Celebrities Then and Now

Is it real or is it Memorex?

That's the question we all ask when we see celebrities looking impossibly young and PERFECT.

Many thanks to Joanie for supplying us with pictures of famous celebrities as we knew them years ago and showing us how they look today.

How did we avoid aging?

Interesting to say the least.....

Arnold Swarzenegger

Val Kilmer

Tom Cruise

Brad Pitt

Clint Eastwood

Tara Reid

Demi Moore

Arnold Swarzenegger

Tom Cruise

Richard Gere

Jennifer Anniston

Pierce Brosnan

Johnny Depp

Orlando Bloom

John Travolta

Mick Jagger

Justin Timberlake

Michael Jackson

Kate Moss

Mel Gisbon

Kate Winslet

Marilyn Monroe

Kevin Costner


Leonardo Dicaprio

Lindsay Lohan

Pierce Brosnan

Bill Murray

David Hasselhoff

Harrison Ford

Hillary Clinton

Vince Vaughn

Al Pacino

Angelina Jolie

Barbara Streisand

Bridget Bardot

Bruce Springsteen

Cal Ripken, Jr.

Candace Bergen

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Chelsea Clinton

Tom Selleck


Michael Douglass

Kevin Bacon

Corey Feldman

Cybil Shepard

David Bowie

David Lee Roth

Denzel Washington

Elizabeth Taylor

Harrison Ford

Hugh Hefner

Jack Nicholson

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jesse Jackson

Jessica Lange

Jim Carey

Jimmy Buffett

Justin Timberlake

Kathleen Turner

Keith Richards

Kirstie Alley

Luke Perry

Mariah Carey

Nick Nolte

Sammy Sosa

Shannen Doherty

Sharon Stone

Steven Segal

Tina Turner

Tom Cruise

Will Smith

Alyssa Milano

Carrie Fisher

Danica McKellar

Daryl Hannah

Dawn Wells

Erika Eleniak

Madeline Zima

Maureen McCormick

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