Funny Newspaper Ads

Funny Newspaper Ads offer an unending supply of laughs. Who knows what the rules are for that day because they are always changing. One thing for certain, is that a copywriter is nowhere around when the writing is being done.

These ads appear all over the newspaper, not just in the Classified Section. A newspaper allows you to sell almost anything and describe it with your personal touch.

Need to buy a dog, rent a canoe, sell your unwanted whatever; use these ads as a way to guide you in the other direction.

So, what is it that creates laughs when these ads are shown. Usually, the typos and the ridiculousness of the ad content does the work.

Very rarely, if ever, would anybody qualify for anything here, or be in the market for the item described. Remember, your explanation with your personal flair will help get chuckles.

What's the big deal on the limit of 6 per customer?

Can children under 1 still get in without their parents?

Wow, my free pass into the Brain Injury Center!

Do it our way, puease.

Must be a full-service station.

Do as we say for best results.

Better eat a light lunch before embarking on this trip.

What is it that places the empasis on quality?

Just 2 days you say, which 2?

Call Jesus for your ticket.

Bill me $6.65 or $6.67

Maybe all I don't want.

Little too ripe.

The ammonia is my favorite.

I'm sure I'll be back.

Class enrollment is up.

Wonderful feline bouquette.

They will nail this cereal killer.

I heard this band was rooty-toot.

And we graduated and need work now!

Best we can offer.

Another Hallmark classic.

Have seen these guys B-4.

Wow, better stock up.

Sponsored by the Lions, provided by Alpo.

Anything between 1/2 and 50% is fine.

Better buy the holiday pack.

You would never know it at the end of this festival.

How do I qualify?

Teaching from experience.

Only available on-line.

I'm contemplating what to bring.

Can Little Johnny give it a try?

Hate to miss this seminar.

Save on supplements.

Maybe he could hold 1 on 1 coaching sessions.

I did not know Obama is Irish.

That extra hour of Day 9 helps me.

Get 'em from us.

Is there a variety to choose from?

We love you too, Debbie.

Hold my biscuits.

Go with the tasty.

Semi-gross helps hide wall imperfections.

A bargain I'd say.

But it looks just like one.

Can repair wallboard holes with this brand.

Better call ahead.

Let's get tougher on terror.

Have you seen this guy?

Can I buy an E please?

New and advanced techniques to be taught.

I want my new Toyota.

Hams for turkeys.

Serve this on the weekend.

I thought Wal-Mart was already casual.

I had better investigate this.

You guys are a cut above.

What a deal!

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