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Funny Cards are welcomed by everyone. I always try to give the funniest card I can find from Birthdays to Get Well. A card not only is a "picker-upper" for the recipient, but says alot about who you are down deep.

I was surprised after reading this in a 2007 New York Times article. Women purchase 80 percent of all paper greeting cards.

While the paper card market is declining, at American Greetings it is still five times as large as the e-card market. Ninety percent of United States households still buy paper greeting cards, and the average household buys 30 a year, according to the Greeting Card Association, a trade group.

Card companies hope to promote the idea that greeting cards can be sent anytime, not just on holidays and special occasions. Given how accustomed people have become to sending funny e-mail messages for no particular reason, they may start to view traditional cards in the same light, the logic goes.

American Greetings found that men still gravitated to the jabs or gag-type humor in cards, but that women wanted funny takes on things like the difficulties of balancing work and family.

The shift toward humor and current events is being mirrored online. On American Greetings’ three main sites —, and, its only free site, — about 27 percent of the e-cards are meant to be funny.

Funny Cards has links to pages that may speed-up your card search. Will you give a paper card, a funny e card, or print one yourself? Will you buy a card or use some free service to produce the card? These pages should help you decide on the next card you'll get your hands on.

Funny e Cards

Free Printable Cards

Funny e Cards

Free Printable Cards

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