Funny Videos of Comedians

Have you ever heard someone say about another person, "Yeah, he thinks he's a comedian."

Maybe the person being talked about is really funny, or only funny to himself and a wanna be comedian.

Could be that person is a "Legend in their own mind."

Funny Videos of Comedians gives you a glimpse of many artists in action. Some old, some deceased, some new...but they are all pretty funny.

Some are famous and some will become famous as they pay their dues.

If there's one thing we like to stress around here it's that "You Too Can Be Funny". If you have ever given thought to putting your material down on paper and performing live on a stage, then there's a really good site about becoming a stand-up comedian, that can teach you how. I love watching some of the SNL videos. Don't just take my word for it, see for yourself.

My friend, Glenn, will take good care of you.

Here’s a clip of one of the most talented comedians on the planet.
Frank Caliendo

Rich Little on Letterman

Mitch Hedberg

George Carlin on Farting

Red Skelton

Tim Conway and Wheelchair

Abbot and Costello Do the Math

Dan Aykroyd

Mrs. Hughes

Tommy Cooper

Ron Shock

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