Funny Food and Drink Ads

Funny Food and Drink Ads go out of their way to make you want to eat or drink this product at this place. It takes a gifted, creative master to mess up these ads so eloquently.

One of my local favorites gave me the idea for this page. They have the best breakfast anywhere around. One morning I noticed a "ass" egg on the menu with a price tag of $.90.

What could be more appealing than crack-free cheesecake, fresh fully-cooked sushi, glaucoma on your nacho platter or chicken and herpes.

My favorite dish continues to be the septic chicken with buttcream icing.


Yummie, Buttcream icing.

You can microwave these bowels.

Another one of my favorites...

Martha found this recipe while in the Big House.

A new holiday tradition.

Another one of Martha's recipes.

Somewhere Else is our favorite spot.

Freshest on earth, huh.

You know that shrimp thing.

I like my sushi well-done.

I'll have the chicken and herpes.

Somewhere between burgers and spam.

Let me have the honky bowl.

The hungary man's dessert.

Add the mushmoms to mine.

Served with glaucoma.

Osaki Grill loves New Dorkers.

Try sprinkling with man nuts.

Try the bat on your next sandwich.

Salmon on my Seizure Salad.

Used for laxatives with the main course.

What can you say, they love spam.

This is one fast buffet.

Who ordered the urinated chicken?

Saturday Night Special.

Beer for the whole family.

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