Funny Sayings

If you weren't raised in the South, these funny sayings might fly over your head.

This page should come in handy if you're going to visit the South or need to converse with someone from the South.

Mash the button is what you do when you get in an elevator. Some people refer to it as pressing the button.

You don't turn the light off, you have to cut the light off.

People in the South don't dilly-dally when choices need to be made. I heard a salesman close his sales presentation with, "This should help you make up your decision!"

I had an old-timer tell me at a ballgame that, "I've knowed your family all my life!"

Funny Sayings

If somebody tells you to "Have a good-un!", you were just given the direction to have a nice day.

"Their ruent" may be heard coming from someone who has just gotten their matches wet.

Someone who can't wait to give you advice on something may say to you, "Here's what you orta do."

As gifts are being opened by the family with all the nieces, nephews, grandparents, sons and daughters, you may hear someone say with excitement, "Look what Mama gimme."

A painting customer of mine told one of my guys one morning that she wanted to teach us a new word...Tuckus...She then put it in a sentence for us to understand its meaning."Move your tuckus." My painter told her that I (being the boss) used that word everyday and he put it in a sentence for her. He said, "My boss says to work more and talk less because it "TOOK US" too long to finish your job."

The list goes on and on. Enjoy these sayings on the next few pages. See if you can get away with using them.

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