Dictionary Of Today's Words

Dictionary of Today's Words is a Must-Have, Must-Read if you have teenagers or young adults as kids.

This collection was compiled so you could decipher exactly what the younger generations are saying.

Many times I have felt like my kids were speaking a foreign language around me.....I had no idea what they were referring to.

This collection is mild but not totally squeaky clean.

It is very informative and eye opening, but most likely will offend some readers who are clueless that their kids are using these terms.

I hope this extensive collection of words and terms will be a help to you, the parent, in some way.

A.T.F.: Afraid To Fart.

Absolutrific: Response to - How do you feel?

1. To depart in a hurry.
2. To die.
3. To abscond.

Adorkable: When someone is being really cute, but also a total dork.

Agit: A person who is not gay but acts it.

Aglet: The plastic tip at the end of a shoestring.

All: When something is all gone.

All State: A person that thinks he is the best.

Amasslimated: Being entirely intoxicated on a number of illicit substances.

Ameeba: A large frontal lady fart.

And How: I agree.

Anton: When someone's voice breaks.

Aquadextrous: The ability to turn your bathtub taps on and off with your feet.

Arf: Stupid thing to say when you do something stupid.

Arse Trumpet: To fart loudly to the similar sound of a trumpet.

Artard: A retarded way of saying retard.

Ashblah: A word for a crazy blonde girl.

Ashcolay: When you really want something to happen.

Ashy Larry: A person who refuses to lotion after a shower. An ashy, or crusty looking person.

Assgasket: The protective paper that you put on the toilet seat before you sit.

Assmosis: The process by which some people seem to absorb success by sucking up to the boss rather than working for it.

Aunt Flo [came to visit]: It's code for a girls period.
It also makes for a good inside joke.

Automagically: When something happens automatically as if by magic. (for techno-phobes)

Avuncular: To be related to an uncle, or suggestive of an uncle, especially in kindliness or geniality.

B.A.H.: Blonde at heart, ususally refering to a brunette.

B.F.M.: Big fat mess. A good way to call someone without them knowing what you mean.

B.I.V.: Booger In View.

Baby Fat: Somebody who is overweight but won't admit it.

Back Porchin' It: Chill on the back porch.

Backup Friend: If all your good friends aren't there, this is the person you have to settle with.

Badabing-Badabong: If you have done something well shout it out and feel proud.

Badong: Bad and Wrong so very bad and wrong is badong.

Badoosh: Used to annoy people, and to say 'get out of my face'.

Bag Of Doom: A person that is always sad and depressed.
Example- "Cheer up you bag of doom!!"

Bagel: A hot guy.

BAH: Used as an expression when your just too lazy to say anything else. It's a great way to avoid unnecessary conversation.

Bakery Chin: Someone with a lot of chins.

Ball Bag Licker: To suck up to some one.

Ball Juggling: Procrastinating; taking forever to do something.

Balsh: The part in between your chin and neck.

Bangin': When something is cool or awesome.

Barb Wire Boxers: When you underwear is cutting right through you.

Barclay: To blatantly cheat in public.

Bassfart: While sitting down, a fart that causes your seat to shake but makes little or no noise.

Bazookas: Mahoosive Boobs.

Beach-Whale: A fatty who gets on your nerves.

Beast Face: An ugly person.

Bebble: An extremely ugly person.

Beef Patty: Fat Girl.

Beef Soup: Something disgusting.

Beef Tits: Man boobies.

Beermonkey: Funny way of saying alcoholic.

Beersty: Thirsty for beer.

Bell End: Something you call people you don't like, or if they're just annoying you.

Belly Toes: When someone has a big, fat belly that hangs down to their toes.

Bentley: A loser, a person that sucks, an unpopular person.

Bertamous: Ghetto version of beautiful.

Bibble: A random word in order to end an awkward or boring silence.

Big-Bowl-Of-Ugly: Used to say something is ugly i.e. "ew! he's a big bowl of ugly!"

Billy Bargin: Good price.

Bingo Wobblers: The fat on the underside of your arms that wobbles when you wave your hand, hence bingo. Old granny, fat bingo players.

Bint:Someone really annoying. (usually an older person)

Blabber Chabber:Someone who talks about nothing but random jibberish.

Bladdered: Drunk.

Blade: An annoying person.

Blahugenhaffergogne:Crazy; Psychotic; Loony; Needs professional help.

Blamps: This is a wicked combination of bloating and cramps.

Blingtacular: Totally SWEET.

Blip: TV remote. Often lost.

Blondidity: A word that finally combines Blonde and idiot. The core of all those stupid blonde moments people have, even when they're not blonde.

Blunderbuss: A short, wide-barreled musket.

Blunderguff: A fart let off just before a beautiful woman walks into the vicinity.

Blurter Bottom: Someone who does lots of loud and stinky farts.

Bo-Jank: To Steal. "I bo-janked your money."

Boabed: When something unlucky happens to you or you are the butt of a joke then you are boabed. (or the boabee!)

Bodaget: Complete and total moron. (ie "You are such a bodaget")

Bodengi: You idiot.

Bonobo: Dummy, idiot, fool, monkey.

BOOF: A nasty nasty loud Fart.

Boogle: Name given to a group or pack of weasels.

Booked: Intelligent.

Boomshakalaka: A more exciting version of "booya" when something turns out great."

Boonka: It means you're mad ugly.

Booshank: Something good.

Booster Seat: A funny name to call a short person.

Booty Chokers: Pants that are so tight, they choke your booty.

Boozebag: A drinker.

Borborygmus: The sound of a belly that rumbles.

Boshty: Awesome.

Botard: Hobo/retard.

Bouncebackability: The ability to make a major come back.

Bovicide: To kill a cow.

Bridge Critter: Another word to describe a dirty homeless person.

Brouhaha: A hubbub or uproar.

Brown Kiss: When you blow a brown kiss you farted.

Brunkoss: A fat girl with a really tight skirt on.

Brute Force Marketing: Another name for spam.

Bubble: Having a laugh about something unbelievable.

Bubyboofey: Means "Love you lots" - said just before going to sleep.

Budgie Smugglers: Men's underwear briefs.

Bulldog Chewing A Wasp: Someone with an unfortunate face.

Bumbershoot: Toilet.

Bumfuzzle: To confuse or fluster.

Bummie: Your close friend.

Bungafied: A chick wearing granny undies. (not cool ladies)

Bunny Boiler: A girl who is obsessed about a guy to the point of being scary - based on the movie "Fatal Attraction".

Bunny Puff: An adams apple.

Butt-Burp: Another word for farting.

Butt-Suckers: Really tight pants.

Cacahuetes: Peanuts, en espanol.

Cactus: A girl that is so ugly it pricks at your eyeballs when you look at her.

Cahoots: Partnership; comradeship.

Cakeing: To flirt with somebody.

Callipygian: Word meaning "having beautifully proportioned buttocks."

Castaway: Someone who is not paying attention/Someone who is acting really distant lately.

Caterwaul: To cry like a cat in heat. A horrible sound.

Cattywampus: Askew, disarrayed, or disorderly. Turned incorrectly.

Champu: Spanish for Shampoo.

Cheatermentarianism: One who is addicted to cheating.

Cheeew Wooopp: A means of saying hello out your car window to a hot young lady.

Cheek The Seat: Share a chair with someone.

Cheese It: To exit an area post haste.

Cheese Smackme: Old, hard, grilled cheese sandwich.

Cheeser: A guy/girl whose kisses are really nasty tasting... kind of like cheese.

Cheesus: Cheese + Jesus. Useful when religiously-challenged people are listening.

Cheetle: The orange stuff on your hands after you eat cheetos.

Cheezing: When someone smiles at you a lot. "Why you always cheezing?"

Chexican: A Chinese Mexican.

Chicken Head: A girl who's not doing anything with her life or trying to.

Chillax: When you are relaxing or chilling whilst doing something.

Chung: Extremely sexy.

Claptrap: Describes pretentious nonsense designed for the sole purpose of provoking approval.

Clicker: Remote control.

Cling Cling: Ice Cream

Clod Hoppers: Big funky shoes.

Cloud-Sniffer: A person that's really tall. (opposite from ankle biter)

Confumbled - Confused Confunkled: When your pants/boxers gets all messed up inside your trousers.

Corked: Had an ice cream brain freeze.

Cotch Down: Hang out, chill or sleep.

Codswallop: Like hogwash, only more so.

Cowhead: Foolish.

Crackcident: Whoops........one kid too many.

Crambapulous: Outrageous, far fetched.

Craptacular: Really quite bad.

Crash The Ash: To ask someone to pass something to you.

Crisper: Refers to those guys who are obsessed with working out , tan too much, and gel their hair.

Crotch Rocket: Motorbike.

Coccyx: The human tailbone.

Cocksure: Arrogant.

Conniption: A fit of rage, hysteria, or alarm.

Cuirass: Armor covering the torso—and yes, it's pronounced "queer ass".

Curlicue: A fancy twist.

Defenestration: A noun meaning the throwing of a person or thing out a window.

Desert Wellies: Used for flip-flops or opened toed sandals.

Dhia-Rumpus: Severe diarrhea.

Dibber: TV remote.

Dickturd: General insult for someone who has done something stupid.

Diddims: A sarcastic way of saying "I dont care."

Dillhole: Another word for moron/idiot.

Dinkas: Toes.

Dirf: The number between five and six.

Discalceate: This word comes from Latin, but is an English word that means to take off your shoes.

Discombobafryer: A really bad chef.

Discombobulate: To confuse or frustrate.

Disgustipating: Something disgusting and frustrating.

Dits: Male Breasts.

Do-Nut: An Idiot or Fool who does something stupid.

Doesoap: One who is not very bright.

Dog: Doddery Old git. Used to describe that annoying driver in front who insists on going slow.

Doodamakokabear: You're a stooge/idiot.

Doodash: A fat kid or person.

Doodlebutt: Idiot.

Doolaley: Not all there.

Doomaflatchie: Any object, idea, or person whose name you've forgotten.

Doomer: Complete Dumbass.

Doomslice: A terribly embarrassing insult.

Dooshe: A guy who is completely stupid.

Dooz Fest: A person, place or thing that is very odd or crazy.

Doozey: Idiotic, funny, annoying.

Dord: A mix between a dork and a nerd.

Dorkatard: A complete idiot.

Double-Parked: When you have two alcoholic drinks on the table at once you are "double-parked."

Doublets: What my daughter used to call twins.

Dramastically: Drastically Dramatic.

Draw Mud: Wet Fart.

Dumper: Someone that wont stop talking.

Dunzo: Done, finished, totally over with.

Durawear: Worn out.

Durex: Do you reckon?

Eeep: A sound of shock, usually said in a stupidly high voice.

Egbert: Someone that has a real bad smell.

Eminent Ruage: Anything associated with negativity.

Escape: Shut up.

Ethernet: Used to catch the Etherbunny.

F.B.I.: Female Body Inspector.

Fabadabadosy: GREAT.

Fabalabaloscious: Brilliant, amazing and all round cool.

Fabtabulous: As good as it gets. perfection.

Faded: To get a haircut.

Fail Cake: Someone that fails.

Famit: A very cheesey fart.

Fart Pocket: The area in which a fart was released and the stink will therein preside ex. "Jeez I was at Wal-Mart the other day and I walked through a rancid fart pocket."

Faunching At The Bit: Eager to get going, nervous.

Feebert: Funny.

Feeflenokka: Bad breath.

Feek: French Kiss Someone.

Feen: Sexy Looking Dude.

Fent: A moron, idiot, etc.

Fersurely: When you are really sure about something.

Fezaw: A very big butt.

Fillarious: What you say when something is funny and hilarious.

Findlesern: Someone with a triple chin. ie "Dude, check out her findlesern."

Finter: The time between Fall and Winter.

Fittershitters: When something falls apart.

Fizzy Feet: Pins and needles.

Flamdozeld: Really weird like you don't know what it is.

Flabbergasted: As if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise and a fun word to pronounce.

Flatchette: A small fart.

Flausious: To relax and lay about in a barely conscious state. Cats are often flausious.

Flerp: An expression of surprise/disgust/horror.

Fleuter: Something you call somebody when they've done something stupid.

Flibbertigibbet: A silly, flighty, or scatterbrained person.

Flip Mole: A way of saying you are the winner.

Flip-Flop: Laptop Computer.

Flip-Slip: Something you do that you didn't mean to that ends up looking really cool.

Fliptarded: A non-rude way to say retarded.

Flobberknocker: A weird lame person.

Floccinaucinihilipilification: The act of judging something to be worthless.

Flockynockyhilifilification: Moron.

Flubnugget: Fat person.

Fluff: To fart.

Flumbo: Awesome.

Flummox: To confuse or bewilder about something.

Foescraptic: People you hate and love at the same time.

Fogie: Somebody who is very old and gross.

Folderol: Trifle or nonsense.

Food Magnet: Fat person who loves food.

Foofaraw: To make a big deal out of something of little importance. Also means to add flashy or excessive decoration.

Foogle-Doogle: Making a mistake.

Foon: The difference between a fork and a spork.

Footard: Retard.

Fourty-Seven: Another word for a retard. They have 47 chromosomes.

Fowie: Toasted sandwich.

Frantastic: The new and improved word for fantastic.

Freakables: Say it when you're fed up.

Freaktard: Someone Who's a Freak and is a Retard.

Fribble: As a noun, a frivolous person. As a verb, to waste time.

Friderday: When you start partying on Friday and it lasts well into lunchtime on Saturday.

Frin-Fron: A fake person who thinks they know everything and doesn't know crap.

Frompambobulator: A machine that does absolutely nothing of use, but looks very cool.

Froot Loop: A mad person.

Fruit Cake: Nerd; epic failure.

Fularious: Pronounced like fuh-larious which is fun and hilarious mixed together.

Fun-Sized: Some one being short.

Funderwear: A male who has fun underwear.

Gadzooks: An English upper class cry of astonishment.

Gallivant: To travel or roam about for pleasure.

Gazoooba: Said when someone smells.

Ghettofabulous: Gorgeous.

Ghost In The Hand: Broke/poor.

Gibberfied: Being really crap at something.

Giffle: The answer to all hard questions.

Gikabeekabeeka: Flashdrive.

Gink: A big dork.

Glasgow Kiss: A Headbutt.

Glib Doop: A way of describing something that is really really confusing.

Globbery: When your socks are all loose around your feet.

Globe Head: A chick who poofs her hair so HUGE that her head looks like a Globe.

Glover: Used to describe a person who has no friends.

Gnadger Scratcher: A guy who sticks his hands down his pants and re-arranges his gnagers with no shame whatsoever, even in full public view.

Gobbledygook: A 20th century term used to describe nonsensical language like that used by government bureaucrats.

Goddizzam: Goodness me.

Gomp Someone who is/looks very stupid.

Gomper: Ugly.

Gormazing: Bigger than amazing.

Granola Head: Someone with dreadlocks.

Greyhound: Really short skirt.

Grizelfart: Old man fart.

Grotbag: To be on a lower level of hygiene than everyone else.

Gruff: Fart.

Gruntled: To be in a good mood and the opposite of disgruntled.

Gugungous: Said juh-gun-gus. Huge...in the sense of bigger than was expected.

Guntume: A person who trys hard to be cool but isn't.

Guttersnipe: A person of the lowest class.

Gwapa: An awkward social situation.

Habberplabb: Exclamation of frustration.

Haints: Scary homeless person.

Hamokash: Help.

Hams: Man Boobs.

Hangaburger: Another word for hamburger.

Hank Marvin: Said when you are really hungry. (starving)

Happy Vest Straight jacket to a crazy person.

Hard Glass: A promise that will not be broken.

Heebler: A person doing strange things all alone in the dark.

Herb: Someone who is so outrageously out of style with whatever is normal. ex. a room of goths, a hippie. the 'herb' would be the hippie.

Hero Sandwich: A Giant Idiot.

Hicklypups: Hiccups.

Higgledy-Piggledy: Askew, without prior planning.

High Owl-Itution Of The Oztuhpeedious: Upset Stomache

Hippocrocadillopig:The lowest score in the order of rating girls.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: The fear of long words.

Hirsute: To be hairy or fuzzy.

Hizzle Mc Fizzle: Nose.

Hobbledehoy: An awkward, gawky youngster existing somewhere between a man and a boy.

Hog Roast: Fat girls who think they are dead sexy.

Hoikenschlager: Geez! Oh my God!

Hoity-Toity: Word for "snobby."

Hojax: To punk someone, or to punk yourself.

Holacalhatchi: Holy cow.

Home-Skillet: Cool person.

Homeslice: A really lame homie, friend.

Honk: To throw up.

Hooley: A real boring person.

Hoopti: A ghetto or broke-down car.

Hoosegow: Slang for jail.

Hooty Scream: A very funny funny Person.

Hornswaggle: To confuse someone. Bamboozle.

Hosible: Hospital.

Hovis: Someone that is fat and has rolls.

Hoxinated: Hot and you know it.

Hublahjenkins: To shout out when you are extremely happy, random, or pissed off. Is for the main use of happy and randomness. Is the awesomest crazed word around.

Hudubuwah: Pronounced "Huh-duh-buh-wah?" Response when someone says something confusing and strange.

Huggum: Dried up blood in your nose.

Humanoid: Someone who is not existing or answering you. Example: if you text someone and they dont respond like they usualy do, you respond "Humanoid..."

Hutchnelpsnot: A fat chick who wears her clothes way too tight.

Hwunnie: Another word for something going badly e.g "you have had a hwunnie."

Hymnglu: Phone.

Hypocolozerflozer: A person below all other people(hypo) who hangs out with some lozers (colozer) who is a lozer himself. (flozer)

Indubitably:So evident it can't be doubted.

I'm Chokin' On My Gerkin: When something surprises you or when people do scandalous things.

I'm On A Mission: Saying your on a prowl of getting something or a goal done.

I Don't Speak GEEK: Something to say to a geek at your high school.

I Need To See A Man About A Dog: Someone going to see a man about getting alcohol. This was used in the older days.

Idgit: (Pron. Idg, it) Idiot, used for friends.

Idiot Box: Another word for a TV.

Igmotard: Ignorant Moronic Retard.

Ignoranus: Used to properly describe a person who is both an idiot and an as…...

Inkerdink: The ideal pet: a small fuzzy white creature. Also an exclamation: "HOLY INKERDINK!"

Insania: Insane/mania.

Insegrivious: A clever word that fooled many a teacher in research papers. (Means absolutely nothing)

Instant Section 8: Used to describe a person who converses with an annoying person.

Internet: The netting inside your swimming shorts.

Internet Warrior: Someone who plays online games all the time such as COD and WOW.

Intidudiating: Something very interesting. As in "oh, how intidudiating!"

Invisible Tickler When you start laughing, but end up laughing at yourself because you are laughing so much. The inivisble tickler was there.

Involbed: Sleepin / in bed, as in involved in bed....

Irkinflack: That darn snot in your throat you can't seem to hawk up when you're sick.

Irriot: A word used to describe a person who is both annoying and completely stupid.

It: Ugly chick or guy.

It-Ta-Mayka-No-Seeeen-Sa: (to be said Italian-Style) when you just so completely can't comprehend something.

Jabam: It is a word that you can say giving emphasis to something that happens in your favor.

Jabberwockey: A person who says something and tries to be funny, buy sadly makes no sense and is a complete moron.

JACK: To be shouted at people from fast moving cars.

Jack Russell: Used to describe any breed of dog, both canine and exceptionally ugly females.

Jacked: To steal.

Jackie Degs: Legs.

Jafacian: A fake Jamaican, basically someone that thinks they are Jamaican but they're just chatting bum, e/g Hes a Jafaican.

Jaffa: It means something really good (ie 'That's well jaffa') mainly to be used when talking about an attractive person (ie 'he/she's a bit of a jaffa'). Can be used as a term of affection towards friends and basically just means someone tasty.

Jahugeuan: Very very big.

Jaja: Mexican for haha.

Jajaja: Mexican laughter (hahaha) but pronounce the J.

Jalk: Jay-walk.

Jam Rag: Sanitry towel.

Jam Sandwich: A fat red head.

Jamtard: An individual who ruins the fun of others.

Jankrow: A faker, someone who's nothing pretending to be hard.

Janky: When "nasty" or "icky" just doesn't cut it anymore.

Japarang Schpadangdang: A derogatory exclamation, commonly used by rednecks/hillbillies/whatever. My brother and I made it up. Anytime we come by some hick-ish white people, we simply whisper "Japarang Schpadangdang."

Jawjappin: When a person is talking mad crap behind your back.

JD: A dj that doesn't quite give you what you want at an event.

Jebhead: Another word for an annoying person e.g. "What a jebhead."

Jebtastic: When something is well ace.

Jeet: "Did you eat?"

Jeez-Louise: Said in moments of frustration. (as opposed to “Jesus Christ!”)

Jehoysberg: A college.

Jelbend: Fool; Stupid.

Jerboa: A long-legged, nocturnal, desert-dwelling rodent that spends it's day leaping about. Has small forearms and a long tufted tail.

Jergenwipers: A phrase when you want to call someone and idiot but you're too mad at them to think of just the right word.

Jesus Sandals: Flip-flops.

Jeweled: Drunk and high . . .at the same time.

JibbaJabba: As in "shut yow jibbajabba."

Jim Bob: Have a laugh.

Jimmied: When you leave someone by them self. eg "Oh my god that boy over there is jimmied!" or "Yeah the date was no good so I just jimmied her."

Jimmy: To kiss.

Jimmy Riddle: I need a jimmy riddle means i need a wee.

Jimmy-Wally-Plonka: A very idiotic person.

Jinglie: A person from the asian subcontinent, referring to the way they shake their heads as if a small bell was in it, as they speak.

Jismatic: On the same lines as orgasmic.

Jitterbug: When you feel like dancing.

Jock: Like when someone is bugging you, you say "Get off my jock", or "Stop Jocking me Kid."

Joementum: What Joe Lieberman claimed to have picked up before finishing fifth in the New Hampshire 2004 Democratic primary.

Johanna: Do you wanna?

Jokeshop: Someone who is a scruff and deserves to be laughed at.

Jonny No Stars: A McDonalds employee who is rubbish at their job and henceforth have no stars on their badge.

Joo: A person who states the obvious just to say something.

Joshing: Just joking.

Joygasm: Like an orgasm but without the sex.

Ju Baager: Selfish or arrogant.

Jubbly Wubbs: Large breasts.

Judianity: The hip name for Judaism.

Juekie: Anything nasty that could make someone want to throw up.

JuhLopenoes: Cracker version of Jalapenos.

Juice: Beer.

Juice Fags: People who bring juice bags for lunch, then bust them on the ground.

Jujy: A piece of candy.

Jumber Loo: Crazy person.

Jumbily Whoppers: Rather large boobs.

Junk{ The whole package...down there.

Jussis: yuh-sis) South African exclamation like "wow".

K'tanked: Completely wasted.

K.M.A.P.S.I.: Kicks More Ass Per Square Inch.

KABOB: Like shish kebab, but it means that you just ate something that does not agree with your digestive system.....IT BURNSSS!! FEAR THE KABOB.

Kacper: Wierdo/Freak/Spaz E.g "You're such a Kacper."

Kafiltafish: To be cool and/or awesome.

Kafuffin: Talking smack. (he's talkin all a kafuffin)

Kagebers: A funny way of saying haha or lol.

Kakson: Just another word for sh*t or it can be used as a form of abuse.

Kangol Kevin: Those young tracksuit Townie types who insist on proving how hard they are by hangin around the local KFC and staring at everyone and tearing up the boy racer circuit in an Escort RS turbo.

Kappa Slappa: Girls aged (14-40) who wear so much gel in their hair they need an environmental health.

Karacka: Emphasization of the word cracker. Reference to white trash.

Keegdern: The COMPLETE opposite of a geek/nerd.

Keeping The Faith: On a particulary difficult shot in pool, or when someone drops a chip, etc. keeping the faith is said because you should never lose hope in someones ability to recover.

Kelong: Is Singlish for match-fixing in soccer games.

Kerfuffle: When something goes wrong its all a kerfuffle.

Kewub: Gorgeous princess, heaven on earth.

Kibbibble: It means nothing much, but you can say it after ouch ("ouch kibbibble") or just randomly whenever you feel the need.

Kickin': Means cool or wicked ("that was kickin'")
Kickstand - The thingy on the side of the chair to put the foot rest up or down.

Kiddles: That unwanted affection from parents to kids at un-cool times.

Kief: Cool.

Kifflin: Chillin; just hanging out.

Kimfonica: It's the short one worded way of saying "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed" which is evidently worse...
Kimmeh - (pronounced kamm-eh) a foul odious person who although lacking in any social skills still considers themselves popular and sought after.

Kingish: A woman or man that you idolize. They take control with ease.

Kio: Love.

Kirbibble: Nonsense, i.e"I don't need your kirbibble!"

Knicker Toaster: Another way to say Radiator.

Knjich: When you want to say that somebody is a horse-but just joking-say 'knjich'.

Konrad: When someone goes completely over the top and/or gets violent.

KooBa: Big Butt.

Kosh: A weird kid.

Kouta:Cool, awesome, wicked etc.

Krackalakin: (Crack-a-lac-kin) Really awesome.

Kuku: Stupid.

Kush: When you're comfortable beyond comfortable.

Kwonger: One of those Japanese people who is always talking to one of their Japanese friends in Japanese, therefore making it impossible to understand what they are saying OR a Japanese person with such an accent that it may be very hard to distinguish what they are saying.

L.A.T.B.: Look at that butt.

L.M.F.O.: Laugh My Face Off - when something is too funny to laugh your arse off.

Ladle Head: Somebody that has a head the shape of the end of a spoon.

Lala: Whatever, dismissive.

Lamageddon: A riot.

Lardy-Dardy: Characterized by excessive elegance.

Lasterday: Last night/yesterday.

Lates: See ya later.

Laughgasm: The feeling you get when your stomach drops when driving over hills fast.

Lavid: Inability to talk, walk or generally behave in a social manner.

Laxcident: Thats what happens when you wish you 'only' farted.

Leaming: Spacing out in class in a way that only you know your not paying any attention.

Leather And Lace: A great name for your local department store.

Leek: Loser and a geek.

Leet: Said when something is awesome. Synonym: sweet.

Legend:When something i so good, it's legendary.

Leggit: "To leggit" means to run away quickly.

Leiberman Scratcher: Large mean dog - Not pure bred.

Lemme In On The DP: Gimme a Beer.

Lesoff: The opposite of a moron.

Let The Duds Out: To throw-up.

L.G.T.M.: Laughing quietly to myself.

Lid: The hair on ones head - "Nice lid, buddy!"

Lids: Poker Term: Lucky Idiot Donkey Syndrome.

Like A Kenyan After A Zebra: To go extremely fast.

Like Friggin' Heck: More of a saying, but it just has a better ring and reaction to it than the other version.

Lilliputian: Small person.

Limper: Somebody who still uses slang from years past.

Linebacker's Choice: A hard decision.

Link: Someone you dislike.

Lip Service: When someone agrees to do something but does nothing to support it.

Liquid Balls: A person who gets drunk then thinks they are the biggest bad ass and can take on the whole bar. Even though they are the weakest person in there.

Little Man Syndrome: A small man who buys big trucks, motorcycles to make up for his small body. They also wear tank tops that don't fit, and think they're tough.

Lobax: Saggy boobs.

Lobster: Junky vehicle or cycle.

Logan: A ubiquitous word with any and every meaning, when you are at a loss for a word use logan...as in the sentence : Man, today was really Logan ; also an ugly name.

Logorrhea: Means to talk excessively.

Loke: When you really like someone a lot, but don't quite Love them yet.

Lolageism: Laugh out loud hilarious!.. Use it to get funny looks from people who don't understand.

Looded: Too much lip gloss on.

Looie: It's the feeling one has when you need to pee real bad!!

Lot Lizard: A truck stop hooker.

Loud Mouth Soup: Beer.

Lovedigger: A person who is only with another for his/her love.

Lubra Lips: Pronounced "Loobra" - Someone who drinks an unusual amount of liquid.

Luciphistication: Being evil and doing it right.

Lufigrufnis: Stupid, idiot, or retard!!

Lugubrious: It means sad. Some use it for the word smooth.

Luke Mal: Short form of "Luke Warm Mallard Duck" which is an ok looking girl.

Lully: To describe something that is lovely but the lazy and more amusing version.

Lumpies: To carefully watch someone just to scare the crap out of them.

Lunapath: Lunatic and psychopath.

Lunky: Someone who is so fat they just scuff around all the time. They are simply, lunky.

Lush: Something nice or really good.

M.M.M.: Mama Mia Moment! Singing for the sake of singing even when you possess the acknowledgement of tone-deaf-nosity! Very fun.

Macchi: Perverse, sick, wrong.

Macginn: Annoying cling-on. something you can't get rid of, like a bad smell.

Macked-Out: Horribly old-fashioned and uncool, ie huge cell phone from early 90s or enormous 80s American Buick.

Mad As Beef: Absolutely mad.

Mad Dog: That's heaps cool.

Mad Wae It: To be excessively disorientated due to alcohol.

Mafo: An extremely handsome individual.

Magic: Something someone does really good e.g "that's magic, that."

MAGOOOOO: When you're in pain, use instead of 'Aw!'

Mahoosive: Bigger than huge.

Mahoossive: Very big. (massive huge)

Mahusive: Absolutely massive and huge.

Makasalaboff Bag: You stupid uncool person who thinks they can rule everyone.

Malaka: Common greeting, also w#nker in greek, prefix with YASSU and you have a handy everyday abusive greeting for friends and loved ones.

Malteaser: Blonde on the inside, brunette outside.

Mamma Jahamba: "Some twat that thinks they`re a gangsta, often called a "badass mamma jahamba."

Mammy: Big Big girl.

Manarexic: Anorexic Male.

Manbeast: Manly woman.

Mandy: If someone's mother is a Mandy she's pretty but has ugly kids.

Mangeled Badger: Its someone who is really really really drunk.

Mangina: Transvestite.

Mango: Fat ass.

Mangos: Big boobs.

Mannion: An extremely uncoordinated person.

Manpon: When a guy acts worse then a girl.

Mans: People.

Mantasmagorical: That's awesome!

Manvantators: Boobs.

Mao: (Mah - ow) "Food or to eat food.

Marasmus: Mental and physical undernourishment in person.

Marion's Bucket: Having a great time.

Marmaloid: Someone who is all fingers and thumbs and cant do even the most basic of tasks. Good name to call someone who attempts repeatedly to get the key in the lock after a drunken night.

Mary: The attractive girl in a group - the opposite of a "Rhoda."

Mary Jane: Marajuana.

Mash: To go somewhere.

Mashin: Having a good time.

Mashugana: Scream it when you get mad.

Mast: A person who truly dominates all others.

Master Of The Bogus: An individual who's Bogus level exceeds that of 9999, and has mastered the art of Bogus.

Masterblasta: A real chav that is blastin out there rap on an I.C.E system on there vauxhall corsa.

Mastication: The action of chewing which sounds like a very different action.

Math Help: Secret term for making out etc to protect yourself from parents.

May West - Not The Best: "Its not the May West."

Mayhemer: Doer or practicer of mayhem.

Maynard: A nickname to call someone when they act extremely stupid.

Mayor Chunks: A person resembling a wobbly water bed.

Mc Chumber: A weird god which encourages you to say his name in vain. he recognises that it helps vent anger and prevents other less harmless words being used. Noun. as in "Oh Mc Chumber, i forgot to do that!"

McGuinness: Someone who sufffers from an abnormaly large and cube shaped head.

McSpanky: This term is what me and my little sister use when we see a really hott guy. A hott guy who looks spankable.

Mea: Mother, mum, mom (generally refers to your mother)

Mean-Muggin': When someone is staring at you angrily; or too hard. (ie "Why is he over there mean-muggin'?")

Meaner: A mean person.

Meatball: Someone who occasionally speaks with an English accent.

Meatus: A natural body opening or canal.

Mecrob: It's really disgusting Thai food that tastes like mung.

Meep: When you're really annoyed and can't come up with anything else.

Meep: Kind of like a beep, but cuter and for mice.

Meeyer: (me - yer) Like when you fall over, some people make this strange sounding word.

Meff: A person of mental ineptness who is not all that attractive, but somehow manages to convince them selves that they are god's gift and highly amusing.

Mefftard: Retard/spaz.

Meh: If you are losing an argument just say it and you win.

Meh: To be said when you are dissapointed. I.e. If someone asks you to do something you don't want to, you reluctantly stand up and whine "Meh-eh."

Meh: To be used when too lazy to say Bah! Also as in you don't care enough to answer.

Mel: Substitute for cool, great, awesome.

Melanie Blats: Tats.

Melon-Tard: A funny way of saying retard.

Melvin: One of those people who are always around, but you never notice them there. They fade into the background, unseen, unheard, unnoticed. But they're there.

Merk: To beat someone up for no reason.

Merked: When someone is really ugly or when someone has been beat up. e.g "He got merked up."

Merkin: A wig for down below.

Messy: When something bad happens. (e.g dirty)

Miadontas: Way too confusing dude.

Mic: The ability to sing.

Midgetstrikin: Short.

Milkyway Maker: Someone who gives it up the chuff.

Millennium Domes: The contents of a Wonderbra. i.e. extremely impressive when viewed from the outside.

Mindy: If someone's mother is a Mindy she is butt ugly, also see Mandy.

Ming Daddy: A Ming Daddy is a word used to describe the uglyest person you know.

Ming Meister: Very ugly person.

Mingalicious: Something that either looks or smells so mingin' that it's good.

Mingbats: A term of disgust.

Mingmong: Affectionate word used for dippy friends NOT meaning as in the separate form.

Mingmong: A retard.

Mingrat: An ugly person.

Mini Fridge Moment: A triumph.

Mini-Moose Moment: A moment of triumph.

Mint: Something that is really really cool - it's mint.

Mint: Cool or great.

Mistakasaur: Someone who screwed up.

Mistakasaurus: Someone who really screwed up.

Mistakasaurus Rex: Someone who really really screwed up.

Mitch: An overly huge unibrow.

Mitties: Man boobs.

Mlip: To describe anything that you cannot think of a name for. Can also be used as a generally confusing word.

Mod: Term Used in Late 70's instead of the current word.

Moist: Used to describe something sweet or cool.

Mole Head: Someone with a big mole on their face.

Molestacular: It's like a Killtacular.

Mollycoddle: To be overprotective of, or, when used as a noun, an especially pampered man or boy.

Momoberry: Feeling peachy, quirky, stylish and sophisticated.

Monet: To refer to a gilr like monet painting.....looks great froma distance but up close its just a mess.

Mong: Stoner/army slang meaning to just sit and chill.

Mongoose: A person who mongs out with or without weed.

Mongy: Used when describing something uncool. eg "Dude... that is so mongy..."

Monkey Bath: "A bath so hot, that when lowering yourself in, you go "Oo! Oo! Oo! Aa! Aa! Aa!."

Monkey Brow: A person with the forehead of a neanderthal.

Monkeys-Chuff: "As opposed to another 4 letter word. e.g - "I couldn't give a monkeys chuff."

Moo Point: It's unimportant,. It's like a cow's opinion, it just doesn't matter. It's moo.

Mooama: Moose/llama. (my nickname too) pronounced MOO-AMMA (like momma without the m)

Moobs: Man Boobs.

Mooch: To walk anywhere but not know where.

Moof: A dumb fat person.

MOOF: An exclamation of surprise said very loudly in a broad Yorkshire accent.

Moofish: Annoying, refering to a person. ("Man you're a Moofish")

Moogly: Really, really ugly.

Mook: A big dumb guy.

MooMata: It doesn't matter.

Moonpig: A hideously unattractive lady.

MOP: Mortally Obese Person.

Mop Chop: Haircut.

Mop Chop Shop: Hairdressers.

Moradiot: An idiot that does a moral thing.

Morgasmic: Inside word. Incredeible.

Morrocosialatydolychachacha: It means have fun and live large.

Mortification: To offer it up as a mortification' means to give something up painfully and usually means food.

Motard: Some kind of retard.

Motorboatin': When someone does something really fast.

Mouldies: Parents.

Mouldy Hang: Lousy get together/party/event.

Muahahahaha: To be used when you are feeling particularly evil. Similar to Bwahahaha, but more politically correct.

Muffin: A word for the annoyingly confident.

Muffle Schnuffle: Shut up you silly nuf nuf.

Mugumbose: Huge boobs.

Mulan: Farting in the bath and following through.

Mulaw: A ghetto word for money.

Mullet: "As in "YOU MULLET", for a highly offensive insult."

Munchkins: My dad says it when refering to children.

Mung: The foul odor emitted when obose people do not wash the bateria under their flaps of skin.

Munjers: Breasts.

Munted: Something is wrong or stuffed up.

Munter: Adj.- an extremely, offensivly ugly person. A 'Beast', or 'Barge-Pole' of a person you have no wish to look upon any further.

Munter: Very ugly.

Munter Hunter: A man who searches out ugly girls as he will get turned down by anyone else.

Muppetsaurus: The ultimate insult. Worst possible thing to be called. If somebody calls you a muppetsaurus, there is no point in even killing yourself because you will only instigate unbearable scandal about who didn't help send you on your way to your horrific death.

Mustachioed: The state of having a mustache.

Mutley: Someone with an irritating gruff laugh...as in "Calm down Mutley."

Mwah: The sound of a kiss for use in texts/e-mails. You can also say this when cheek to cheek air kissing.

N.E.R.D.: Not Even Remotely Dorky.

Nan: Means nothing, nada. i.e."I have nan money."

Nang: A cry of pain when in a weird position.

Nangs: Neck bangs. (the short baby hairs on the back of your head)

Naples: No, nay or disagree.

Nark: A goody goody, who obeys/follows the rules all the time.

Naughty Bits: Any part of a human, male or female, which cannot be shown on network television.

Naughty Tortoise: Funny way of saying someone is naughty.

Nava: Not A Virgin Anymore.

Ne Naw: Horrible next door neighbor.

Neard: Neck beard.

Neck: When someone says or does something stupid you say "Neck" and hit them on the back of their neck.

Neckbone: Loser, fag, dork.

Neckmeat: When somebody punches you.

NED: (Non Educated Deliquent) Gang of preteens to teens who hang around a street corner, get into trouble from the police and like a drink called buckfast.

Neddy: A headache.

NeNe: Some one a dumb blonde will listen to.

Neob: (“Knob”). To be said in the style of a flying airplane like when you are feeding a baby and you go “nneeeooooww” when putting the spoon in its mouth. Like that but really loud and in unison with all your mates when someone does something embarrassing.

Nerg: An utterance uttered when annoyed.

Nesbit: Light.

Nevved Up: Getting very drunk.


Ney Slapper: It's to be said when someone does something funny! (ex- "You're a ney slapper!")

Nienti: (pronounced knee-en-tay) Nothing. (when you don't want to tell somebody something)

Nifty: Something really sweet or awesome.

Nifty Picnic: Awesome, sweet, cool.

Niggle: According to dictionary.com, it means to criticize, especially constantly or repeatedly.

Nincompoop: A nincompoop is a fool.

Ninja: What you say when someone does something cool. (e.g. "that was soo ninja!!")

Ninja Potion: To cup a fart in your hand and open it in front of someone's face, yelling, "Ninja Potion!"

Nipperkin: An old unit of volume approximately equal to 1/8 of a pint.

Njord: A retarded incident happening... like seeing a naked man spring from bushes in a zoo.

Nobby: When someone says a stupid comment or acts stupid.

Nobo: Made from the word noob, originally created from some players from the game "Arcanist."

Nobyulus: A person who is acomplete nob. Sounds latin.

Nomp: Idiot, in a teasing but friendly way: 'Of course Bored at Uni isn't about how to be bored.

Noo Nog: Ery stupid person, the type who would be best left under a rock trying to beat their way into the evolutionary lane.

Noob: To be new and suck at something.

Nooblet: Same as noob, but with a let on it, and you can cook them up on a frier grille oven microwave etc because they're so bad you just pawn them that much.

Noobzor: Lete for noob.

Noodle: Someone stupid.

Noonan: Typically used as a jeer during games where one wishes the player to choke at whatever they’re attempting; field goal kick, free-throw shot, etc. Derived from Caddyshack.

Nooner: Having sex at lunch time.

Noonthirty: 12:30 pm.

Nor: It can mean either "no" or another word for "lame" etc.

Norm: Someone who fits in way too much, possesses few distinguishing characteristics.

Nosebleed: Geek/uncool person.

Nosegay: A bunch of flowers.

Nosestache: A mustache that grows out of your nose.

Nostalmo: Having a "Nostalgic Moment" a very common occurence in the land of the old zimmerframe-bound human things. Best example - "during the war."

Nostration: When you laugh while drinking something and it comes out your nose.

Nubbinz: To hit someone under the arm pit with a pointed hand.

Nudite: Getting frostbite from being nude.

Nug: Sexy.

Nugget: Can be used instead of cool.

Nuker: A microwave oven.

Numpty: To be a simpleton and/or dopey.

Numpty: If someone is a little dumb, they are a numpty.

Numsac: Completely thick bloke.

Nunga Nunga Holder: Bra.

Nunga-Nunga's: This word is what my mates brother calls girl's breasts.

Nunga-Nungas: Another word for boobs.

Nunya: When someone asks you a nosy question, the answer should be "nunya" no matter what they ask. When they ask "what does nunya mean" tell them "nunya business."

Nunya Beezwax: None of your business.

Nuttenexpress:: In Austria you call that a train.

Nyeap: Kinda like "yup" but way cooler.

Osity: Add this to the end of your adjectives and they sound funny. Example: Evilosity, wisdomosity, funosity.

O-ba-geeze: Another way to say oops.

Oatmeal Cellulite usually on thighs.

Obeliscolychny: A fancy word for a lighthouse.

Off The Bag: Really hot and good looking.

Offic Edepot: Do not confuse this with Office Depot: offic edepot is a harmful drug that adults use when they are working...This drug is the most harmful, even more-so than cocaine or marijuana, or even heroin. FEAR THE OFFIC EDEPOT.

Oh Trotterslumpingtonloops: I'm fed up of it, fed up of it all.

Oh-ba-jeeze: Ooops!

Oh-Em-Gee: Other word for OMG.

Oish: To accept or agree with something.

Old Skool: Old fashioned but we love it.

On The Cob: When something is corny. ie "That was on the cob, dude."

Oober: Outstanding.

Ooberly-Gooberly: Turkey neck; quadriple chin.

Oobiedoing: Thingy, whatsit, or TV remote control.

Oodles: Lots of something.

Oodos: Large breasts.

Oohray: Got to say be said in a really fast aussie accent. They say it in QLD, Australia -Usually means goodbye or hello.

Oojamaflip: A thing, a concept, a watchamicallit.

Ooshie: Pronounced "ew-she," this is something to can say when cold.

Oprett: To hide things, with no purpose or reason.

Oranga-Tramp: Long haired ginger person.

Orange County Boppers: Motorcycle chicks with large jugs.

Orgasmagical: When something is so Orgasmic and so Magical that it is Orgasmagical.

Orgasmatastic: A mixture of orgasmic and fantastic.

Ort: A morsel left after a meal.

Osteopornosis: A degenerate disease.

Ouch: Short word for "that sucks." (not just used when someone hurts themself)

Our’n: Southern for ours.

Over Your Shoulder Boulder Holder: Bra.

Overdose: Too much. eg: "You're an overdose."

Ownerer: A master of all that is ownage. He who is The Ownerer controls all others, thus, all others are Noobs.

'Pack It In Soft, Bag N' All': 'You might as well do it'.

P.A.B. or P'ABE: A person who acts tough but is actually softer than a fabric softener sheet.

P.H.A.T.: (sounds like fat) Means Pretty Hot And Tempting.

P.I.C.N.I.C.: Computer tech talk - "Problem In Chair, Not In Computer."

Paddy Wack: Nerd, Loser.

Paltry: Rubbish, crap, pathetic.

Pancakes: The flappy bits that hang out of fat chicks' clothes when they're too tight.

Pantene Crisis: Unbelievably bad hair. (eg backcombed, hairsprayed hair after 2 nights of clubbing without a wash in between) that would need copious amounts of Pantene to rectify.

Pants: Absolutely rubbish.

Partooschkey: Big butt.

Party-Foul: When you spill your beer, cause drama, act retarded ect. and disrupt the party...... you have committed a PARTY FOUL.

Patowed: To get totally hammered this weekend.

Peach: "An even fairier version of a fruit (see "Fruit"). As in, "Hes so fruity hes a peach!"

Peach: Something that is nice.

PearHead: A name for a person with a pear shaped head.

Pecksniffian: Hypocritical person.

Pedestroid: A pedestrian.

Pee-Wee Herman: Said when you need to go to the toilet.

Peel/Peeled: Someone or something that is stupid.

Perambulator: A British noun for baby carriage.

Peng: It means to be sexy!

Peri Peri: As in "Here boy" but "Here Peri Peri."

Persian Shower: When you can't be arsed to take a wash or don't have the time, so you just cover yourself with deodorant.

Persnickety: To be fussy about small details.

Pete Tong: "When things don't go to plan..."it all went a bit pete tong."

Phantasmagorical: Fantastic/surreal.

Pheasant: A really annoying person that belongs in a birdcage.

Phlanarfulflunk: A skateboarder that is the best in your town.

Phugus: Absolutely anything, usually something unpleasant i.e 'I Got Phugus On My Hands.

Philtrum: The little groove above your lip.

PI-KAAH: A random word you say to break an awkward silence, almost like the sound a crow makes.

Piddley Diddley Department: The bathroom.

Piddly: A worthless individual. [Context: As it's a noun, feel free to use the phrase "She's a piddly". It's also known to be the opposite of Monster.

Pigleting: "To have a really lazy day e.g. "I can't be bothered today...I'm pigleting."

Pikeing: Stealing.

Pikey: Someone who has money but won’t spend it coz they are tight.

Pikey: Townies that form large packs around McDonalds. Attire: Ben Sheman shoes, Kappa & FCUK gear, burberry cap, smoking B&H.

Pikey: Someone who doesn't have any money, steals it from other people and yet still can't work out why he looks like a Pikey wearing his Reebox Classics, Trackie, Baseball cap in the air with optional Trackie hood to cover.

Piltch: Fish. (Calling someone a fish)

Piltchy - Fishes: (Calling more than 1 person a Piltch AKA Fish).

Pimms O'Clock: Time to get wasted.

Pinney: Cheap.

Pino: Love.

Piparoo: Dumbass, socially unacceptable person.

Pipes And Stripes: Male strippers that are either acting as plumbers or convicts.

Pissitivity: Tension in the room.

Pisspoor: Very bad job.

Pisspumpkin: A watermelon.

Pissy Missy: A person who is whining.

Pit Stop: Your regular check of arm pit smell.

Pity Platter: Giving to those who are feeling sorry for themselves.

Plank: Someone that is thick or stupid.

Plasmatic: Completely awesome; like if something or someone is extremely hot.

Plastic: Someone.

Plastic: A stuck up perfect preppy hot girl.

Platypus: Someone who looks like a bunch of different animals put together in human form.

Playstation Claw: This is where you play games for a long period of time and your hand returns to the shape of the controller when relaxed.

Pleb: A posh townie. (chav)

Pleb: A complete idiot.

Pleb: Someone with out a degree.

Plebdazzle: Something that Plebs like, such as football, the lottery, reality television, and drunken fighting.

Pliggle: To describe anything painful that you are about to do, have done or are doing.

Plob: A pleb who denies it.

Plumper: A fat person.

Plumpkin: A really cute chubby girl, not fat, just chubby.

Plumsy: An insult. ie "oh shut up ya plumsy". Also referred to as a girls private part!

Plural: To be said if you can't be bothered stickin the V sign up at someone or if it to someone like a lecturer/parent etc.

Plush: Nice way for a guy to call a girl fat without upseting any nearby females.

Podunk: A small, unimportant, and isolated town.

Pogonotrophy: Fancy word for the cultivation of a beard.

Poindexter: A nerd.

Pointy: Piss Off I'm Not Telling You. ie When you're with your family and someone askes you who you are going out with just say "Pointy!"

Poisondwarf: Someone little who is real annoying.

Poke-E-Man: A homosexual.

Pol: Pal, but better, and you must emphasise the P and rise your tone as you say it or you have said it wrong.

Pompus Ferrell: Somebody that is pompus and a ferrell.

Pontafix: Farting in the shower and following through.

Pony: Utter crap!

Pooched: In other words, ruined, wrecked, broken, or busted.

Poodle-Socket" Car glove department.

Pookie: Peace.

Pookie: Cutie.

Poon: Everyone is wrong. Poon is a noun and it is an insult to a person who is an idiot.

Poonani: A stupid Person.

Poooopeeeeeeeschlong: A bad experience

Poop-Aloop-Aquak-Alaka: "It's gone."

Pooper Scooper Deluxe: A exclamation that either describes pain, frustration, aggravation, or an insult.

Poopish: Boring, not feeling well, not good.

Pootie: Someone who changes their mind constantly, also used as another term for poser.

Pop A Squat: It means you have to pee. (i have to pop a squat)

Pop Out The Machine Gun: When you have 20 small farts in a row.

Pop-Corn Fart: Someone who is an extreme idiot/dork/loser.

Poppin Jay: Technically it's a conceited person, but we just say it whenever.

Poppycock: Foolish talk or nonsense.

Pork With Beans Roll: A fat person who farts a lot.

Porky Cheese: Portugal.

Potato: A person with a weird shaped body.

Pour Me Some Love: Showing love/ Giving love.

Praying To The Porcelain God: To vomit.

Preggo: A guy who thinks he has muscles.

Preggo: A pregnant lady.

Prestigiator: Fancy word for a juggler.

Pretarted: The stage before you’re retarted.

Prettifulous: Being overly pretty, beautiful, and gorgeous.

Pretty Boys: Lads who have nice cars and no that they are good looking. How vain.

Pretty Tatties Mr. Fish: A Cornish expression of delight, meaning something is excellent.

Prettyful: Someone/something who/that is both pretty and boodiful.

Problemette: A minor problem.

Pro-Fos: Hip slang for prophylactics.

Proggy: Old persons way of saying burnout.

Proper Bo: Well Good.

Proper Job: It's a cornish expression which means that everything is going well. eg "How's it going pal?" "Proper job". Must be done in a cornish accent. (no piss takers plz)

Prostatutative: A male prostitute.

Psshhh: Used to end conversation you don't want or to shut someone up. More effective when you used the talk to the hand movement.

Psycopathyvaginism: Use when someone is acting weird as to say.... "You need to go to a psycopathyvaginism doctor."

Pud Douchler: The highest level of gayness and fagishness.

Pudd: Fart.

Puddification: What happens to pudding when you put it in the fridge and it thickens.

Pug Fugly: So ugly it burns.

Pull A Mikey" Tell on someone.

Pull A Ringo: Make a right, the opposite of "Hang A Louie."

Pulling A Papas: When you do something stupid you say "Hey he just pulled a papa's!"

Punch Dat Ho: When you go up for a dunk in basketball, your friend says "Punch that ho". That means dunk it really hard.

Pundril: A person or animal that's really cute.

Punga Punga: Pretty.

Puppenhaus: Pronounced "POOP-en-hows", a very suggestive name for a dollhouse.

Pure: Like the actual meaning of pure, it means when something is REALLY something, but the adjective is implied. (eg: 'austin powers is so pure', meaning austin powers is really 60's)

Purple Headed Woom Broom: Similar to joy stick.

Puttsy: A "proper" name for fart.

Q-Bag: Gay, short for Queerbag.

Quackers: Crazy.

Quacktacular: Something that tastes as good as a duck, but doesn't quite reach the high standards of ducktacular.

Qualm: An unexpected feeling of uneasiness - can be used for girls. (i.e qualms)

Quanf: An expression to use when someone falls down.

Quantum Leap: When a really stupid person states the complete an utter obvious. Usually responded with "Thankyou Captain Obvious" (also seen with a salute attached!)

Quebebert: To think.

Queer Beer: Alco-pops, or anything that's usually drunk by ladies.

Queerd: A combination between queer and weird.

Queerdo: A different way of saying cool and weird.

Quiff: A freakin annoying person who never shuts up.

Quiffle: When a woman's spandex biker shorts are creepin up the front.

Quinkydink: Coincidence.

Quock: An odd looking duck.

R.A.P.: Retard Attempting Poetry.

R.O.B.: Rolls Over Belt - a fat person.

Rack: Colloquial word that means "to steal". eg "he racked the drinks."

Radish: To get into character for role playing.

Ragamuffin: An urchin, somebody who dresses in rags.

Raggo: That's mad.

RALMFAO: A substitute for lol. - "Rolling Around Laughing My F****ing Ass Off"

Rammy: Disgusting.

Ramshank: Wicked.

Random Arm: When you're lying side by side with your girlfriend and one or other of you has an arm that you don't quite know what to do with, or can't find a comfortable place to put it.

Randomer: A weird person.

Randy's: Randoms. Usually refers to late night.

Ranga: Same meaning as ginger, (a red haired person). Comes from "orangutan."

Rank: Something that's really crap.

Rank: Disgusting.

Rap Up: Shut up.

Rapage: When in the process or after beating someone. i.e That was some serious Rapage.

Raspberry Soccerball: A good word to describe someone you love. Can be used in place of honey, cutie, boo, or sweetie. I.e. "There's my raspberry soccerball!"

Rat Bush: A gross looking hair style for girls when their hair is normal looking in the front and all spiked up and messy on the back side. (ex. "Eeww! look that girl has a rat bush.")

Razabattang: Used to say something is cool.

Re-Re: Nice way to tell someone they are acting retarded.

Redonkulous: Something that is unbelievable.

Redonkulous: Silly, ridiculous.

Redumbdancy: Repeating the same dumb thing.

Reef: Used when something bad happens/is said/done. (ie. "aww reef")

Reet: Generally a "Hello" term. Can take more e's till reeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Reintarnation: Coming back to life as a hillbilly.

Relishishly-Flajellium: Being able to write with your left foot while playing a song to an apple with your ears.

Remix: When you are having way too much fun.

Remmer: A remedial, someone who is slow on the uptake.

Renob: Someone being an idiot - especially while driving. (Instead of flipping someone off, you just yell 'RENOB!')

Renob: A retard, reject, or idiot.

Rents" A person's parents - Get it?

Rescue Dummy: Someone who swims out to sea to impress a member of the opposite sex and ends up being rescued by a far more attracetive and intelligent lifeguard.

Retarded Donkey Block: A person who looks like a donkey who ran into a wall.

Reverse Kanga: Sitting on a toilet backwards to leave skid marks.

Revogilate: Reload.

Rhea: Short form of diarrhea.

Rhinoculars: Binoculars with a rhino attached.

Rhoda: The less attractive friend of the girl you are trying to pick up.

Ribbing" Taking turns calling each other names, normally done in sessions, winner moves on.

Rice Burner" A term used by muscle car owners to identify a foreign car from Japan such as a Nissan or Mistubishi.

Ricockules: Worse than ridicules, unbelievable.

Ricockulous: Absurd; preposterous; laughable.

Ridick: Ridiculous.

Riding The Porcelain Express: Hugging the toilet all night because you were puking.

Ridundulous: Stupid, crazy, incredible. (it's a mixture of ridiculous and redundant)

Ring-A-Ding Kid: A guy with all money and no face. Proves the age-old belief that God really IS fair.

Risty: Out of control.

Road Kill: Bloody ugly looking person. Resembles road kill.

Road Rage Dummy: A person who zig zags, passing cars at high rate of speed to next oncoming red light or a person who speeds continuously towards upcoming red lights.

Roar: If someone really is hot and attractive, you can say "He's so roar!" But the pronounciation is more like: Ro-Aaaaar!

Roast Ghost: A fart that is not suitable for vegetarians.

Robin Hood's Bluff: Telling a fib.

Rod: " A random fit bloke - "rod at 11 o clock" or "I pulled a nice bit of rod last nite."

Roller Pig: Someone really fat.

Romantastic: Fantastically romantic, very sweet. (eg "Awwwww!! That movie is so romantastic.")

Room Beats: To be shouted when in a room with mates and there's an unfortunate person that receives beats.

Rope: A long, thick, twisted and hairy type person.

Rotund: A word to be used to politely describe an overweight person.

RT: Short for retard.

Rtard: A self-proclaimed retard.

Rubba Dub Dubber: A gay person.

Ruda-Bega: An awesome friendship! And inside joke!

Rudabaga: A funny sounding word for a vegetable that's yellow.

Ruddy-Nora: Annoyance and bewilderment of the first degree. e.g "Ruddy-Nora tis raining in the wide blue yonder what is our fandabbydosy world."

Rude Boy: People that drive around pumpin out crappy dance music.

Rudepelstiltskin: Very rude indeed.

Ruffle Some Feathers: Get into a fight.

Rufus Rough-Cut: Person with a bad hair cut.

Rug-Back: A ridiculously hairy back.

Rump Ranger: Another word to describe a gay person.

Rumpus: A noisy clamor. It could be a party or a fight!

Run the Rugs: Simply means to vacuum the rugs.

S'cmon: Come on just with an 'S' a cooler way to say it.

S'Coffee: Farmers Union Iced Coffee. (it's an aussie thing)

S'funny: It's funny.

S'later/Slater: "See you later" but in a cool way.

S.L.A.P.P.: Sounds Like A Personal Problem.

S.M.S.: Someone who is short and is fun to make fun of. aka Small Man Syndrome.

S.S.S.: S..t, Shower and Shave.

Sac A La Douche: French for "Douche Bag.

Sac-Up: Variation of man-up or grow a pair.

Salad Dodger: An excellent phrase for an overweight person.

Salata: See you later.

Salmon: Used to descibe a person who is funny, flexible and most probably an alcoholic.

Salty: Stop being salty. (a drag, an a-hole etc.)

Sam's-Tastic: A word meaning something fantastic at Sam's Club stores across the U.S.

Sammied: To be drunk and high at the same time.

Sand Burners: When your boobs have dropped.

Sardoodledom: Another word for "melodrama".

Sass: To know, or to know about. ie; "do you sass that guy?"

Satan's Mouthwash: A drink (from my dad's point of view, Dr. Pepper) that tastes disgusting.

Saucy: A get-together, mainly refering to when guys get together to play video games.

Sawyer: A person who gives random people they don't know well harsh nicknames/a really hot badass redneck (i.e. "Great, the boat sent us another Sawyer!" "Hey, don't be a Sawyer!" "OMG that guy is a total Sawyer!")

SBD: Silent But Deadly. (as in farting without the sound but stinks enough to kill everybody else)

SBD: Silent But Deadly. (when talking about a silent yet very smelly fart)

Scammer: When someone totally screws you over.

Scard: A person that is weird e.g 'mike is scard' this can also be used to describe a situation e.g when you get de ja vu you can say 'thats scard'.

Scared-Of-Skinny: A nice way of calling somebody fat.

Scaterrifered: Scared/terrified.

Scattered: Lost, wasted. drunk.

Schare: Time to go.

Scheister: Someone who is cheap, always trying to get out of paying or using money.

Schieff: A guy who flirts with girls the whole time and gets no where.

Schlief: The verb to schlief. The act of actually schmoking the herb. ie. Let's go schlief man!

Schliefen: The noun, basically our little term for the herb. ie. I just got an eighth of schliefen.

Schmall: Weak or insignificant alone, but strong when there are many.

Schmanzy: Said sarcastically when someone is trying to be really fancy; as in 'ooh schmanzy!'

Schmeksy: More affectionate version of sexy, 'cos you love them/it!

Schmerple: Sound you make when someone pinches your face together. (old people)

Schmirty: (sh m ear tee) A negative term used while describing a person. Slut, Liar, Two faced.

Schmugen: German for cool. "That is so schmugen."

Schnigglepeuf: A really enjoyable fart.

Schnippel: The tag hanging out at the neck of a shirt. (e.g. "your schnippel is hanging out")

Schnook: To cuddle a small animal. ie a mouse

Schoopies: Most expensive brand of anything.

Schwantz: One who doesn't know what they are doing.

Schwicked Bent: The definative form of 'Swicked.'

Scofflaw: One who habitually violates the law.

Scooby/Scoobs: When you do know a guy's name and you wanna thank them you say 'Thanks Scooby' or 'Thanks Scoobs'. Or if you see someone you know but can't remember their name you say 'Hey Scoobs' or 'Hey Scooby.'

Scooped: When you get caught red handed at something.

Scootch: To move a short distance. In a sentence, "The inchworm scootched across the branch."

Scrackin: Greetings, I trust you are well?

Scragged: Screwed, as in: "Oh, we're totally scragged!"

Scram: To scratch another with your nails. (Usually done by girls)

Scramel: Someone that looks and smells worse than a camel.

Scranage: Loads Of Food.

Scranny: Food. Use in phrases such as "Lets Go out and get some Scranny!" "I could do with some Scranny." etc

Screepy: Not quite scary and not quite creepy.

Scrub Needs A Scrub In The Tub: A dirty person needing a shower.

Scrud: The dried out skidmarks of a toilet.

Scrudge: The burnt black that appears after a fire goes out.

Scrumtralescent: Meaning the ultimate good. Nothing is better than something that is scrumtralescent. Will Ferrell used it first on SNL.

Scrundies: Dirty men's underwear.

Scrut: A stinking dirty cheap trashy person.

Scuzzlebutt: A loser who smells bad.

See Ya 'Round Like A Donut: "The same as "See ya later alligator."

See You In The Ketchup Factory, Bubbleface: I'm really not sure what this means, but I think Reuben said it on iCarly as an insult.

Serial: It is a funny way of saying "Serious" as in... "Are You Serial?"

Sexesh: Alternative word for sexy

Sexwee: Having an orgasm.

SFU: Short, Fat, and Ugly. A word we guys use about girls. If they hear you say it, just pretend you were talking about San Francisco University.

Shaboinkin: Sexing.

Shaboosh: Go away.

Shabooski: Means boy friend. Ex. "Back off skank, that's my shabooski!"

Shaft: When someone on Prozac doesn't take their medicine and they're a little cranky. (Said in a high, squeeky voice)

Shagg Dog: Someone who has really shaggy long hair, as in "Eeew look at that Shagg Dog."

Shagnasium: The bedroom.

Shai-Sha: What just happened? [totally blown away]

Shake & Bake: Something to say when you are really happy.

Shamboozled: When you've fallen for a sham.

Shammered: Combine smashed and hammered and you are shammered.

To screw something up.

Shanger: Someone who is shocked and angered is shangered.

Shank: From the Dutch....Gher-Shank, meaning a wank in the shower.

Shank: verb: To cut something; i.e. I shanked your arm with a piece of plastic from those balls out of those 25 cent machines.

Shank: Definition 1: A shank is a knife Definition 2: To shank somebody is to stab.

Shank-Zooom: Very quickly.

Shantz: Those clothes that are not quite shorts and not quite pants.

Sharded: When you put a little in your pants when you farted.

Sharkin`: Moving in for the kill with the ladies. (often accompanied with a raised hand in the form of a dorsal fin and the theme music to Jaws)

Shart: Where one follows through with actual content after farting.

Shart: When you think you're going to fart, but accidently mess in your pants.

Shart: It's when you go to fart, but mess on yourself.

Shatpank: Meaning something is good, great.

Shatpank: It's a word to say when you are pissed off but don't want to swear.

Shave Goats Together: To bond/get to know each other.

Shawodie: To be screamed at top of lungs in a gruffty old mans voice when delighted.

Shayeea: {shuh-YEE-uh} Used to say "yes" while conveying extreme enthusiasm.

Shazam: Magic.

Shed Head: Someone with a really big forehead.

Sheisty: "Something that is kinda shady but you also get screwed over somehow. Ex "That was shiesty when my best friend slept with my guy."

Shhbidah: A nice quick way of getting someone to shut up.

Shi Shi: A polite was of saying pee, like at a party.

Shi Shi Pot: Toilet.

Shibby: "Another term for "Hello". (from "Dude, Wheres my car?")

Shibby: To move hastily.

Shibby: It's like when you say "That Rocks!". Shibby means cool.

Shibby: When something is totally awesome!

Shimmy: 1. To vacate one's environment 2. To bugger off.

Shish Kebab: A really hot woman... don't ask why!

Shitari: A foreign computer company.

Shitetasticularistic: To describe something which is very bad.

Shithoused: VERY drunk.

Shitty Mc. Shiznit: Most Awsome.

Shituation: An event (usually negative) that has the potential to transform your life into utter crap.

Shivers: That's so hot it gives me the shivers.

Shizfarkle: An alternative for Damn or Sh*t.

Shiznakians: A group of cattle chips. i.e. That is the biggest pile of SHIZNAKIANS I have ever seen.

Shiznit: Excellent or high quality.

Shizskull: Dumbass; idiot.

Shizzle My Nizzle: To hate your American friend.

Shizzle-Ma-Nizzle: AMAZING!

ShizzleNizzleMCnagger: You say it when you screwed up really bad.

Shlappy: Stupid.

Shmamcaked: Absolutely wasted.

Shmigadoo: A word used when you feel like not using real words.

Shnarf: Sound made when you want something you can't have, generally referring to a member of the opposite sex. (for example, you're with your girlfriend when a hot chick walks by, you say "shnarf" under your breath)

Shneil: noun: Booze. (e.g. lets go out for a shneil.)

Shoke: Awesome.

Sholla: What's up?

Shonky: "A variation of shoddy, meaning not up to scratch or below par, used when referencing just about anything, i.e. "Don't buy that it's bloody shonky."

Shoof: All of the worst of things put together.

Shoop: Shut up.

Shovel Chin: A person with a really pointy chin.

Show: The person who gets the drunkest and does the most ridiculous stuff is said to be "THE SHOW."

Shower Pill: You offer an imaginary shower pill to those people that dont take a shower after a football practice or something.

Shrewd: Someone who is selfish, rude, and/or weird.

Shrugnuffer: A person with little or no social skills. i.e. "I don't like Ned..he's a bit of a shrugnuffer."

Shubletruphobia: The fear that guys have of shopping.

Shweeeet: Sweet but a cooler way to say it.

Shwiggness: Anything related to being Awesome or Cool.

ShWoteva: Shut up + Whatever/get out of my face.

Sick: Something totally awesome.

Sickter: Like with the richter scale, 1-10 on how cool it was. Used mostly in skateboarding.

Signing The Dotted Line: To be with someone a long time.

Sikies: Just kidding.

Silly Goose: A dumb person.

Simpleton: Someone who states the obvious, and is as dumb as a plank.

Simpsonism: "Believing in "The Simpsons" as your life philosophy."

Singular: To be said when you can't be bothered to stick your middle finger up at someone or if its to a lecturer/parent etc. (see also plural)

Sink Biscuit: Derogatory term with no real meaning, similar to 'AAAAAAAHHHHHH' when shouted in someones face.

Sis: (South African slang) Gross/disgusting eg "Eww SIS."

Siscideez: Kinda crazy...coo coo...loopy...weird.

Siw: To chase a boy/girl.

Skafe: Variation on 'safe' - used instead of 'cool' or 'good'. e.g "That was skafe."

Skank: Minging, horrible, disgusting, grotty, gross, etc...

Skankadoodle: You're scandolous for what you did in a funny way.

Skankin: The dance done whilest listening to ska punk.

Skanking: Minging, horrible, disgusting, grotty, gross, etc...

Skapudgey: Used when you can't remember what the word for something is called. (i.e: "Hey hand me that skapudgey over there!")

Skeetel-Deet: Get moving, ex..."Lets skeetel-deet."

Skeeuuu: To holler at a girl.

Sketchy: When you hear or see something abnormal, weird, unbelieveable or strange.

Skeverised: When a larger lady comes on to you.

Skidalurp: Nothing and everything at the same time.

Skiff: Intellectually challenged.

Skillage: Totally Awesome.

Skittelaritz: Goodbye.

Skittyotto: Lets go/get moving.

Skizzy: School.

Skrilla: Money, Cash, Doe, Beanz, cheddar.

Skullduggery: When someones up to no good or when there's something going on behind your back. e.g. "there's some skullduggery going on and I'm gonna find out what!"

Skullet: This is a man formerly with a mullet but who is aging and losing hair on top. His hair is still long in back but it's mostly just his skull showing on top.

Slached: When a girl slaps you and you get slapped and scratched at the same time.

Slag-Tag: A big love bite.

Slagazine: Magazines which make little or no demand on the readers intellect, eg Hello - People - Heat - Now etc.

Slampt: Lazy, retarded, relaxed.

Slangers: A woman's dirty pillows.

Slap Head: A bald person.

Slip-Flip: Something you do on accident but ends up being really kool.

Someone who thinks they are hard/wannabe rudeboys.

Sloggle: To wipe out while skiing.

Sloth: A really dumb guy.

Sludgey: Entry and copulation with one or multiple areas of the brain, face, throat, or spinal cord, often resulting in brain damage and paralysis, if not death.

Sluffish: When ur tired and feel all snuggish and warm.

Slug: Really ugly slag.

Slurry: It's another form of slut.

Smackweasel: A guy who is bald in all places and looks like a weasel.

Small Bus: Not too smart, just like kids that take the small bus to shcool.

Smart As Nine: Something not quite good enough to be a ten.

Smarticle: Very, very, very smart.

Smeb: A complete idiot.

Smeg: The residue left behind after a wet fart.

Smiggle: Sausage. ie "Oh my, what a large swiggle you've got there!"

Sminged: Very drunk, smashed, hammered, legless.

Smintage: A word for when some in kewwl happens. i.e. 'OMG that new top is sooo smintage'

Smok'in Okin: Really cool.

Snarky: Word found at the intersection of sarcasm and cynicism.

Snazz Attack: Someone who just messed up or did something embarrassing. ie: "that girl had a snazz attack"

Snazz-Tastic: Very snazzy/stylish.

Snirky: Something that's not to great, but not too bad either. Inspired Snirky.com!

Snocka: Someone who wears their hat backwards.

Snoochieboochie: Sweet.

Snookied: To get hit in the head.

Snoozon: Subatomic particle emitted by sleeping cats and children that make YOU sleepy.

Snorf Merchant: Someone who isn't safe.

Snorro: Extremely boring, to the point of slumber. ie."That history lecture was snorro."

Snotchal: Another word for the annoying yet strangley sexy phenomena of camel toe.

Snozbagged: Very very very very very very very drunk.

Snozzcumber: Idiot.

Snozzel: Nose.

Snudge: A funny word for your mate e.g "Alright snudge?"

Snuffle: Fighting or yelling.

Snurdler: Someone who has a hobby of sniffing bike seats.

Sochizzile: To chug a 20oz soda in 20 seconds.

Sodding: Used to describe something, as in "A sodding crazy person!" Or "You're acting sodding insane!". A british word.

Sound: Cool, wicked, rather good.

Soup: A way of describing your hatred for someone e.g u wish to throw soup at someone.

Soupy: Someone with badly dyed blonde hair, black roots and far too much badly done make-up.

Spacktard: An incredibly idiotic retard.

SPAG: Stupid Person Acting Gay.

Spandexularly Awesome: When something is awesome.

Spanfabilous: Spangly and fabulous all at the same time.

Spankster: A spanish gangster.

Spanner: Someone who does extremly thick things e.g "you absolute spanner!"

Spantacular: When your siblings get whacked for something you did.

Spatchulator: A word for any kitchen utensil which you cannot remember the name of.

Spaz: To completely freak out.

Spaz-A-Tron: A wheelchair bound spaz that has one of those voice computers. I.e. Steven Hawking / Androids.

Spazdicated: Something that doesn't work i.e. my computer is spazdicated.

Spazz Attack: To throw a temper tantrum.

Specspitement: A higher form of excitement. usually used when you are so excited you can not pronounce the word "excitement".

Sphincterjiggle: Whenever you fart your butthole jiggles!

Spice Boy/Boys: Those guys that you see at clubs working their moves like they are the greatest thing ever.

Spife: When you use a knife as a spoon.

Spiffy: Very cool; Synonym: Aww...snap...

Spiffylicious: Totally amazing and fricking awesome.

Spinoff: Loser.

Spla: Your foot.

Splagg: Any random liquid which burns peoples' tounges.

Splendiforous: Another word for splendid or great.

Splugh: A mix between gross and exciting.

Spok: A nerd or geek.

Spong: It's a cross between a spastic and a mong.

Spoofer Roony: Awesome, amazing.

Spoonerism: Swapping the first or other sounds of words, e.g. it is kisstomary to cuss ["customary to kiss"] the bride.

Spork: Noun, A masterful yet mutated cross between a spoon and a fork.

Sprog: Word used for a generally small person.

Spting: Noise you make after spitting.

Spudoinkle: What you say when you're in shock. (replaces woah, wow, etc...)

Spuffington: A boy who could swing either way.

Spunker: Good looking lad. (ie "Who's that spunker??")

Spunny: Stupid and funny.

Spy: Used when a girl in your group of friends dates another guy in the group.

Squam: To squeeze and cram.

Squeaky Pickles: Let's take a bath.

Squeebo: To express extreme displeasure or hatred towards someone.

Squeeker: TV remote.

Squidgydump: It's my way of saying I've got the scoots.

Squircle: Half circle, half square.

Squire: When you cry like a girl.

Squishy: It's when you put ketchup packets under the stubs on a toilet seat so when someone sits down, it bursts everywhere.

Squit It: Stop and quit it at the same time.

Srinkfei: Foreign girl with face hair.

Stackable: Very short.

Stankful: Very smelly.

Staring Contest: A make-out session. The history: My buddy was having a staring contest with a girl at college, and to win she just started making out with him. Too bad it didn't work, but it gave us a new term!

Starspanglemangled: A way of saying that you drunk way too much on a night out. ie "I drank so much I was starspanglemangled."

Stella Vision: The result copious amounts of beer has on women. eg. "She looked good thru stella vision."

Stinkpretty: Cheap perfume.

Stippies: The pulp in orange juice.

Ston't: A mixture of stop and don't.

Stool Pigeon: An idiot.

Stopher: Someone with rocks for brains, so called after a bloke I knew called chriSTOPHER.

Stoppa-Flop: Jockstrap.

Stormtroopers Day Off: Relaxing all day.

Stotta: Stands for So Totally Over The Top Awesome!

Straddlage: The act of straddling.

Straight Off The Clamshell: Really, really, really good.

Strapped: An object of the coolest variety. (ie - "Whoa man, that car is strapped")

Strumpet: A loose, skanky person.

Stu-Co: Student Council.

Studet: Stupid idiot.

Stumfy: Stupid, goofy, and dumb all at the same time. Look around! This could describe most of your friends.

Stummy: Stomach/tummy.

Stupo: An extermly dim-witted person.

Stuptard: Stupid retarded AOLer.

Sturry: A pointless run where you don't move any quicker, though try to give the impression that you are.

Stutta Bug: Kid who stutters.

Suck My Handlebars: Something you say to fat chicks in wawa in order to get them to leave you alone. Same as hey fatty leave me alone.

Suck Face: To make out. usually in public. ie "She always sucks face with her boyfriend in the middle of the hall."

Suffuitable: An adjective to something of sufficient quantity and suitable for the task.

SugarPlumPoodle: Some fat posh snob.

Summer Teeth: Describing an ugly set of teeth. Some'er her Some'er there. (Summer Teeth)

Sunny: Hot, cute, sexy.

Superfantasilicious: Sarcactic word for horrible/ugly/drole, or it can be used as a good word such as awesome, great or cool!

Superheroninjapirate: A person who helps and gets along with everyone. (or a pirate, with ninja training and superpowers)

Supertenelaconatocos: That tingly feeling you get when you're scared.

Swag/Swagalicious: A term applied to anything which is deemed to be really really cool/great/awesome.

Swah: Word of war, used while inflecting a blow to scare your opponent in a ninja sort of way.

Swamp Donkey: Ugly fat girl that hangs around bars.

Swamp-Donkey: A deeply unattractive woman.

Sweaty Homunger: Someone who races Hobo's round a dogtrack that they sweat so much that it can be caught in bottles and sold at manufacture companies.

Sweaving: When you are swearving and weaving at the same time.

Sweetassnessocity: Friggen cool and sweet.

Sweird: So Weird.

Swerve It: Avoid doing something.

Swicked: Meaning Good.

Swish: An adjective for describing someone or something that sashays.

Swindel: To steal someones girlfriend/girl that they like.

Swizzle: Cool, great.

Swobble: Use instead of saying "swivle" while holding up your middle finger.

Swoot: Combo of sweet and cool. Cool kids say it.

Sy Thy Lighty: See you later.

Tacular: Put this at the end of all of your adjectives and you'll be cool as toast. Examples: "Cooltacular/Cool-tacular!"

Tastic" Put this at the end of all of your adjectives and you'll be cool as fruit! Examples: "Sweet-tastic!/Sweettastic!"

T.T.T.T.T.T.T.: Trinket Trading Tick Toting Toothless Tired Tramps.

Tabbospeez: Idiot.

Tac: Something that is ultra cool! (Ah thats well tac mate!)

Tactical Nap: When you sleep (pass out). Can be shortened to tactical.

Tae Twa: It means "shut up" in French.

Tallyhoe: A cool name for a keg stand thought up at my redneck family reunion (keg stand: handstand on a keg, while someone holds the tap in your mouth while you drink as much as you can.

Taming A Whale: Hitting on a Fat Girl.

Tangle Eyed: Drunk.

Tangoed: For those girls or feminine lads who go on the sunbeds/wear fake tan until they're glowing orange.

Tard: An extremely dumb person.

Tardcake: Someone who is being EXTREMELY retarded.

Tats: Referring to something really good.

Taxi: Said when someone does or says something stupid - "Taxi for so & so!"

Taxing: To steal or "borrow" i.e. 'You taxed my chair you jerk'.

Ted: Affectionate greeting for friend or acquaintance. (especially if Irish)

Tender: Someone who is soft - scared.

Terrid: Mix of horrid and terrible.

Tessalate: Doesn't sound right does it.

Testi-Cool: A fun way of saying "that's really cool" as in "thats not just cool,that's testi-cooooool."

Testticulate: To stand while waving your arms about and at the same time talking bollocks.

Tetrified: When you are petrified and terrified at the same time!

Tetris: My boss is dyslexic and said I had tetris instead of tourettes lol....I don't actually have tourettes though.

TFTF: Talent For The Future.

Tha Gret Knacker: "You big wally" - to be used in Yorkshire.

That's Beat: A shot in basketball that is put up real weak and you say it when you're about to block it.

That's Musicology: That's some good music!

That's Pro: "Good job" or "Well done."

That's Rock 'N Roll: That's life.

That Really Pimps My Ride: When you are angry, instead of saying "That really ticks me off" say this instead.

The Bibble: It's a bible for all the stupid, retarded and people who are naturally blonde minded.

THE Bollocks: Amazingly brilliant, big emphasis on THE.

The Yoddler: A little person that yodels inside of you and sends a message to the brain that you find funny and begin to laugh for what everyone around thinks is no apparent reason.

Theyr’n: Southern for theirs.

Thighkles: A cross between thighs and ankles...EXTREMELY obese people have this problem.

Thingie-Ma-Bob: When you can't remember the name of something eg. "Wheres the thingie-ma-bob?"

Thingimajigalibob: Is used when you can't come up with the word you're looking for.....i.e. "can you get me the...ah....'thingimajigalibob'"

Thingy-Ma-Bober: Something you forget the name of.

Thirty One: 24 + 7 = 31. Something that's going on all the time.

Thisselstopemfloppin: German word for "bra."

Thoinga: Loser.

Thrahssenburrn: Adj. A good insult i.e. "That insult was a thrahssenburrn!" Pronounced Thra-sh-en-burn.

Throw-Mance: Referring to romance (when someone's so in love its disgusting!)

Thrush, A: Someone who's extremely irritating and won't go away.

Thunderware: Big girl (fat) panties.

Tick: A really good looking person, the same as Buff or Fit.

Tiff: 'Fit' backwards, can be used when one is describing a good looking person but you don't want them to know that.

Tiggo Bitties: Giant boobies.

Tiki-Hut: An all encompassing word that can be used to describe emotions from anger to rejoice. Its all about context baby!

Timmering: To hang on the edge of. (eg her nose was timmering on the edge of her face)

Tips: What you call someone when they say something obvious Ex. "Thanks, Tips..."

Tipsilated: Drunk.

Tish-Wash: A polite why of saying Bollocks.

Titarific: Amazing boobies.

Titteriffic: Someone with nice or big boobies.

Tittle: The dot above the letter i.

Tizzy: Awesome; cool.

To Put A Spoon In Your Mouth: Hearing voices that aren't there.

Toeface: A word used when you can't think of anything else to call someone.

Toffee Teeth: Minging Teeth. Yellow and brown.

Toidi: A nickname for someone who's an idiot. (It's idiot backwards!)

Toilet Ducks: A group of girls that go to the toilet together.

Tomjanovich: To be used when you do not know someone's last name. i.e. "I saw Peter Tomjanovich the other day."

Tookus: Or, if you will, hiney.

Tool: A loser with the classification level of a nerd, but not as smart.

Tool: Someone who does other people's dirty work.

Tootered: When you fart!

Toother(s): Alternative/Code word for cigarette(s).

Tootsie: Foot.

Top Bollocks: A fair pair of womens' breasts.

Top Quality Hattage: An expression of something that is incredibly good.

Tops: Something that is excellent, very good.

Torrididdle: Bewildered, almost mad.

Total Dude: Someone who is cool; A party kinda guy who is fun to hangout with.

Tough As Old Boots: Means some one is really hard, e.g "Bacon ed is as tough as old boots."

Toutan: A lie or a bluff.

Toutanator: Someone that is always telling lies.

Toxic-Zombie-Jam: Cool/Awesome.

Toy's Are Bust: A name for the shop Toys R Us.

Traffication: Really obnoxious rush hour traffic.

Trag: Tragic goth.

Tramp Stamp: A tattoo located on the lower back of a female.

Tranma: A grandmother who is starting to look like your grandfather.

Tranny Fierceness: Instead of saying "cool!" or "awesome!" just say "tranny fierceness!" or just fierceness, or fierce.

Treetrunk: A fat person.

Trench Chumper: A homosexual man.

Tress: To tress is to chill, to be calm, to relax. If dis-tress is suffering, pain, sorrow, anguish, misery then tress is the opposite of this (distress without the 'dis-')

Tricky McTrickerson: One who is sneaky.

Triffy: Terrific + Insane. Insanely terrific.

Trigz: A skinny white boy.

Trikkets: Women's Breast.

Trouser Burp: A cool way of saying fart.

Trublems: Troubles not yet big enough to be problems.

Truffle-Hunter: A perfect description for that girl accross the dance floor eating all of the party food with a face that recently ran into the back end of a bus.

TTUL: Talk to you later.

Tubs: What you call a fat person.

Tude-E-At: A backward attitude aka mentally f****d

Tuff: Cool. As used in the 50's.

Tunage: It's a song that is really quite good. i.e "that is tunage."

Tundra Wookie: A large, hairy and poorly bathed woman from interior Alaska. These creatures have been known to migrate to the lower 48 states.

Turner: An ultimate brown nosing suck up. Easily angered whn accused and fully beleives they don't suck up and that they have a lot of friends, but they don't.

Turophile: Someone who really fancies cheese.

Tuque: A French-Canadian word for a knit hat or beenie.

Twanky: Twenty-two.

Twattock: Stupid Person.

Tweed: Nerd, loser.

Tweener: You are a crackhead.

Twiddle: To fiddle with something.

Twinalaughacow: A cow that has inherited the rare genetic trait of possessing two laughs and the usual moo.

Twink: Hot young gay guy.

Twink: An attractive young or young-looking gay male (usually in his late teens or early twenties) with a slender build, a slight muscular physique, and little or no body hair.

Twinkie: Some one that looks really bored or plain; someone fat.

Twinkle: Another term for crush, Ex. "She has the twinkle for josh."

Twinks: Something cute I call my mate.

Twinni: When someone is lying about their age.

Twitter: To chat.

Twittern: Narrow path between hedges.

Ular: Put this at the end of all of your adjectives and you'll be cool as pie! Examples: "Gayular, Awesomeular, Coolular, Sweetular, or Gay-ular, Awesome-ular."

U.D.I.: Unidentified Disco Injury - Those little bruises you find in the morning after a night out, and have no idea how you got them.

U.E.: Understand English?

Ubar: A word used to emphasise the greatness of something. Can be used in conjunction with 'fully' i.e. Thats fully ubar!

Uber: The highest or most extreme of its kind: ubernerd; to an extreme degree: ubercool; also spelled über.

Uber: Very/big/large eg. uber cool, uber headache, uber scared, uber crap.

Uber Dung: Meaning any thing that is bad.

Ublah: Being in a crappy mood.

Ugly Stick: An object used to hit offendingly minging people.

Ugmo: A really really super duper ugly person.

Uh-Oh Oreo: A white person who wants to be black. (White on the outside black on the inside).

Uhh: (see bwah).

Ukbar: Slut.

Ultra: The ultimate most extreme measure of it's kind :- ultra cool, ultra violent etc.

Umgunkafunk: The skidmarks at the back of a toilet bowl.

Umpa Lumpa: Either a short stocky person or someone who has used too much fake tan. (and looks like the guys in willy wonka's chocolate factory)

Umpalumpa: Chubby short girl or guy who likes to use alot of gel or wax on their hair!

Uncle Pod: A formal greeting.

Unco: To be unco-ordinated.

Undope: Used when describing something that is not cool – “dude, that is uuuuundope.”

Uni-Bit-Ony: A mixed animal of a unicorn rabbit and a pony.

Uni-Lateral: A students favourite position while drunk.

Uphill Gardener: - A man who desires the love of another man.

Ur Catfish: Same thing as "ur mom", just more random.

Urmston: Someone who is more stupid then a blonde.

Uuuuuhhhh Buhhhhhh: It's a sound you make when someone says something really dumb.

Uwaa: When somebody's said something and you didn't hear, you go "Uwaa...?"

Uvula: The dangling piece of flesh in the back of the throat that figures prominently in many cartoon screams.

V-Doi: Fat girl that would look cute if she lost the weight.

Vaccimulgence: The act of milking of cows.

Vampire: Used to describe something totally amazing and vampire-like, as in very fast or strong.

Vangina: A really good van.

Vanilla: Something that's plain. ie "That wallpaper is vanilla."

Vegetable: A weedy-looking-geeky-boy.

Veggiemonger: A vegetarian who tries to inflict their sick, vile ways on you.

Victimonius: Two victims who victimize each other to gain the pity of those around them.

Village: Very childish and immature, i.e. takes jokes too far , twists anything into a sexual joke or even just laughs at anything ildly amusing.

Village: Average.

Vogininth: "A leathal cocktail of vodka, gin and absinth.

Vomitational: Feeling ill/sick to ones stomach--could also be used to express disgust for something.

Vomitrocious: Enough to make you want to vomit.

Von: Put on a German accent an say it before something else like "Von-that was a bad day". Seriously, try it.

VPL: (Visable Pantie Line) Where the underwear (normally only with girls) shows through their skirt/trousers.

Vurp: When you burp and vomit comes up.

"What's Your Bobby?": "Typical greeting, similar to "Hello", but to which there is no answer."

Wa/Waa: Usually something you really like, but can also be used with prefixes to alter meaning.

Waaa: "It's an action, like a one inch punch. You push some using your fist until they lose balance and stumble. While doing this you shout "Waaa."

Waaaaaaaa: Term used when refering to wanking around women. i.e. "you know what mate I need a waaaaaa."

Wabawaba: When someone does something and you don't want them to do it.

Wackdest: The most wacked, crazy.

Wacked With A Wongo: You suprised me, 'You wacked me with a wongo.'

Waft: An elegant silent fart. also known as a sneaky.

Wakadoodle: A crazy human and/or object.

Wake-Me-Up-Sludge: Drug free coffee with about 5 table spoons of horrible instant with 10 tablespoons of sugar or more mixed with enough hot water water (not boiled) and milk in to sludge and sculled (drunk quickly) when you need to wake you for work or uni.

Walkulator: One of those flat escalators you get at airports between gates.

Walla-Walla: The unintelligent sound of a bunch of people talking at once.

Wallet: A girl who over uses a sunbed to the point where she is brown and leathery and reminds everyone of a wallet.

Wally: The guys at work will say this if a hot chick is nearby. One says "Wally", the other says "Where's the beav?"

Walter: Someone who is clinging on you. (e.g. "Stop being Walter")

WAMMO: What you say if someone hurts themself.

Wamps: Sucks.

Wang: To throw or place something with a certain degree of force. - ie "wang it out!" or "wang it over here."

Wank(1)/Wanker: Wank - to engage in hand-to-gland combat. Wanker - a person who wanks frequently,or just someone you cannot stand to be around. Ever.

Wank(2): "Something bad, crappy "that's wank!". Also used as "pile of wank", "pile of old wank", depending on just how bad the situation is."

Wank Stain: Someone who is of very low inportance and/or completely insignificant.

Wankapated: Stuffed up e.g. "That's wankapated."

Wanus: Another (actual) word for the pinky finger.

Waps: Normal sized or slightly bigger breasts.

Warped: Something so bad that even sucks doesn’t describe it.

Wasted: Drunk.

Wazzumed: Either drunk or stoned.

Weapon: A person who is an absolute idiot and thick as a plank.

Wee-D-G-I-E: A fun way of saying wedgie.

Weejees: Little mosquitos found in Ireland.

Weenis: The elbow.

Weenus: The extra skin at the end of your elbow. (real word)

Weepy: Another word for sad; "That's weepy."

Weet: Sweet - s = weet.

Wehyoo: Other word for oh my god.

Welk: Fat sticky pimple.

Welly-Foiner: If you play a trick on someone, and they're so stupid they don't get the fact that you just played a trick on them, they're a welly foiner.

Wendy: A Mole.

Wevorsit: Undo something/reverse it.

Whack: A black person who thinks they are white.

Whack-A-Gnome: To vigorously spank a midget.

Whale: Someone who is 'larger than life.'

Whaler: A girl/guy who goes after heavier people because they think they are easier to hook up with.

Whaloada Tripe: Closely translated as "What a load of crap."

Whammy: What you say when you see something hilarious happen. Good or bad.

What Duck?: Said to indicate someone's total lack of intelligence or alertness. Generally used behind their back. Comes from an inside joke; don't ask.

What The Boofoo?: What the hell?

What The Dump?: Another way of saying what; just with out all the bad words.

What the..: It's something you say when you're confused.

Whatever McDonalds Worker: If you think someone is really stupid and the only place they could get a job would be Macdonalds. (Also if you want you can make a W then a M then another W with your fingers.)

What's Going Down In China Town Cinderella?: What you up to tonight, luv?

Whatsimacalled: What you call something/one if you forget the name.

Whawho: A right idiot.

Wheelie Bint: A girl so ugly she's only taken out once a week. In the dark. By dustmen.

Whelming: Adjective used to describe something neither overwhelming nor underwhelming. In other words, something that's just right.

Whexican: A white Mexican.

Whindians: An Indian who claims he's not one cuz he's white.

Who Shot Jahn: Not looking up to par, looking bad.

WHODAWHATTA?: What are you saying?

Whomp: "It has absolutly no meaning - it can be used for anything, ex. Your a whomper, that whomps, or what the whomper!"

Whomstead: Another name for home. e.g "going whomstead" (going home)

Whoowhop: Stupid.

Whossa: It's a way of saying O.M.G or to just calm down.

Whrun: To talk fast when speaking.

Whytie: A white joke thats funny only to white people.

Wibblewibblebumbum: Inserted between serious words for light-hearted humor, especially useful when being arrested.

Wicky Wicky: Wicked.

Widget: Call someone this when they have a big nose.

Wigger: A white boy that dresses all ghetto and acts like he is from the hood.

Wiggidy Wack: When something goes beyond the threshold of merely wack, it becomes wiggidy wack.

Wigwag: To rock back and forth.

Wigwee: Greetings.

Wikipedia-It: Everyone says to always Google everything, but since I support wikipedia then, wikipedia-it!

Wildebeest: Refers to a morbidly obese girl or a female of exceptional ugliness.

Willy-Nilly: To do an action half-arsed or without any enthusiasm.

Wilma: A really ugly girl is a Wilma, see also Fred and Betty.

Wind Yer Neck In: Wise up.

Window Licker: The kids on the "short bus". "Dude, check out all the window lickers on that bus."

Window Licker: A retard, something you would call your friends.

Winnie: "That girl" True west coast of Ireland slang.

Wishwashca: Relax and don’t care about anything or anything close to that.

Woggler: A mad person who likes to party.

Wogwon: "What's going on?"

Wojamabober: Anthing at all.

Womanzz: Used at the end of a sentence, when you're a gangster! e.g "how r u womanzz??"

Wonderful Personality: Ugly!

Wonky: Weird, strange, crazy.

Wooferd: A retarted kid. (Short buses in my town are made by a company called 'wooferd')

Woot: An exclamation of overjoy.

Worm Burner: Used in the game of football. to shoot at goal where the ball doesn't not leave the ground. See also 'Bob Marley.'

Wrongen: Used to describe someone who's just not right.

WTF: What The Fiddle-sticks?

Wumbuh: Warm butt.

X-Piles: Unwanted visitors from Uranus.

Xzonka: Pronounced zonka- TV remote/zapper/buttons.

Yaaap: It's yup but a better way of saying it.

Yaddadamean: You know what I mean?

Yakass: A person who yak's too much and is an ass.

Yams: A woman's dirty pillows.

Yao Ming: You know what I mean?

Yar: My way of saying yes, or sure, without any meaning.

Yard: Home.

Yarmouth: Yes. To agree.

Yemen: To be in agreement with someone.

Yepperz: Yep, Yeah, or Yes.

Yes Big Boy: Just another way to say yes, But in a Gordon Ramsay style. When Saying it you hit one of your hands with the other one.

Yestergay: A man that used to be gay.

Yhatzee: When something good happens to you, i.e. finding a good parking spot. Also used instead of "SCORE!"

YO Yiddle: It's a person who cuts you off while driving..especially when you have kids in the car.

Yoder-Toder: A bus carrying Amish people.

Yoink: To be said when stealing something of someone.

Yomp: A chillaxed stroll.

York: Female Yak.

You Got Hosed: A term that is similar to "owned", as young people commonly say these days. It is like saying "you got owned". Synonyms include "you got waxed", "you got spayed", or "you got spanked". This term can be used to insult a person....so USE IT!

You Muffin: You loser/You freak.

Your'n: Southern for yours.

Zads: "Suprised. "My Goodness!" or "Whoa!"

Zaftig: Plump women.

Zah: Means you don't understand and you want them to repeat alot slower and in english.

Zang: Just another way of saying "dang."

Zanussi: On zanussi... means spaced out.

Zapper: Remote control.

Zarfin: A quick movement made in confusion, eg "I'm zarfin out, man". Kinda like "I'm trippin out, man."

Zebadee: Dumb ass.

Zinc: A nick name for a best friend.

Zing: Tongue-in-cheek netspeak for when someone says something just a little too clever.

Zinzer Bin: A good thing.

Zipped Up: Means you're a person who obeys the rules constantly, like a browner.

Zipper-Zapper: A remote control.

Zizzified: Extremely cool.

Zoinks: Thats big!

Zong: Awesome.

Zonk: Intoxicated or to be intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.

Zooblah: Having a good (zooblah day).

Zoolander: Ugly person that looks like a zoo animal.

Zoot: A fat spliff.

Zowei: To be said when you get hurt.

Zurble: An action similar to "waddling."

Zygomatic: A bone in your skull.

Zygote: A mini baby.

Zymurgy: The last word in the dictionary, meaning "The chemistry of fermentation processes."

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