Funny Business Names

Funny Business Names were birthed by some pretty creative people and others we just don't know about. You might enter the store just to see who thought it up.

2 The Point
99 Bottles of Beer On the Wall
A Den of Antiquity
A Pane in the Glass

Amigone Funeral Home

Assman's Barbershop

Bead It
Beauty and the Beach
Beauty and the Bistro
Bigass Beer
Binge and Purr Cat Food
Bloodbath and Beyond Gun Shop
Board to Death
Booked Solid
Boris’ Car Loft
Budget Burials

Burnt Flesh Tanning Salon
Buster Cherry’s Orchard
Buy and Large
Buy the Book
Buy the Pound
Casket Basement
Chain Reaction Bicycles
Citizen Canine
Clear’s Looking At You, Inc.
Crapo Appliance Service
Curl Up and Dye Hair Salon

Den of Antiquities
Derry Air
Dill Doe’s Taxidermy
Dirty Dick’s Crab House
Dirty Dog’s Done Dirt Cheap
Drain Surgeons
Eatie Gourmet’s
El Squid Roe
Eski Moe’s Tavern
Every Day Has Its Daycare, Inc.
Eye Robot
Floppy Disk Software
Forty Winks
Frisky Business
Frodo Joe’s Coffee and Tea
FuKing Restaurant
Garden of Eat’n
Get Plastered
Gone Fission
Hard Wok Cafe
Harry Butz Day Spa
Hash House A Go Go
Hell’s Kitchen CAtering
Hickey’s Pharmacy
Hip Joint
Hog Town Cafe

Hour Place
Hung Phat Restaurant

Island of San Glucose
It Blows
It Sucks
It’s a Crewel World
It’s a Grind Coffee House
Java the Hut
Juan More Taco
King Toot’s Music Store
Know Knew Books
Kum and Go
Leaven and Earth
Linoleum Dicks
Little Goody New Shoes
Little Miss Muffin
Long Won
Mama Zuma’s Revenge
Mangy Moose Saloon
Many Happy Returns, Inc.
Many Happy Returns Tax Preparation

Master Bait and Tackle

Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle
Merry Widow Life Insurance
Mickey Mao’s
Miss Pearl’s Jam House
Nuts Landing
Our Motherboard of Mercy
Peace A Pizza
Phat Fuc Noodle Bar

Pizza My Heart
Pizza Orgasmica and Brewing Company
Pool Sharks
Poo Ping REstaurant

Premarital Sextet
Rising Loafer
Rook Takes Pawnshop
Rug Munchers Carpet Store
Salt and Battery Fish and Chips
Schickhaus Meats
Schmidt-Haus Realty
Sew What
Shuck’s Transmission Service
Snooze at 11
Stinky Stork Diaper Service
Stoner’s Pot Palace
The Anti-Chrysler Building
The Best Little Hairhouse in Town
The Cheap Shot
The China Syndrome
The Chocolate Mess
The Daily Grind
The Dress Barn
The Family Jewels
The French Confection
The Fryin’ Dutchman
The Gassy Knoll
The Hop Yard
The Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe
The Mug Shot
The Sole Provider
The Stalk Market
The Yuppy Puppy
Tokyo Roe’s Sushi Palace
Turn Your Head and Coif
Vicious Cycle
Wash Upon A Star
Wine Not
Wok and Roll
Wok Around the Clock
You Bed Your Life

Your Hole Is Our Goal Driver Drilling Company

Yukinham Palace

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