Funny Holiday Songs

Funny Holiday Songs feature songs from several holidays to have a little fun with the holiday's theme.

When you mention holiday songs, Christmas songs naturally come up.

We all need special holiday music because I contend there's something to this saying:

"Did you have a Merry Christmas, or did you spend time with your family?"

Christmas, Independence Day and Thanksgiving round out the samples of good, fun, holiday songs.

Funny New Year’s Resolution
New Years Resolutions! -- powered by

Valentine's Day
Ewe Are So Booty Full! -- powered by

St. Patrick’s Day
It's So Easy Being Green! -- powered by

Jesus' Easter Celebration! -- powered by

Mother’s Day
Bareskin Rug Baby Happy Mother's Day! -- powered by

Independence Day
Yankee Doodle Baby -- powered by

I Saw Mommy Kissing Frankenstein -- powered by

Bird On The Run! -- powered by

Kitty Carol of the Bells! -- powered by

Solo Build It!

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