Euphemisms For Death

Euphemisms For Death are a necessity in everyday life.

It's very difficult announcing that a loved-one has died so we rely on euphemisms to soften the blow a bit.

We may say he "passed away."

See how much softer that sounded and felt.

Here's a handpicked list of euphemisms we use for death.

Take will need some of these at sometime in your adult life.

A Race Well Run

Angels Carried Him/Her Away


Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust


Asleep In Christ

At Room Temperature

Ate It

Baste The Formaldehyde Turkey

Be No More

Be Taken

Became A Root Inspector

Become Living-Challenged

Belly Up

Bereft Of Life

Bills Of Mortality

Bite The Dust

Bless The World With One's Heels


Bought The Farm

Breathe One's Last

Bump Off


Buy A Pine Condo


Called Home

Came To An End

Cash In

Cash In One’s Chips

Cease To Breathe

Ceased To Be

Checked Out

Checking Out The Grass From Underneath




Crossed Over

Crossed The Bar

Crossed The River Styx

Cut Off

Dance The Last Dance

Dead Meat

Deader Than A Doornail


Decided That Hell's Got A Better HR Policy Than The Office.

Definitely Done Dancing




Dirt Nap

Done For

End One's Earthly Career





Fallen Off Their Perch

Feeling No Pain

Final Chapter

Final Curtain Call

Finally Eligible For That Management Position He/She Was Always After.

Finally Got His/Her Tab Called At The Bar Of Life.




Gathered To His People

Gathering The Asphalt

Gave Up The Ghost

Get Your Wings

Getting Bagged

Go Home Feet First

Go Home In A Box

Go Into The Fertilizer Business

Go Off

Go Off The Hooks

Go Out Like The Snuff Of A Candle

Go The Way Of All Earth

Go The Way Of All Flesh

Go To A Necktie Party

Go To A Necktie Social

Go To Abraham's Bosom

Go To Davy Jones's Locker

Go To Meet One's Maker

Go To One's Just Reward

Go To One's Last Account

Go To One's Last Home

Go To One's Long Account

Go To One's Rest

Go To The Happy Hunting Ground

Go To The Last Roundup

Go West

Going To The Big ___(Whatever) In The Sky


Saddam Hussein tagged...soon to be bagged


Gone Into The West

Gone To Meet Their Maker

Gone To Take His/Her Free Kick At Hitler's Backside.

Got A One-Way Ticket

He Examines The Radishes From Below.

He's Juggling Halos Now.

He Just Got Stamped "Return To Sender."

He's Past His Sell-By Date.

Immortally Challenged

In A Better Place

In Repose

In The Grave

In The Horizontal Phone Booth

Is Now A Stiff

It Was Curtains

Joined The Choir Invisible

Joined The Majority

Kicked Off

Kicked The Bucket

Kicked The Oxygen Habit


Left The Building





Meet One's End

Met His/Her Maker


No Longer With Us

No More

Off The Twig


On The Heavenly Shores

On The Unable To Breathe List

One's Hour Is Come

Out Of His/Her Misery

Paid Charon's Fare

Passed Away

Paying A Debt To Nature


Permanently Out Of Print

Picking Turnips With A Step Ladder

Popped Off

Lincoln Lying In State

Popped Their Clogs

Pushing Up The Daisies

Put Down

Put Him In Cement Boots

Reached The Finish Line

Resting In Peace

Return To The Ground

Returned To Dust

Returned To The Source

Riding The Perma-Pine

Rubbed Out

Run Down The Curtain

Shuffled Off The Mortal Coil

Six Feet Under

Sleeping With The Fishes

Slipped Away Quietly


Snuffed Out

Sprouted Wings


Stiff As A Board

Stone Dead


Swan Song

Taken Out Of Production

Taking A Dirt Nap

Taking An All Expenses Paid Trip Aboard Stygian Cruise Lines.

Tending Towards A State Of Chemical Equilibrium.


That Good Night

That Was All She Wrote

The Big Nap

The Lone Couch Of This Everlasting Sleep

Took A Harp

Traded To The Angels

Turn One's Face To The Wall

Turn To Dust

Turn Up One's Toes

Turned Their Toes Up

Turning Up Daisies


Wandering The Elysian Fields

Was A Goner


Wearing A Toe Tag

Winning One For The Reaper

With The Ancestors

With The Angels

Worm Food

Yield One's Breath

Yield Up The Ghost

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