Bumperstickers For Seniors

Bumperstickers For Seniors, like all bumperstickers, they are there to make a statement. These funny bumperstickers, for Seniors will be found on the vehicle of someone who is young at heart and willing to poke fun at themself as they become a Senior member of society.

At this age, the issues on Seniors' bumpers (or on their motorized wheelchair) deal with their most important issues: eyeglasses, walkers, discounted meals and prunes.

I get inspired everytime I visit my Mother-In-Law at the Senior Home as to how many of these folks in their early 90's can still get up and go as well as someone in their 50's.

Bingo and concerts by the closest church's handbell choir for many replaces golf, bridge games and shopping.

Statements about Alzheimers are used in much jest. I once heard a Senior say there were three advantages to getting Alzheimers.
1. You're always meeting new friends and family.
2. You can hide your own Easter eggs.
3. You're always meeting new friends and family.

Pick one or two of these funny senior bumperstickers out now; you may need them in a few years to help keep you young.

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