultimate golf joke.

Have in your bag for your next round, the

Pop-A-Putt Golf Joke.

Golfer's Crotch Hook

Improve your golf game, the easy way.

Learn to keep your head down with the Golfer's Crotch Hook.

Talk about an incentive - don't look up!

Be the Talk of the Club. Show your golfing pals the secret of playing better golf.

It's new, easy to wear for fun-loving golfers everywhere.

Golfer's Crotch Hook

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