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Funny Pranks tell and show you how to pull off some of the funniest pranks on the planet. You can get all the things you need to pull off your pranks at

Pranks are not for everybody. Some folks who are victims of pranks will chase you and seriously hurt you if they can catch you.

Pranksters seem to be poured out of the same mold when it comes to personalities. Retribution is something they have a hard time dealing with.

If you need ideas for some safe and even mean pranks, you need look no further.

You can read how to do them effectively or use the videos as tutorials on the set-up and timing of each prank.

Calling the Zoo
We've all heard of--or tried--some form of this Bart Simpson-esque trick, but we got a chuckle out of this wild animal version nonetheless. To pull it off, simply leave your victim a convincing- sounding message (either on paper or on an answering machine) from a certain "Mr. Lyon," who has called about an urgent matter (a missed lunch date is good for extra laughs) and would like a return call as soon as possible. Mr. Lyon's number? The phone number for your local zoo.
THE REACTION: One victim got this response: "I'm sorry, Mr. Lyon is busy at the moment. Mr. Elephant can talk, though!"

Pranks to Play on Neighbors
1) This works if your neighbor takes his trash out the night before or in the early morning so that he will have a chance to see the change as he leaves for work. Simply move the trash to the opposite of the driveway so that he keeps wondering if he is loosing his mind (I could have sworn I put it over there!)
2) Plant corn in their flowerbed.
3) Spray liquid fertilizer in his yard that spells "shit". The grass will grow a dark green shit for him.
4) Take your left over pancakes and place them in a neat stack in the middle of his driveway.
5) Submit their names on offers for "more information" and list their kid's names like a law firm so that they start receiving mail. Or submit requests and use their baby's name so they wonder why their newborn is getting information on tools, etc. Also submit their name but change it to reflect a different nationality, i.e. Carl Banks becomes Carlos Bandera.

Lock Reversal Prank
Got someone in your house who hogs the bathroom? Change the door handle around so that the lock is on the outside. Next time they go to use the bathroom you can lock them in.

Pooper Scooper Prank

Just for laughs…Blind Man at the Waterpark

Porta John Prank

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