Funny Gag Toilet Paper

Charmin, White Cloud, Cottonelle, Coronet, Soft'N Gentle...Don't even go there.

This page is full of unique toilet paper choices for your bathroom.

If you're a musician, politician, hunter, or just about anybody, these tissue choices are for you.

Make a bold statement to your guests.

Display the paper that compliments you.

Golf Toilet Paper

Do you eat, sleep, and live golf?

Then why not wipe with this fantastic roll of Golf Toilet Paper?

19th Hole! Hilarious Golf Toilet Paper featuring funny golf quotes and cartoon illustrations.

Place a roll in your own bathroom and you'll have them laughing in the john.

Makes a great golf gag gift! Attractively gift boxed.

Give some Golf Toilet Paper. to your best golfing buddy.



Talking Toilet Paper

Having guests over?

Why not leave them a surprising little message…in your bathroom!

This fabulous Talking Toilet Paper replaces your old toilet paper holder and allows you to record your own messages into it that are played when someone pulls on the toilet paper.

Simply turn on the unit and press the record button to record up to 6 seconds of sound - so you can remind your guests to put the seat back down...or even use the spray!

Requires 2 AAA batteries.

Be heard, let your guests hear your wishes when they experience your Talking Toilet Paper.

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1040 IRS Funny Toilet Paper

Does it pain you to fill out a tax form each year?

Does knowing that the IRS takes a large chunk of your salary give you the runs?

This product isn't deductible, but it'll sure make you feel better.

A collage of the 1040 IRS Form is printed throughout the whole roll!

Behind on your taxes...or taxes on your behind.

Make a statement to the IRS about how you really feel about them.

IRS Funny Toilet Paper.


Revenge Toilet Paper

It looks just like real toilet paper!

Just substitute this roll, the "victim" can not tear it, or rip it!

One of the funniest pranks!

They will be screaming from the stall!

Great for offices, colleges, or just when you want to play a prank on a houseguest!

Choose your target and get even with some Revenge Toilet Paper.


For those of you that can’t wait until 2012, here’s a must-have for you.

At least once a day or week, you get the satisfaction of having your say about the way things are going.

If you can’t email your Senator or personally attend a tea party, we’ve got you covered. Take a swipe at today's leadership. Nobody is too busy to use this.

Use Barack Obama Toilet Paper daily and have the satisfaction of pretending you were heard.

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Nancy Pelosi Toilet Paper

Turn House Speaker Nancy Pelosi into a bigger joke than she is already!

She confronted the CIA about torture, and now you can torture her image with golden showers!

Her face is printed throughout the whole roll!

Use this and enjoy now...2012 is coming and this product may become exstink.

She then will be assigned a more appropriate role as Speaker of the Outhouse.

Somehow the phrase "Let's Roll" can be related to
Nancy Pelosi Toilet Paper


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Osama Bin Laden Toilet Paper

While the US Government tries to wipe out terrorism, you can wipe your butt on the most notorious terrorist - Osama Bin Laden!

Drop your own smart, I mean fart bomb on this wanted fugitive.

His face is printed throughout the whole roll.

A dollar from every purchase will be donated to the Wiping Al'Queda Off the Map Fund.

Support Our Troops by purchasing several rolls of

Osama Bin Laden Toilet Paper.

Additional rolls will be sent to you every other month. Return the ones you don't want to keep.

Future rolls will feature other Al'Queda celebrities such as:

  • Bin There Before
  • Bin There, Done That
  • Bin an Jerry's
  • Bin Busy
  • Bin Meaning To

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    George Bush Toilet Paper

    Sure, he is no longer in the office, but he can still be the butt of your jokes.

    And what better way to get President Bush closer to your butt than with this funny George Bush Toilet Paper!

    Each square of TP has George's smiling face on it, complete with an intelligent GW quote underneath, like "They misunderestimated me," or "We need an energy bill that encourages consumption."

    Good ole W.

    Keep a roll of George W. Bush Toilet Paper close by for that special friend.

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