Funny Back In Time Ads

Funny Back In Time Ads take you back all the way to the 1920's. Some ideas were bizarre, yet some we use today.

It's fun to look back and see just how on-the-mark some of the thinking was, back-in-the-day was.

Many of their ideas were totally on target.

We are benefiting today from many of these brainstorms from the 1920's through 1940's.

So many of these ideas turned invention are reality and in our possession today.

I've experienced this back-in-the-day with my kids. I'm 54 years-old and have been asked if I had television as a child.

1922 How to Use Barbells

1922 Get a Man Face

1931 World's Largest Omelette

1931 A Lady Robot

1932 Aging Your Beverages

1932 Air Runs Car

1932 Auto Cable in the Air

1932 Blow Torch from Vacuum

1932 A New Concept for Umbrellas

1932 Fake Revolver

1932 Fire Engine Steam Shooter

1932 Latest in Travel

1932 Pants Matched

1932 Steam-Driven Wheels

1932 Swindlers Turn Scientific

1933 Auto of the Future

1933 Mouse Circus

1933 Squirrel Lamp

1933 Wild Radio Waves

1934 Bathers Coast on Dunes

1934 Giant Tuna

1934 Metal Detector

1934 New Leg Shackles

1934 Multiple Outlets

1935 Spinning Coffee Pot

1936 Dance to Popularity

1937 Einstein Camera

1937 Flashlight Weapon

1938 Rotating Sunbathers

1938 Auto of the Future

1938 Slicer

1939 Dentists Lure Kids with Movies

1939 Guns in Planes

1939 Harnessing the Wind

1939 Homebuilt Boat

1939 Transparent Handbag

1940 Air Cooler

1940 Eaves Dropping Umpire Microphone

1940 Emergency Crib

1940 Insane Patients

1940 New 3-Hole Punch

1940 Tabletop Refinery

1940 Typewriter with Spaces

1941 Phone Silencer

1945 Giant Capacitor

1946 Cap Pistol

1947 Color TV

1947 First Slinky

1947 Funster

1947 Missles

1947 Pay-As-You-Look TV

1948 Japanese Cars

1949 Jet Powered Bike

1949 Mail Order Hair

1950 Cowtail

1950 Electronic Hand Shocker

1950 Inflatable Swimming Trunks

1950 New Presidential Convertible

1950 TV Floor Chair

1951 Popcorn Packaging

1954 Dissatisfaction

1954 2-Headed TV Viewer

1958 What Will Space People Look Like?

1964 Self-Jerking Fishing Rod

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