Fart Gag Gifts

Dave's Favorite Fart Gags

Farts offer the cheapest form of entertainment on the planet. These Fart Gag Gifts are alot of fun to give as presents and to prank your closest friends.

I remember a good friend of mine used a Remote Control Fart Machine to get people to loosen up and smile for their picture. The only problem was that it was during the shooting of our Church Directory.

Some folks did not think it was funny. At another time or place they would have been bent over laughing.

Here Are Some of My Favorites

Browse through these and do collect some for your very own. Prank your friends with some of these.

Stinkless Farting Underwear

Now anyone can expel butt fumes without causing a big stink!

Farter's Underwear provides reliable protection by muffling embarrasing sounds as well as neutralizing deadly smells.

A uniquely engineered "fart eating" filter has been implanted into Farter's Underwear in the area of the "blow zone," rendering even the reekiest farts harmless, odorless, and soundless!

Even the grossest farters can feel secure and protected with Farter's Underwear!

I can't imagine any household that wouldn't need several pair of
Stinkless Farting Underwear.

Dangerous Gases Warning Cone

If you ate the entire bean burrito you brought for lunch, then perhaps you should set out this "Dangerous Gases" Warning Cone the next time you use the bathroom.

This funny 12" x 6.5" bright orange cone will warn people entering the bathroom that you have uncontrollably stunk it all up, and it won't be free of stink for another 15 minutes.

This cone makes it easy to be both hilarious and courteous at the same time!

Set these warning cones out and keep all your friends.

Remote Control Fart Machine

The Brand New Fart Machine has “BoomBox” Technology, which allows more vibrant, natural sounding Farts!.

Embarrass your boss, friends, and family! Press the remote button and set off one of 15 different fart sounds!

The gag works like this, simply hide the little speaker, then from up to 100 feet away, press the included remote, and the hidden speaker lets out one of 15 disgusting fart sounds.

Place this under your co-workers desk, then when they have someone in their office, press the remote from across the office, and let the laughter begin (at their expense of course!)

The Remote Control Fart Machine will generate tons of laughs.

Farting Santa

Get in the spirit (and smells) of the holiday season with our jolly Pull My Finger® Santa!

The holidays will never be the same.

No one can resist Santa when he sticks out his finger.

7" Seated Plush Character that shakes and makes a farting sound with 7 hilarious random remarks.

The Farting Santa will be a hit if you display him with discretion.

Le Tooter

Don't you wish you could fart on cue?

Well, you could drop millions of dollars on professional fart-laying classes, or you could just get your hands on Le Tooter!

Le Tooter is a nifty device that hides in the palm of your hand and makes big juicy fart noises when you squeeze it!

The best part about Le Tooter is that it's French...and everyone knows French farts are the worst! Les pets semblent bruts!

Le Tooter is invisible and effective if you use it correctly.

Fart Spray

It looks like a can of air freshener…but it is far from it!

It's Fart Spray, and words cannot describe the disgusting and awful smell that is released when you spray this can.

They don't call it Fart Spray for nothing!

You never know where you may be when this product would be perfect for the moment.

Consider getting a can of Fart Spray.

Pull My Finger Farting Pen

This finger shaped farting pen is sure to get a laugh out of even the stuffiest of characters!

This Pull My Finger Pen looks like a finger, and when someone pulls on it, it lets one rip!

Best of all, it is also a real working pen!

Cross your legs but Pull My Finger.

La Queefer

You and your lady friends are enjoying a relaxing Yoga class when all the sudden during Happy Baby Pose, you hear something that sounds like a fart!

Who would fart in a room full of ladies?

Well, that wasn’t a fart you heard – it was a queef, courtesy of your friend’s cute new pink device – La Queefer!

La Queefer is small and pink, so it is girly enough to keep in your purse, and it is named after that unforgettable South Park episode staring the amazing “Queef Sisters.”

The next time you see your friend bending over to pick something up off the floor, just give La Queefer a little squeeze, so everyone in the vicinity will hear a silly queefy noise and instantly assume it came from your poor bent over friend!

And sure, the sounds the come from La Queefer may sound a little like farts, but rest assured, this nifty girly colored device would NEVER let out a nasty fart sound.

We like to call them “vart” sounds instead.

For ladies, give La Queefer.

Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion

This 6" improved whoopee cushion reinflates on its own.

Good for us old people but as a kid we used to get just as much fun out of blowing the thing up.

It's always ready to make it's classic fart noise without the need to blow it up each time!

Be high tech with your whoopee cushions by getting a
Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion.

Fart Alert

Do your farts require an introduction?

Do your friends farts send people running the other way?

Maybe it's time to get the Fart Alert Warning Sign.

This motion activated sign lights up and plays 8 funny phrases that warn others of the noctious area they are approaching.

Be considerate and keep a
Fart Alert Warning Sign near you at all times.

The Big Ripper Giant Whoopee Cushion

The Big Ripper is 12 inches of flatulence fun!

This wide cushion fits perfectly under any derriere.

If you think a normal sized whoopee cushion is funny, you'll love the big blast of sound from this enormous cushion!

The Big Ripper lives up to its reputation.

Brain Fart

Is your train of thought more of a train wreck?

Do you often forget your passwords?

Do you tend to leave the house without your pants?

You’ve got Brain Farts!

Squeeze this hilarious brain and add a farting sound effect to your forgetfulness!

Great for the office or during class.

Use it yourself or as a hilarious gag gift.

No batteries required!

The next time you hear someone mentioning having a
Brain Fart set yours on the table for all to see.

Fart the Game

Farting on command is a rare act to be nurtured.

Belching will not gain you any points in this game.

Your best bet is to try and suppress those urges and force them out the other end.

If not, a whoopee cushion is included for those who just can't generate enough gas for the real thing.

Put Monopoly and Double Trouble away and be bold by playing
Fart, The Game.

Fart Candy

Get even with the culprit who has been swiping candy from your candy dish - fight back with a fart!

The delicious candy shell hides a gassy combination that gives your victim the winds something fierce!

Make your friends and family laugh with this great prank!

Fart Candy

Fart Bomb Bags

Plain and simple, these things are nasty!

Perhaps one of the worst smelling stink gags ever pulled from a deranged mind.

Think of them as stink bombs that have a self-release timer.

You squish a small bubble of liquid inside of the fart bomb bag and it mixes with some mystery chemical that is imported directly from hell itself, or perhaps Barstow, we're not sure, anyway the stuff mixes together and actually pops the bag and out comes this evil smell... sulfur, brimstone, rotten eggs, all of the above.

Pick up a dozen of these bags of evil today and be the life of the party!

Price is for one fart bomb bag, save when you buy 6 or 12!

Fart Bomb Bags

Pocket Fart Buster Key Chain

Watch where you toot - you never know who's packin one of our "Pocket Fart Busters" in their jacket pocket.

With six different phrases, you can bust those phantom farters for every occasion.

Tag those inconsiderate tooters in line at the grocery store, and flag those farters who hide in dark movie theatres.

No more unanswered gas - you're busted!

Batteries Included! Says: AIR HORN Siren - Fart Detected! Fart Detected! Grab your gas masks boys, somebody stinks! Who cut the cheese, man? Dang! Who be fartin' up in here? Are you blowing your butt trumpet again? I think you done it, you done made mud in your drawers!

Pocket Fart Buster Key Chain

Fart Lollipop

Licking this naughty lollipop will cause comic farting.

A great gag!

Like a Timex, takes a lickin' and keeps stinkin'.

Fart Lollipop

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