Funny Print Ads

Funny Print Ads will prove once and for all that anything can be sold if the buyer thinks he's getting a good deal.

The key is to advertise it so that the potential buyer cannot resist looking at the item.

The Seller shown in these ads is not restricted to homeowners or businesses as well.

These ads are done very well for what they are.

An aggressive consumer could really apply some pressure to these sellers to deliver as they had advertised. It would be very interesting watching them attempt to do that.

See if you are drawn in to look at some of these items.

Why do you think it's called the SCAM LINE?

We had no idea!

Located off I-40 between Winston-Salem and Greensboro.

Hope you were a good speller in school.

I wuz' lookin' for something other than candy.

What fragrances are available?

That's why I'm getting a tattoo.

I'll get mine here with a discount.

I can still fit this into my coat.

Can I use my frequent flyer miles to get near this town?

Give me the tire, I'll buy my own chain.

Honey, I wanted a plain plunger.

I'll smuggle my own hotdog if you please.

I might upgrade my scout knife to this.

Does our lease allow a Tarantula to live with us?

Could this be our next home business opportunity?

Turns any ordinary chair into a recliner.

Nitrous for the happy couple.

You'll see a sunset every afternoon from this special place.

Another sanctioned event from the Brain Injury Association.

Ask for one in a box (with a steel handle.)

These new stickers are edible.

Great for long distance or drunk driving.

Save time, clean while cooking or pacing around the kitchen.

How often do you get this opportunity to purchase?.

Runs right off your cigarette lighter..

Just don't put food on this.


Do you get to keep the ring for a double flush?

Then pass go and collect your next coupon.

Consider the really serious scented lotion.

Did Susie just change her shirt?

Wow, if it goes off, will it poke me since it is silent?

Got these miniature pooh spreaders for our small garden.

This kid has eaten here before.

The BBQ inspired its medicinal counterpart.

I want my tree up at least by December 26th.

This gal is very flexible.

We bring the fun to you.

Squirrel Ham, oh I see!

European cuisine for big appetites.

A must for all back yards.

B-Y-O-F, All you can eat.

I buy in bulk so put them in the cart.

If Junior is a thin eater, you're ok.

Krispy Kreme, low cal and nutritious.

Be sure to burn these lights in Spanish.

If I focus, I can do this.

What a deal, Sign me up.

Let's pledge more for the tough problems.

A private magazine for men.

New deep tissue massage for the face.

Please pay with money.

Another great deal.

Go mild, since they're old.

How much extra if I wait a month?

Ooh, peanut butter swirl.

I could win lunch for the entire office.

Have we got room to freeze some of these?

Perfect, I can't bend over or look down at my scales.

If it ain't broke, why fix it?

Save your stamp, keep the card.

Bring one sharp knife for free admission.

Our canoes are impossible to tip over or sink.

Some seem to project on their sides.

We work in any kind of food.

Newlyweds must be on the hefty side.

I love coming in for a free coupon.

I used these designer handbags when I had my hip surgery.

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