Funny Business Ads

Funny Business Ads have a distinct way of describing the business, its service or the ownership. It seems that the owner of the company had a good photographer but should have enlisted the services of a good copywriter or proofreader.

How many business owners would be alarmed if they realized that their expensive advertising budgets just created very funny ads?

Don't rule out the sides of vehicles as an excellent source of advertising bloopers.

It's not everyday that A-Whole Chiropractic and Your Hole Is Our Goal Driver Drilling Company shares the advertising spotlight.


Need no tickie here.

Call if you've died recently.

Just get to the point.

Our work is our reputation.

All that's changed is our name.

We drill, not spell.

Prompt, Licensed and Insured.

Allow me to stick it to you.

The Award Winning.....

Our new Vascular Doctors

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