50th Birthday Gag Gifts

Dave's Favorite 50th Birthday Gag Gifts

The 50th Birthday opens the door for a propulsion of great gag gifts. I've been there and done that.

This is probably my favorite birthday. I've put this sampling together for you to get a jump on the selection of the best gag gift for your special honoree.

Inflatable Walker

Do you need a walker, but aren't quite ready for the real thing yet?

Looking for a gag gift for your over-the-hill friend's birthday?

This bright, inflatable walker is your answer!

This 32" tall inflatable walker is decorated with an inflatable "panic button" and various hilarious warning signs to let people know you are approaching...slowly.

With this perfect gag gift you just blow and go.

Inflatable Walker

Funny Talking Scale

Big Bubba started the new year off right by starting a diet.

Why not give him some encouragement by getting him this helpful "Fun Weigh - The Insulting Talking Scale!"

Every time Big Bubba steps on the scale, his weight will be calculated accurately, but it will be accompanied by an annoying voice, reminding him that he is still a fat slob.

Even super skinny people will be insulted when they step on this scale!

The scale measures weight in both pounds or kilograms, has an extra large, stable weighing platform, an extra large display, and can hold up to 440 pounds (200kg).

Talking Scale

Birthday Blockers

The Birthday Blocker Mighty Meds are a great way to block those unwanted birthdays as you get older and older!

These must be taken 30 days before your birthday hits for them to work.

They are candy pills that look just like the real thing.

A great gag gift.

Birthday Blocker Mighty Meds

Big Momma Undies

These 100% polyester, size 98-100 Big Momma Undies are sure to get a hilarious reaction at any party.

Bright red, and trimmed in black lace.

Caution Stay Back, Wide Load!

Big Momma Undies...for the full-figured gal on her 50th.

Big Momma Undies

World’s Largest Bra

"Wow! Oh My Gosh! Holy Crap!"

These are just a few of the words people will scream when they see the World's Largest Bra!

This bra is over 3 feet wide, and is made with the same components of a traditional bra, two loops, hooks in the back, padded cups for support.

A great gag gift for anyone, especially for someone with a really small or a really big chest!

Present this gift with a card that says, "Something to grow into!"

World's Largest Bra

Over the Hill Diaper

Do you know an old coot who's a big pain in the butt?

This gag gift includes a supersized diaper and a supersized safety pin for supersized birthday or retirement wishes.

Folks will laugh so hard at this present, they'll wish they were wearing a diaper!

Surely you know somebody that you can pin this on.

Over the Hill Diaper

Bonergizer Pills

Do you or someone you know have a raging soft-on?

If so, try the Bonergizer Pills!

If taken according to dosage directions, you can be going and going and going.

They are candy pills that look just like the real thing.

A great gag gift for any 50th party.

Bonergizer Pills

Insults and Comebacks Guide

There's a time and place for saying what's really on your mind, and Insults and Comeback for all occasions provides 112 pages of the lines necessary for dishing it out.

Target your opponent's looks, age, intelligence, character, or other sensitive attributes, because you'll be prepared with the approptiate - or completely inappropriate - putdown or comeback for any situation.

Insults and Comebacks Guide

Bald Head Wig

It's your birthday and or wedding day.

How funny would it be if you walked down the aisle - BALD!

Your spouse will flip when they see your shiny bald head…but will be relieved when they find out it is only a tighly-fitted bald head wig.

It's so realistic, you'll even fool yourself!

Bald Head Wig

Teenie Weenie Condoms

The Teenie Weenie Condoms are the next best thing to nothing at all!

This gag gift will really size the recipient up.

This package should remove any doubt as to how the Birthday Boy measures up to the competition.

Give the gift that the honoree would never expect or forget.

Teenie Weenie Condoms

Tattoos for the Elderly

Is your Grandma a rebel but confined to the house?

You can still help her get that tattoo she always wanted.

This 4.25" x 16.50" sheet of tattoos has such styles like "Bite Me" (with dentures), "Arthritis Sucks" and "Really Old School."

Any 50 year old has had the thought of getting a tattoo and a motorcycle.

Rock on with your bad self, Grandpa!

Tattoos for the Elderly

Old Fart Slippers

You can now "fart" when you walk!

These nice fluffy and fuzzy black slippers come equipped with a built in whoopee cushion that lets you "pass gas" as you are roaming around.

You will now be able to blame your "farting" problem on the slippers.

These make it easy to step on a frog.

One size fits most.

Old Fart Slippers

Weener Kleener Soap

Weener Kleener Soap solves that age old bathing dilemma and adds a "hole" new dimension of pleasure and fun to your shower or bath.

Just a few quick "strokes" of the Weener Kleener will clean and sanitize most appendages.

It's good "clean fun" for couples, too!

"Large or small or inbetweener, Nothing beats a Cleaner Weener!"

Weener Kleener Soap

Pole Dancer Alarm Clock

Having trouble waking up in the morning?

You need this Sexy Stripper Alarm Clock!

Set it for whatever time you need, and when the alarm goes off, the pole dancer spins, music plays, and flashing lights will entice you to start your day!

Pole Dancer Alarm Clock

World’s Largest Underpants

These 100% cotton, size 98-100 underpants stretch the definition of briefs.

Each high-quality undergarment has a convenient double flap in the front and a sturdy elastic band to fit around the waist.

With these, the 50 year old can never say everything in his closet is too small.

World's Largest Underwear

Bald Man’s Comb

This clever comb is the perfect gift for the guy who has everything ... but a full head of hair.

We're all familiar with at least one of these guys.

You know, he doesn't even have enough sprouts to fashion into the dreaded comb-over.

This beauty implement has just enough teeth to keep those few over-the-ear rascals tame.

When he stops laughing, you'll know it's time to wish him a Happy Birthday!

Bald Man's Comb

Do It Yourself Prostate Exam

A hilarious gag gift for that Over the Hill person in your life!

The Do It Yourself Prostate Exam is the best way to check your prostate.

Why would you want to get probed at the doctor's office when you have everything you need right here?

The finger is made not only to prevent you from having to wash your hand, but is also room temperature and slightly bent for your probing enjoyment.

A great gag gift for those "milestone" birthdays!

Do It Yourself Prostate Exam

Over the Hill Potty Night Light

No longer will you wake up the next morning and have to clean stains off of the bathroom floor.

With this handy Potty Night Light, you'll always aim right on target!

Just turn it on and watch it light up the bowl!

It's also great for your wife!

Keep it on, and it will prevent her from accidently falling in!

Over the Hill Potty Night Light

Remote Control Big Flipper

Want to flip someone the bird but don't want to move the delicate muscles in your own hand?

Then you need the Big Flipper!

It's a remote control mechanical hand that flips the bird for you.

Just press the wireless remote to make the middle finger stand up on this realistic human hand.

It even works up to 50 feet so you can even be super rude from afar.

Remote Control Big Flipper

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