Funny Commercial Videos

Funny Commercial Videos capture people doing unusual things in stores and businesses marketing their products in creative ways.

These people have no fear and would not flinch at the word embarrassment.

The companies producing these videos should be very proud of their contribution to the world of funny videos.

You probably will never see these on television's AFV but don't overlook their quality as being funny and ridiculous.

You can download YouTube videos, save and convert them to your desired format. This is one-click tool-bar downloading.

Snug Wow

Love My Car

Kiwi Bacon

The Last Cold One

Kitchen Disaster

Aussie Toyota

I played trumpet in a Chicago style horn band in 1973. This clip is the commercial we did at our frat and club gigs. It's been 36 years since we did this commercial live. I can't believe I remembered this after that amount of time.

Armpit Armory

Yellow Snow

Wassup 2008

This is Your Funeral

Bud Light Good Dog

Toby Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental

Jones’ Good Ass Barbeque and Foot Massage

A Message from Toby Jones

Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental 2

Black and White People Furniture

Best Buy Dancer

What Old People Do To Have Fun

Cuban Gynecologist and Car Salesman

7UP Taste Test

Bad Dog

A Well Built Car

Trunk Monkey

Tattoo Remover


Sony Webcam

Romantic BudLight

New Wonder Drug

Must-Have Power Drill

Motorola Pager

The Morning After

Keyboard Rock

Jet Maneuvers

In the Woods

How Men Screw Up Romance

Girl Opens Beer

Four Good Commercials

Bird’s Final Flight


EDS Airplane

Don’t Touch the Car

All New Dodge Durango

DHL from Australia


Cave Man Discovers the Wheel

Careful Talking

Budweiser Alien

A Budweiser Sunburn

Bud Horse Video

Men Know How to Be Romantic

Blonde Arm Wrestler

Babe Opens Beer

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