Funny Prank Videos

Funny Prank Videos go the extra mile in demonstrating how to pull off some of these pranks with overwhelming results. Many of these cost very little to do or to buy the props to enable you to produce the prank.

Just a little advice from a prank recipient...put yourself in the shoes of the receiving end of these gags to decide if you really want to continue.

Is a chasing, community service, revenge or a butt-kicking worth it?

These videos point to many varieties of pranks.

You could work many of them into your repertoire.

One of the best places to find props or funny items is located at Prank Place. It's one of the best places on the net for gag and prank stuff when you need it either for your presentations or gifts to those you love.

Cops Parking Cars Prank

Pooper Scooper Prank

Don’t Box Me In

Multiple Pranks

Stop and Go

Blind Man at the Waterpark

Fake Drowning

Shotgun Golf

Porta John Prank

Trouser Rip

Falling Prank

Head in the Toilet Prank

Dollar on the Shoe Prank

The Baby Prank

Police Phone

Wallet Prank

Old Lady and a Knife

Handprint Prank

Lemonade Kids

Just for Laughs Volume 8

The Right Moves

The Best of Just for Laughs Part 2

Hidden Camera Spirit of Death

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