Funny Clothing Ads

Funny Clothing Ads reveal what's hot and what's not for our upcoming wardrobe changes. Everyone will want some of these in their closet.

Clothing Ads become very funny ads when you guessed it, people are allowed to produce the body copy.

It's not the item itself that's funny, but the way it's described for us.

I don't ever remember wearing anything that was made from insulting fabric.

For the man who has everything, consider giving him some of the nutcracker shorts shown below.

We all like good, free advice. The bra shop with more is offering pointers.

Most of my fabrics insult me saying I'm too big.

Men, be sure to add these to your wardrobe.

I missed this in my history classes.

Better check the calendar before printing the first run.

Not sure our church choir is ready for these.

We all need pointers occasionally.

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