Before They Became Famous Answers

How do you think you did? It's time for the unveiling. Here's the names with their faces.

Robert De Niro
Harrison Ford
Meg Ryan
Tiger Woods
Brad Pitt
John Lennon
Mariah Carey
Hillary Clinton
Bob Hope
George Carlin
Katie Holmes
Dru Barrymore
Monica Lewinsky
Tina Fey
Abraham Lincoln
Jay Leno
Kim Basinger
Richard Gere
Ben Stiller
Geena Davis
Michael Jordan
Robin Williams
Adolf Hitler
George Clooney
Kate Beckinsale
Queen Latifah
Renee Zelwegger
Angelina Jolie
George Harrison
Keanu Reeves
Richard Nixon
Barack Obama
Halle Berry
John F. Kennedy
Robert Downey, Jr.
Barbara Streisand
Heather Graham
Leonardo Dicaprio
Ronald Reagan
Helen Hunt
Lucille Ball
Roseanne Barr
Bill Clinton
Hillary Swank
Rush Limbaugh
Britney Spears
Hugh Hefner
Marilyn Manson
Ryan Seacrest
Bruce Willis
Jackie Cooper
Matt Damon
Sandra Bullock
Cameron Diaz
Jack Nicholson
Matthew McConaughey
Sarah J. Parker
Catherine Zeta Jones
James Brown
Michelle Pfieffer
Shania Twain
Celine Dion
Janet Jackson
Mickey Rooney
Sharon Stone
Christina Aguilera
Jean Claude Van Damme
Neil Armstrong
Snoop Dog
Clint Eastwood
Jean Reno
Nick Lachay
Teri Hatcher
David Hasselhoff
Jennifer Garner
Oprah Winfrey
Thomas Edison
Demi Moore
Jennifer Hudson
Owen Wilson
Tina Turner
Denzel Washington
Jennifer Lopez
Pamela Anderson
Tom Cruise
Dolly Parton
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Paris Hilton
Tom Hanks
Ellen Degeneres
Jessica Simpson
Patrick Swayze
Tommy Lee
Elvis Pressley
Johnny Carson
Paula Abdul
Uma Thurman
Freddie Mercury
Johnny Cash
Paul McCartney
Walter Cronkite
Julia Roberts
P. Diddy
Whitney Houston
Will Smith
Bob Hope
George Carlin
Bruce Springsteen
Charles Manson
Dennis Hopper
George Clooney
Marilyn Monroe
Sean Connery
Steven Tyler
Stevie Nicks
Alice Cooper
Audrey Hepburn
Christopher Walken
Don Johnson
Elton John
Eric Clapton
Jodie Foster
Marilyn Monroe
Melanie Griffith
Barack Obama
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Calvin Coolidge

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Before They Became Famous

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