Clean Camp Pranks

Let me see if I can get this straight. You're going to camp or sending someone and need some help in being the "Camper from Hell".

Look no further, these clean camp pranks will get you or your favorite camper unparalleled recognition and a lynching all at the same time.

It all depends on who witnessed or was on the receiving end of the funny prank.

This list of camp pranks was compiled by reading many testimonies of very experienced campers who have seen and done just about everything to someone else.....and they're still alive to brag about it.

If you know you'll be involved in a prank or funny gag, Use the Prank Place for all gag paraphernalia imaginable.

Add baby powder to the inside of someone's blow dryer. When they turn it on, they will spray baby powder all over the cabin or bathroom.

Around 3 am, when most campers are fast asleep, move quietly to the bathroom. DO NOT rouse the counselor! Lift the seat of each toilet and dry rim of bowl completely. (this is not glamorous, but necessary) Carefully stretch a piece of saran wrap about 6-8 inches larger than the bowl over the entire opening. Depending on the size and shape of the bowl, you may need to use more than one piece. If so, be very careful to overlap each piece slightly to avoid lines and any openings. Put seat back down and prepare for laughs.

Squeeze a liberal amount of hand lotion of your choice into the palm of your hand. Close in quietly on an unsuspecting victim With a quick swipe, smear hand cream across the head of victim and run. This prank works best when the victim is courting a girl. It is harmless, yet your victim will be forced to take a shower to get his hair to look right. The great thing about this prank is not even the most conscious veteran counselor will suspect foul play if you have a little hand lotion in your suit case.

The first day I was a newbie camp counselor about 28 years ago, I walked down the steps of my cabin and into a bucket of sticky tar. I retrieved my foot, but left my bobbie sock and sneaker behind. At that point, I understood the lay of the land, proceeded to "get revenge," and never looked back. The 30 something year old soccer mom that set the tar trap found her 1976 Ford station wagon sitting on its rims alone. Little did she know that her relatively new tires were being used as rope swings on an oak tree.

Ah yes, the classic panty raid! We boys found a way to sneak into the girl’s dorm and inevitably we would grab either the largest bra we could find or a slinky pair of panties (I don’t think thongs had been invented back then). Well before dawn, those panties were run up the flagpole for all campers to view on their way to the dining hall for breakfast. We actually asked the owner of a pair of pink and purple striped panties to remove them from the flag pole over the intercom one year. I don’t think the victim (who shall remain nameless) ever forgave us.

Okay- here's one for revenge. It would be best to do this somewhere where the person you are pranking cannot get another pair of clothes-like camping for example. What you do is get a container of Bleach and put a bunch of hair in it and leave it there over night. Next morning, drain it and chop the hair real fine... and it becomes itching powder! Put it all over the other person's clothes! .

Wait until your victim is asleep. Then get a bowl full of water and stick their hand in it. In the morning they will have a rude awakening when they find out that last night they wet the bed.

While people are sleeping at summer camp, apply makeup and hair products to them. Make sure the makeup is applied very heavily. This is especially effective on a boy or a camp counselor in your cabin.

If necessary, dry toilet seat completely. Smear a light film of Vaseline over the entire toilet seat. If you are trying to really get someone in particular, Icy Hot will really spice things up, but use with caution! Icy Hot will almost always require a response from the victim and it will not be friendly. The great thing about the icy hot is that the effect is not immediate. And even when the victim tries to wipe off the greasy mess, the ‘warming sensation' will linger.

I've never been to summer camp without expecting a shaving cream fight. Gillette shaving gel is best for this, because the stuff will squirt at least ten feet. There is no foamy shaving cream that will do that. And if you just want to hit an unsuspecting victim with a little foam, this stuff is great. I especially enjoyed hitting a guy in the butt with this stuff when he was trying to impress his girl. The gel doesn't begin to foam until it sits a while or is rubbed.

Get two large hand-full's of sand. Spread sand evenly throughout the inside of the victim's sleeping bag. Carefully re-zip bag and smooth to eliminate suspicion of tampering. I tried in vain to get all of the sand out of that sleeping bag. I finally had to throw it out.

If you freeze shaving cream, you can pry off the top and slide the frozen cream out of the can. Stick it in someone's bed or suitcase, let it defrost and allow to expand and seep into every crevice.

As a counselor with a degree of seniority, I have keys to everything and know the camp well. One of the first pranks I play on new counselors is enter their cabins and cut the ends out of their socks. At camp, we never wear socks with our sneakers because of various water activities. Ah the look on a new counselor's face when her socks pull up to her knee caps.

Once when I was at summer camp, me and my cabin buddies decided to get even with the other girls' cabin that was our same age. They'd been pranking us all week and we'd had enough. Late that night we went into their cabin and took all their suitcases. We boosted each other up to the roof of the cabin by standing on our tallest girls shoulders. We hung all there bras and panties on the roof along with a ladder so they had no way to get up. When they woke up in the morning they were horrified and had no idea how to get their stuff back. It was hilarious when they came to us asking for things to wear and we simply denied them. It's a classic prank but a great one.

Once at camp me and my bros poured Tabasco sauce in all the koolaid.

On my grade 8 end year trip we went camping. The girls wanted to get the boys good. So what we did was made brownies and put x-lax in them. The boys were eating them all the way to the camp. When we arrived at the camp, we hid all the toilet paper and plastic wrapped the toilet seats! It was a weekend to remember.

While at a summer camp one time some other girls played this prank at the mess hall over night. They turned all the tables upside down and removed all the chairs, and put the stacked in all of their dorms. They then hid all of the silverware as well. When we walked in to eat breakfast in the morning we had to sit and eat on the floor with our fingers! The worst part is we were having cereal.

We went to a camp that had one section for boys and the other for girls ... well one night we stayed up real late and snuck over to the guys bunk and we decorated them as they slept with lipstick, toothpaste, markers and then we put Vaseline between their toes to make them subconsciously wriggle all night.

We also rigged booby traps by putting webs over each bunk and when they hit the strings, down would come talcum powder, mud, pancake syrup, or other stuff which we put in big paper cups.

This is a great prank. When someone is tired or just can't see well spread shaving cream all over their pillow. Make sure it is flat and can't be seen with just a quick glance. When the person comes in and they lie down, they probably will realize what's going on but if they don't it will be all over them in the morning!

I was a camp counselor and had many pranks played on me along with playing a few myself. As a rookie counselor of 24 years old on my first day of camp I made the mistake of wearing white shorts, white Bobby-socks, white canvas sneakers, and an expensive summer sweater. Big mistake!!! I discovered a bucket of sticky black tar at the bottom of the steps of my cabin. That is, I discovered the bucket of tar AFTER it became attached to my foot!!! By the end of the day, I had tar all over myself, and my outfit was ruined!!! I found out that another counselor, about 20 years my elder, played the prank on me. She was not laughing so loudly after I put DRANO in her laundry detergent.

Back in my day, long before the age of the ‘super soaker' we had squirt guns that fit in the palm of your hand. They were perfect for the covert missions we went on at summer camp. The chapel was always muggy in mid-July and there was no air conditioning in the building. Inevitably, the girls with long hair would put their hair up for church. There was nothing more satisfying than hitting the back of their bare necks with a shot of cold water. The sudden squeal was a great way to interrupt any meeting. For the particularly devious, cold water was substituted with vinegar or skunk oil. Please understand that I never squirted a girl with anything but water. The skunk oil and vinegar was reserved for revenge pranks on my enemies only. And it was best to hit an article of clothing for lasting results.

Bring a can of tuna fish and a can opener to summer camp. Open the can half way and put it under someone's bed. The whole room will start to stink. This is especially effective in a cabin that you do not sleep in.

I dont know if you'd consider this a prank per say but I found it hilarious. The camp has boy and girl cabins and an adviser from each county has to stay in the cabin with their students. The camp serves eggs for breakfast every morning and an adviser in the boys cabin has a bit of a gassy issue with the eggs. the counselors come around to check the cabins every morning to make sure they are clean and whatnot. well the adviser went into the bathroom and really stunk the entire cabin up and when the advisers came up he told them that there was a real problem in there and he didn't know what he could do to fix it. So all of the counselors walk into the cabin and come running out gagging and a couple of them threw up but one tells him he doesn't know what crawled up in there and died but that he needed to see a doctor pronto.

Another prank we did to someone else was to put catfish bait in a glass of water soaking in the sun for a day. We then were able to spray the catfish juice on someone's radiator so when they would turn the heat or air conditioning on they would smell the sweat stench of catfish.

One week at camp this past summer, I and my friends decided to go down in CCA history at Forest Home. CCA's are volunteers that help out with the family camp kids. Anyways, we are treated like dirt by all of the staff, even the most of our counselors. So we decided to post-it note one of our counselor's car (one that we actually liked). We covered the entire car in yellow post-its, and it was very time consuming for our counselor to remove them the next morning.

We got some salt, peppers, and some purple dye (color optional). Make SURE you put the salt on as it makes dye last longer on the brush. After you have put salt on the brush and doused it in dye you should clean up placing the toothbrush back in place. Hope you have as much fun as we did. Embarrass your victim later by saying, "HEY PURPLE TOOTH in public!!!"

You need a funnel, a penny, a glass or bucket of water handy, and one gullible victim. Tell your friends/victim that you can do a great trick. Put the funnel in your pants and put the penny on your chin. Drop the penny off your chin into the funnel. When they see you perform this easy trick they will either want to try it or tell if you anyone can do that. When they do, challenge them to go ahead and try. After your victim has the funnel in their pants, and as they put the penny up onto their face, you pour the water into the funnel. If your victim is not laughing, you should start running.

Snipe hunting is a fun summer camp activity. Of coarse, Snipe do not exist. Tell all your friends in your cabin that you are going Snipe hunting, but Snipe only come out at night. Go into the woods and attempt to hunt Snipe. Keep saying that you just heard one or just saw one. You can even get someone to go in the woods and make animal noises. You take your friend out in the middle of the night and have them take a bag and some marshmallows with them. Make sure they do not have any light with them, tell them to sit and open their bag and surround the bag with the marshmallows or put a couple in the bag to lure the snipes. Then tell them that if they wait quietly you will flush a couple towards them and they should be able to catch a "snipe". Then leave them there and head back to the camp and wait until they get back.

For this funny prank, take one of those small travel sized tubes of regular toothpaste and empty it completely, then refill the empty tube with an entire tube of Orajel (you know that stuff that people use to numb canker soars and tooth aches). If done correctly the next time anyone uses that tube of toothpaste they will surprisingly find that their entire mouth is completely numb. The prank will last about 15 minutes or so. That's plenty of time to enjoy it.

This is a revenge prank for when you're at summer camp! Last summer at camp my friends and I need to come up with a great revenge prank so we thought of one and put it into action!! You see in this camp, you had to keep your cabin clean or you wouldn't be allowed to join in the since the next day we were going canoeing (everyone's favorite) we decided to totally trash this brat girl and her friend's cabin! Since the doors are never locked we snuck in and totally destroyed it (we also added honey and silly string) the next day. They weren't allowed to join in any of the activities!

Try the suds-less soap trick. Carefully paint the soap bar with clear nail polish. No matter how hard someone tries they will not get the soap to work.

One of my favorite Funny Pranks is to take makeup and make a clown face on a sleeping friend. It's a funny surprise when they wake up.

At Girl Scout camp we waded through the lake in the middle of the night to the YMCA camp, and hoisted a huge pear of Wal-Mart pants up the flag pole that said girl scouts rule!

Bring some snap pops with you to summer camp. Put one snap pop between the toilet seat and the bowl. When someone sits down on the seat, the snap pop will go off.

It seems that every summer I have had an ‘open-mouth' sleeper in my room. This is a perfect opportunity for a little fun. If you can, smear a little minty toothpaste around the lips of the victim. In a few moments, the minty tingle with start to irritate the sleeper. If you can, squirt a small amount in the victim's mouth. Once the bubbles start to form stand back and enjoy the show. If you want the prank to last, you can always nickname your victim the Colgate Kid and pester him all week.

Another good prank is putting itching powder in between sheets. Some girls could not understand why they did not get a good night's rest.

Another prank I've performed many times is cutting shoe laces almost completely in half. When attempting to tie, the laces break in half. They had to tie them in knots to lace up.

Get some bright red lipstick and put it on somebody's lips. Then put lip marks all over someone else's face that is of the same sex and sort of smear some lipstick on their lips. Take photos if you can!

This only works if you have a cabin.... me and my sis went to bed and in the middle of the night, she woke me up to go with her down to the outhouse because she was scared to go all by herself. I didn't want to go though, so when she finally mustered up the courage to go, she tried to open the door but couldn't. I tried also but it turns out that our cabin door was tied shut! My brother and his friends tied a rope around our doorknob and around a post on the cabin porch. She really had to pee! The cabin had windows, but good luck trying to get a girl to squat out one.

One last prank was to mix up all of the girls clothes between cabins. One t-shirt would be in another's luggage, etc. A size 6 shoe would be matched with a similar size 7 1/2 shoe in another cabin. This drove the girls nuts.

This one only works if there is a gap of at least ½ inch under the victim's door. It is not my favorite prank, but it was one of the first I attempted, so I will include it. You can pull this one off one of two ways. There is the barefoot blast or the generic cluster bomb. Here's how it works: 1. Fill a large ziplock bag full of foamy shaving cream.
2. Zip bag closed on both ends, but leave a small section of the center of the ‘zipper' open (about 1 inch wide).
3. Place zipper portion of bag as far under the door as possible.
4. This step varies. If you wish to simply coat the room with the shaving cream, stomp on the back of the bag now and run! If you wish to perform the barefoot blast, knock on the door, wait for unsuspecting camper to get close to the door, then stomp. In order for the barefoot blast to have maximum impact, pull this prank in the wee hours of the morning to ensure the victim is getting out of bed. He most likely won't have his shoes on.

My hot little Mustang GT is usually a good target for the girls. Last summer, the girls completely smeared peanut butter all over her. Even though it did not hurt the paint, I'm still cleaning the goo off. At least they did not put a dead fish under the seat again. The smell takes forever to go away.

Sneaky Squirt Gun
1. Identify your target. A girl with an exposed neck is best. Make sure she is a few rows up to avoid being prosecuted for the crime.
2. Get the coldest water you can find just before you enter the service (water warms rapidly in central Michigan in July) Random targets are great, but choose someone who blew you off for greatest satisfaction.
3. You need some party poppers, dental floss, Duct tape, and Talcum powder or whatever you feel like shooting at someone to pull off this funny prank.
First off, remove the bottom cardboard disk of the party popper and take out the ribbons that normally get shot out of it. Replace the innards with your talcum powder or other powdery substance and reinsert/replace the disk. Now attach the string end you pull to detonate the popper to one end of the dental floss. Choose a place to put the tripwire (e.g. the inside of a door frame) and use duct tape to attach the party popper facing towards your intended victim (preferably head or crotch height). Roll out enough dental floss and tie it to something solid. When the wire is tripped, the explosive will shoot the Talcum powder out at the person who tripped the booby wire (covering them in it). Hours of pranking fun!

You will need something ticklish like a feather and peanut butter or whipped cream for this prank. If a friend is sleeping over or just sleeping walk over quietly with the feather and the peanut butter or whipped cream and put the peanut butter or whipped cream gently on either of their hands or just both. Then gently tickle the friend or relative's nose with a feather back and fourth (but make them wake up!!). Eventually they will use their hand to scratch or touch their nose! So the peanut butter or whipped cream will be all over them. It works like a charm every time!

If your friend is making a puzzle take about five pieces out of there puzzle and take five pieces of another puzzle with similar colors and then swap them. At the end of the puzzle they will be stumped.

While everyone else has gone to sleep, choose yourself a victim. Then, go into the kitchen and grab yourself a tomato. Go over to the sleeping victim and put the tomato down the back of their pants. In the middle of the night, the victim will roll around and most likely will squash the tomato and by morning it will be very warm from their body heat. When they wake up they think, "oh crap" . . . literally, oh crap!

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