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In Loving Memory
Dave is still very much alive today... He is in these pages, written on every line. It is through laughter that he lives. I hope you enjoy getting to know Dave the way his friends and family were blessed enough to experience. He was truly one of a kind.

Hi, I'm Dave. Being funny is almost as important to me as knowing my car keys are in my pocket.

We average laughing 14 times a day. Hopefully, this site will assist you in getting your daily quota.

This site was compiled from 20 years worth of material that had been used to entertain all sorts of groups. The purpose of this site was to create a resource pool for anyone needing material so they could entertain their group.

I've found that people tend to laugh harder and stay with you longer when you feed their eyes and ears at the same time. Your job is to know the material so well, you can stay ahead of them by just a couple of seconds.

Funny Videos are always a big hit. There are over 30 categories to choose from. Most are quick, funny and to the point. Here's a sample of one used in our Christmas section.

Funny Jokes are something you will always need. The many categories of jokes included in this site are: Halloween, Musician, Obama, Master of Ceremonies, Fat, Italian, Turning 40, Old People, April Fools, Wedding, Blonde, Christmas, Redneck, Teacher, Santa, Thanksgiving, One-liners, Doctor, Lawyer, Little Johnny, Cop, Knock Knock, Childrens, Valentine's Day, Christian.

Funny Pictures has under one roof almost anything you can imagine.

Included in this large gallery are celebrities, animals, politicians, kids, babies, cars, jobs, etc.

Plan to spend awhile in this section.

Funny Wedding Names
is guaranteed to bring the house down.

You can find these nuggets all over the Bridal sections of Engagements and Weddings.

The Lost Art of Proofreading is alive and well.

I can't figure out if the proofreaders think we all have a 6th grade education, or if they only have a 6th grade diploma.

You'll get plenty of laughs when you see just what these people will write and say.

Funny Signs is a large collection of every kind of sign you would want to read.

But, these signs are slightly different.

Some make no sense. Some are past the point of being redundant. Others are just amusing.

Enjoy this collection. You'll get good mileage from this one.

Holiday Humor delivers lots of funny stuff targeting Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and it will grow as well.

In these pages, you'll find cartoons, jokes, videos, funny pictures, trivia and stories for you to use during the holidays.

Church Funnies could be considered to be the highlight reel for those little things that go wrong in a service where everything is supposed to go right.

Here's a funny look at the things we do to make church work.

It's only fair that I draw attention to this disclaimer about being funny.

Some people will never laugh at anytime.

Don't let this type person shut you down. It could be a measurement of the level of peace they have achieved.

Or...sometimes a personality and occupation are joined at the hip. I was made aware of this when I had my first colonoscopy.

I'm convinced You can be funny!

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Holiday Humor
Holiday Humor is a place you can take the entire family. Who knows, you might be there already as the fun-filled family events unfold.
Gag Gifts
Dave has done the legwork for you. Gag Gifts catagorizes the many types of gag gifts you may need for the friend who has everything.
Clips of Funny Videos
Clips of Funny Videos are a warehouse of funny videos featuring animals, the police, commercials, kids, babies, etc.
Short Hilarious Jokes
Short Hilarious Jokes is a collection of Jokes from all genres. Any group you need to target can most likely be found here.
Musician Jokes
Musician Jokes poke fun at anyone and everyone who sings, plays or bangs. Shy personalities beware.
Funny Pictures
Funny Pictures make the attempt to capture a person, an animal, an event, a celebrity, etc. in a perfectly timed snapshot.
Funny Signs
Funny Signs are everywhere. Are they supposed to direct, warn, inform or entertain us? These signs are definitely funny.
Funny Newspaper Headlines
Funny Newspaper Headlines is a collection of ridiculous headlines from Jay Leno to my local newspaper. People love being shown these.
Funny Cartoons
Funny Cartoons take jabs at our current and past President, our political scene, professions, animals, sports and life's challenges.
Funny Names
Funny Names list names that are funny from "married names", "names in the phone book", "pet names" and much more.
Funny Songs
You can hear funny songs everyday on the radio, tv commercials, and special programs. Listed here are many titles in many catagories for you to choose from.
Funny Stories
Funny Stories will get laughs 100% of the time. Here is a large sampling of stories in many categories. I was present when many of these happened..
Funny Questions
Funny Questions reveal that which is stupid, the obvious and the obscure.
Funny Words
Funny Words not only enable you to expand your vocabulary, but will give you mastery of the "Southern" language. Add oxymorons and euphemisms into your arsenal.
Funny Books
Funny Books highlights the covers of many great books we wish were truly available. They need to be written by somebody.
Funny Lists
Funny Lists is a hub containing records and ideas on just about anything. The only list not to be worked into this collection is the S... List.
Funny Sayings
If you weren't raised in the South, these funny sayings might fly over your head. This page should come in handy if you're going to visit the South or need to converse with someone from the South.
Funny Pranks
Funny Pranks tell and show you how to pull some of the funniest pranks on the planet.
Funny Cards
Funny Cards highlights some great sites to get free printable cards, funny e-cards, funny paper cards and many more.
Funny Quotations
Funny Quotations provide lots of proof that the brain was turned off while the mouth was turned on. Enjoy these quotes from many colorful characters in many categories.
Funny Bumperstickers
Funny Bumperstickers is a gallery multiple catagories of bumperstickers with an attitude.
Funny Puns
Here's quite a list of some funny puns. You can use these anytime you need to speak in front of any group.
Medical Funnies
Medical Funnies goes over-the-top in poking fun at our Medical Profession. Jokes, cartoons, pictures and terminology set this subject apart.
Group Games
These group games are unique, will force you to think, and provide lots of fun for any group.
Barack Obama
WARNING: Enter at your own risk. Material in this section may be found repulsive to liberals. You must certify you are at least 18 years of age and carry a Republican Voter Registration Card.
The Celebrities Showcase
This hub contains several galleries of some of our favorite stars. We get to see them all dolled-up and without any makeup.
The Lost Art of Proofreading
The Lost Art of Proofreading entertains us with newpaper, magazine and other titles that were written by people in a hurry, never finished the 5th grade, or so stupid to realize what they just wrote.
Very Funny Ads
Very Funny Ads seen in newspapers, magazines and television. Need a copyrighting job, you can apply at any of these offices.
Bumperstickers For Seniors
Bumperstickers For Seniors will be found on the vehicle of someone who is young at heart and willing to poke fun at themself as they become a Senior member of society.
Useless Trivia
Useless trivia is full of facts that will amaze us, but does nothing for us. I'm impressed that somebody was probably paid to research all this stuff.
Old People Birthday Jokes
Old People Birthday Jokes not only give you something to use and laugh with, but are words of wisdom as well.
Church Funnies
Church Funnies highlight many of the things that turn out not exactly as they were intended. Sources are bulletins, signs and things said from the pulpit.
Annoy People
We annoy people all the time; we just may not be aware of it. Here are some great ideas that will annoy people.
What Makes People Happy
What Makes People Happy is a small checklist of things we all need in our basket to help us become or maintain a state of happiness.
About Me
It will all make more sense when you read About Me. Enjoy your visit to my site.
Sitemap will allow you to find anything you're looking for at a glance.
Contact Me
Contact Me is the form that gets your messages directly to me.
Your Pages
Your Pages was built just for you. You've got videos, jokes, cartoons, pictures, etc. that we must see. Send your funny stuff in and let's build your page.
Funny Country Songs
The majority of ridiculous song titles are housed in funny country songs. Some of these are hilarious.
Dumb Blonde Videos
Dumb Blonde Videos give credit where it's due. These blondes have a unique way of doing things.
Sayings Describing Ugly
This page beats around the bush somewhat with its sayings describing ugly. We've all heard these....maybe even used some of them for our friends of choice.
Funny Bud Light Commercials
Budweiser seems to produce some of the best commercials for the Super Bowl and general on-air viewing. Here are some of the best ones.
Before They Became Famous
Here are lots of very funny pictures of folks before they became famous. How many would you identify correctly?
Before They Became Famous Answers
See how you did. Here are the names matching the picture.
Why Women Stay Single
When you see these pictures it will be perfectly clear why women choose to stay single.
Funny Police Excuses
Here are some funny police excuses you may need to have in your back pocket for the next time you're pulled over.
Funny Oxymorons
Funny Oxymorons highlight the words we use everyday to contradict ourself. Good Used Car is a common one.
George Carlin Quotes
George Carlin had a realy unique way of looking at everything. Here's a ton of this famous comedian's best quotes.
Euphemisms For Death
It's hard to announce or deal with someone's death. That's where Euphemisms For Death come in handy.
Fixed It Myself
Many people have the gift of knowing how things work and how to repair them. Fixed It Myself proves these people need a little more practice, savvy. and common sense.
Dictionary Of Today's Words
Know what our young people are really saying. Discover their hidden language in the Dictionary of Today's Words.
Sax Jokes
Sax Jokes spill all the beans about the specialty of being a sax player. All musicians have their own set of bags they carry around with them.
Funny "How-To" Books
I've almost proven that a book has been written or thought about on how to do almost anything. Here's some samples.
Signs You're Having A Bad Day
You felt it, you suspected it. Here are some signs you're having a bad day.