Gag Gifts

Dave's Favorite Gag Gifts

I'd like to dedicate this entire section to my Grandfather, Bunky, who had to have been the World's Biggest Prankster. He was always up to something, either telling a great joke, pulling something on somebody or giving away a gag item that was inexpensive.

He lived to be 92. I've heard from many people who worked with him and shared life with him that he had a way of making their day by getting them to laugh at something he would say or do.

Those gags he gave away enabled others to laugh and have a better day. I hope, in my lifetime, that I can get close to achieving his level of popularity with people and his unique style of making everything funny, resulting in helping people feel good about themselves.

I have categorized my favorite gag gifts while putting them under one roof. You can find that special gift needed for a Roast, a Birthday Party, your Golfing Teammate or the special person who thought they had everything.

Go ahead and turn yourself loose. You'll find something you, or a friend must have.

Funny Money

Obama Gag Gifts

Gag Golf Gifts

Fart Gag Gifts

Bathroom Gag Gifts

Office Gag Gifts

Fake Medicine Gag Gifts

Lifesize Cardboard Standups

50th Birthday Gag Gifts

Fake Teeth Gag Gifts

Funny Gag Toilet Paper

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